you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:23

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Chapter 22

Our episode starts with rudru saying pragya abut their mission …he says purab has said to me abut it in the railway station and then I thought of doing this…then purab told me that u r pragya..can you remember that day 1 …our meeting is not coincident’s my plan..purab says first even I thought this plan will not work …then I got to see the positive result of this plan pragya..abhi really feels jealous and he is not bearing rudru becoming closer to you..bulbul says dii..I also got to know abut plan later only…when purab told me …what happen last night ..I felt the same..pragya in a quizzling tone asks what happen last night???pirab tells everything to pragya..pragya gets happy hearing it ..bullbul says are chuckling…I’m sure..our plan will make abhi helpless and he will not have any option other than coming and saying…bulbul grabs pragya and she says chashmoo…I love you and u r only mine…bulbul says he will then cup ur face and kisssss…purb says bulbul..control ua emotions yaar..bulbul says abhi will do lyk this..pragya pats bulbul and says dramebaaz..rudru says if we do everything crtly then abhi will become urs..pragya in a doubtful tone asks will this work???I can’t once again lose abhi…purab says this tym don’t think that ua cheating abhi.infact u r making abhi to realize that he’s cheating himself by saying that he don’t feel for you..

After a while:
Bulbul and purab are walking towards somewhere..bulbul thinks why is he not even uttering a word???purab thinks har bar why shud I start???I know what’s is in my heart ,the same you feel for me…why can’t u say??she’s such a chatter box ..but now she’s carrying pin drop silence..purab says bulbul I want to says somethng that I…I..bulbul gives a anxious look at him..purab got melted in her look..purab says I’m thinking that we shud go and attend class..bulbul gets surprised by him and blows off..bulbul says so..u r up to to say this..purab walks and bulbul at his back is abut she’s beat him with her bag and then stops herself…purab asks what r u doing at me back??bulbul says nothing..but u were abut to say some other thing ryt..purab thinks achha..u wanna hear it from me..purab beta kindle her somemore and chuckles..bulbul says u wanna say something more,,something from ur heart..purab pretends of not understanding her..purab asks what??from heart..what I feel ???bulbul without her sense says arey..u r lo…purab smiles and asks wat??my…bulbul then comes to her sense and talks to herself..bulbul yeh kya kar rahi hain???she mumbles bit louder.purab goes more closer towards and hears it which she’s unaware…bulbul says he’s such a dumb..purab smiles and bulbul feels his hot air and turns..both of them are impossibly closer…hua hain aaj pehli baar song plays in the background…they both shared eyelock moment…then breaks it and bulbul runs from there.,purbul both r blushing inside..

After a while:
Everyone are gathered there expect pragya and rudru…abhi thinks yeh chashmo..where’s she??abhi..why r u concerning abut her??vaise bhi..woh rudru he’s there to take care of her…bulbul asks u know where’s dii?she says it to make abhi draw attention towards that..purab says actually she’s with rudru..bulbul says in a loud tone what are they doing???purab says actually rudru is having some doubts abut the eqns …so pragya is clearing it for him…abhi is abut to leave..bulbul asks abhi where are u going now???abhi says washroom…wud u like to come???he smirks and leaves..abhi runs towards the class…he thinks jaake..dektha hoon..what r they doing???he sees pradru(pragya and rudru) are sitting inside the class and pragya is clearing some doubt for him..abhi hides and notices..what’s going on??rudru texts pragya that abhi has come and watching them..seems lyk he’s totally fuming seeing them alone in class..pragya reads it and smiles..abhi sees both of them chatting happily..abhi mumbles dekho…this rudru is such a creep..he will never leave even one chance of flirting with pragya..but chashmoo..why she can’t see it??rudru asks pragya..can u explain abut this problem??.abhi fumes and fumbles..haha…this rudru kuttha kaika..he will never care abut studies..he’s asking doubt,,.he smirks…how cud I interrupt them???abhi suddenly got gleam-minded and goes inside the class..pradru notices him,..he takes his phone and pretends to talk louder …haaaannnn….batao..woh..tell me yaar..he then says louder yeha peh machar zyada hain…if i get it then i will not spare it…pragya enjoys it…rudru says dekha..he doesn’t bear our togtherness and speaking louder in phone to distract us..woh bhi without the ring of phone..he then thinks abhi do something else to make rudru run off from here…he then takes his guitar..he plays it horribly louder..rudru says abhii..what r u doing yaar??abhi says sry..can’t you see I’m playing guitar..he continues…pragya goes there and holds his guitar..abhi sees her..pragya asks abhii..kya kar rahe ho??abhi says shud I say u again??I’m practicing for my song..pragya says who will play guitar inside the class room…??..abhi smiles hahah..I will do it..what’s ur problem???pragya says ok..I agree..aisa gatiya tune..u gonna add in ur song…abhi thinks abhi..why didn’t u think abut it??he says my wish..pragya says what happen to u abhi??you r playing horrible score and then speaking louder in mobile phone..rudru takes and gives woh bhi without ring of the phone..abhi stares at rudru…pragya gives a suspicious look at abhi…abhi says why r u seeing me lyk this???my phone was in screen freezes…

To be continued….
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