you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:17

Hi frnds..I know you are waiting for abhi to know abut goes the episode you have been waiting for…I hope you guys will lyk it…


Our episode starts with everyone in the party are throughing attention to pragya..abhi wonders whom??pragya starts talking…everyone of here is waiting to welcome this new year..this new year is more special for me..i’m gonna share abut the love of a girl..that girl loves him too much..she didn’t fall for his beauty..she has fallen for his pure and innocent heart.she loved the boy so much.she used to follow him and enjoy that boy’s all mischievous acts..she used to wonder him..abhi gets emotional and filled with tears..his innervoice says that it’s his pragya continues..infact every song she sing is for him..every lyrics she write is for him..but the boy was lil bit dumboo..didn’t understand her..every time she sees him..she wanted to tell him her love..but every time she sees him ..she forgets her whole world..

she sent her secret letters to express her love to him..the girl was me and the boy is here around us..abhi with wondering reaction goes to the floor..pragya looks at him..both are looking each other..kaisa yeh ishq hain song plays…pragya says today i’m gonna introduce him to his solace..abhi says tum ne mujhe kitna thadpaaya..ab toh mask hata doh..abhi kneels half infront of her..abhi says gonna give me surprise..he closes his eyes..pragya takes out her mask..abhi opens his eyes..breezes…allah waariyaan plays in the background..everyone around there started to cheer..snow flows there..both are looking at each other..later abhi comes to his sense..he’s having a puzzling reaction in his rolls around..abhi is shocked and utters are solace..pragya with a teary eyes says yes..abhi doesn’t know how to react??..he goes away from there..pragya calls abhi..everyone here is in shock..taaliya,rachna,and all….scene shifts outside in the lawn…abhi looked so angry..he remembers all the incidents related to him and pragya from the day he got first letter..abhi says how cud you??you betrayed my played with my feelings…pragya comes there with teary eyes..

she utters abhi..abhi gets away from there..pragya holds abhi’s hands..abhi says leave you..pragya says today I wanna talk to you..abhi turns and holds pragya tightly and says what you have to say??you cheated didn’t respect our frndship disrespected the relationship amid us..pragya says I didn’t mean to hurt you..I always want to behappy..abhi smiles sarcastically..abhi say pata hain have always special to me..whenever i feel happy ,sad i have come to you..i thought you as my good frnd..but you didn’t respect this frndship..tears are flowing away from pragya’s face..he says if you don’t want to hurt me you wudn’t have done this pragya…haven’t you thought of even 1 sec that you are cheating me???..pragya says no abhi..purbul and everyone comes there..pragya says I love you madly..

I don’t know how to tell you??..purab says abhi..hear pragya..she didn’t have the motive to cheat you..abhi says you are taking her side..purbul says even we know this..we also exist in this plan..abhi says you guys know this..abhi says today you cheated me,my frndship,and everything between us.i’m done with you…pragya says bas..abhi..don’t pierce me with your hard words..i feel lyk dyeing..pragya says I really love you..I know you are feeling bad for whatever I have done ..but pyaar toh pyaar hain can’t tell someone to hide their feelings for someone..I don’t know how it happened but I fell in love with you..if you really accept it or reject it..I don’t care…you can’t deprive me the ryt of loving you..I will keep loving you…I have all ryts in my single-sided love…abhi is still silent..he ‘s still angry at pragya..he leaves from there..pragya in crying tone says you can’t stop me from loving you.pragya shatters down and cries..bulbul consoles her..purab goes behind abhi..pragya hugs bulbul and says everything is over now bulbul..eventually that’s what happened for what I was fearing plays in the background.,pyaar hain yaa sazzaa..
Yeah mere dil bata..

Pragya cries to bulbul that she lost abhi forever..bulbul says no,,di..everything will get alright…

To be continued..

Precap:abhigya are in shopping mall..they are participating in the best fighting couple competition…

Frnds,,I know this episode must be lil dissapointing you all.but plzz support me,.I wanna unite abhigya through that secret diary of pragya..I want abhi to realize his love for pragya..upcoming episodes there will lot of fun and one new entry will be there..he will abhigya closer by getting close to pragya…keep guessing who’s he??..ok frnds,,I hope you guys will njoy ….

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  1. AarthiNayanaSTL

    niccee…waiting for the nxt..for me abhi’s anger is right and i hope he will forgive her soon

  2. Really sad dear…. But precap is very interesting…

  3. Solace

    THQ guys you have accepted this episode….I thought you guys will get angry at i’m relieved you guys accepted this episode..keep reading..I promise I will unite abhigya soon..

  4. superbbb yarr.but what is precap its fighting competion ……………eargely waiting for next one ….want to see how abhi & pragya are going to unite

  5. wow interesting dear

    super yaaaaaaaaa

  6. Finally pragya confessed… abhi got angry…sad for abhigya…. waiting for their reunion and the new entry….precap is really very funny….waiting for you dear….

  7. superb episode ma loved pragya’s love confession sad for abhigya but you conveyed it in a beautiful way eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. wish you a happy pongal

  8. sooo nice it would be gud if u could take ur own tym to unite them don’t rush relax and post a gud storyline as usual lovvvvvvvvvvvve uuuu

    1. Solace

      Sure Lopez …I will..thanq dear for us suggestion..i promise to give you all enjoyable episodes upcoming days..luv you….thanq onceagain..?????

  9. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!! Its Really Interestingggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  10. Prathi

    Finally she confessed uff! He can’t stay away from her.. no way he will come back

  11. Uslyn Tamakloe

    When will “by the moon” be continued…please I miss that ff sooo much,continue please???for my sake please…silent reader??

    1. Solace

      I think you are mistaken..I ‘m not the one you are looking for dear…i’m writing ff only for kkb..this is my first ff dear..

  12. Confessing is hard it’s people who got the guts to do that. If you don’t confess you’d loose the person foreva. The hardest part is the consequences you have to go through if the othr person does not feel the same way as you. Your doing really great solace keep it up.

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