you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:16

Hi frnds..di,priyanka,reshma,nasima,sugan,cutevanshu,akshaya,Lopez ,maha,and r u all??i’m in pongal holidays..In south we used to celebrate happy pongal all..I have got 4 days holiday..Fri,sat,sun and I can update my ff…I hope you guys lyked my one shot…thanq for ur sweet comments on my one shot too..OK let’s get into the story…

That night:
Our episode starts with pragya sleeping ..she gets a call..she picks the call with the half sleep..she utters ‘s abhi’s call..he says i’m..pragya asks i’m means..whom??..abhi says abhiii..pragya says who??abhi??..abhi says chashmoo..have you gone mad??or you become ghajni…i’m your frnd..pragya comes out from her sleep and says haannn..bolo..why did you call me now??abhi says come to your terrace now…pragya says what abhi??I have already taken all those clothes which I he put in why I have to come terrace??.abhi says i’m waiting here..pragya surprisingly asked kya??abhi says ohho..madam..abhi tak neendh meh ho??..come to your terrace now or else I will come and pour water on you…pragya hangs up the phone and wear her flip flops and chashmaa..hurriedly goes…pragya goes silently to the terrace and searches for abhi here and there..she didn’t find him..pragya wonders kahin woh mera sapna toh nahi tha??.I can be..but ..she ‘s abut to go..someone grabs her..abhi drags her and holds her around her waist…sanam re song plays in the background..they both shared some eyelock moment..pragya without her sense utters yeah bhi mera sapna hain kya??.I want this moment to long last forever….abhi gets irks and comes to his own sense..kya??..this is not your dream..and what did you say??pragya says nothing..and you say why did you come here this late night??..what’s this covered urself with blanket?..abhi says don’t ask abut it..pragya nods ok..pragya says tell me why did you come here??abhi says mera nah..neendh ud gayi..pragya stares at him and says toh kya?? have come here to make my sleep fly away..abhi laughs wow…what a joke??pragya once again stares at him..abhi says ok..ok..don’t stare at me??..I’m feeling abnormal..abhi says in wondering tone that butterflies are flying inside my stomach..i’m loving each and every thing that I don’t lyk before…I enjoy looking at the know what??..i’m seeing her veiled face in the had always been fantasy for me..I never believed in love..but now I enjoy this know ryt..I won’t like baarish..but now I feel lyk want to drench in rain..abhi asks does it happened to you????abhi pauses it seeing her face..pragya with gleam eyes says yes..without her own sense starts to say when you fall in love you will feel all this…I have realized it very before for you..bas you are late..abhi wonders what??..thundering roars..rain drops starts to fall..pragya asks abhi to come..abhi here opens his hand and starts enjoying rain..he calls chashmoo..tum bhi aao..he becomes crazy and drags pragya to rain..both are drenching in rain..baarish song plays in the background…both abhi holds pragya and dances…he swirls her with his hands..they both are dancing.abhi leaves pragya..abhi utters i’m feeling new and refreshened in this rain….
Next day:morning..
Pragya is sneezing..bulbul asks di…how did you do got cold??.did you drench in rain??.pragya says no,.drinks coffee..bulbul says don’t lie..tell me what happened yesterday nyt??pragya blushes and says everything..bulbul says ohhoho…romantic dance in both were romancing in the rain..pragya asks chup kar??..he was talking abut solace and his feelings for her..bulbul says what’s the big deal??you are indirectly he was talking abut you..don’t worry..tonight’s party you gonna say him that you are solace..
That night:
At the party venue:
The host says so guys are you ready to welcome 2017 with a bang..everyone utters yes..all are dancing and purab and abhi are talking…abhi says purab..I feel bit nervous..I never felt this nervous even when I was giving first stage concert…purab says abhi,,don’t will rock here also..purab asks achha..tell me what surprise you have for ur love??..abhi in quizzling tone asks what??purab says kya??aise hi propose karega??..abhi says I have..he takes ring and shows to purab..he says will she like it??purab says she will lyk whatever you give her with love..abhi asks yeh chashmoo.,kaha hain…this is really important day for me..but she’s not here..I wanted her to be with me when I will propose solace..purab say let her to get ready calmly..she will come..abhi calls pragya..she did n’t attend….see this is 12 th tym i’m calling her..everyone starts to dance there in the dance floor..bulbul comes there..purab looked her stunned and wonders her beauty..bulbul enjoys his rxn towards her..bulbul chuckles..abhi asks where’s cshmo??bulbul says she’s on the way??..the host asks the couple to throw their magical moves on the stage..purab takes bulbul to dance..they both dances for janam..janam..they are dancing..bulbul says purab..i’m nervous..will everything happen our plan..purab swirls her and says don’t worry..everything will happen good..aakash and rachna are dancing and enjoying the party..abhi thinks it will be really good if i and solace dance alia feels bad seeing purbul dance..tanu says toh..jalne ki boo aa rahi hain..don’t you think they are getting close nowadays??alia says nothing like that..they are just host announces that someone is here to share something SPL here that she wanna say to her beloved..the floor throws light on the girl with veiled face..yes it is our pragya..everyone throws attention there..

To be continued…

Frnds..I will post next part very soon,,today don’t worry…i ‘m sorry for eating your patience,.I hope you guys won’t mind..luv you all..??????

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