you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:14

Hi r u all??di,priyanka,nasima,akshaya,cutevashu,sugan,reshma,maha,and all…sorry frnds for one day late update..actually frnds I was thinking how to take the story further so only..I missed u all..ok let’s into the story..

Chapter 13


Our episode starts with abhi and aakash sitting all thinking abut something.abhi is biting his nails and thinking abut something.aakash is sleeping as his heads keeps ons falling down..abhi asks have you got some idea???aakash yawns and says haaaaannnn….abhi sees and says everywhere u r sleeping In classes and here too..abhi say him to think abut some idea to find solace(pragya)..aakash says sochtha hoon..aakash got some idea and says it to abhi..abhi become bug-eyed and says alia is sitting alone in canteen.she looks lost in her mobile looking at something..bulbul comes there and calls alia..she didn’t respond..she sits near alia and waves her hand..alia comes back to conscious..bulbul got excited asks madam..what r u looking at the phone???show me too..alia says nothing..bulbul grabs her mobile and sees it’s purab ‘s pic..bulbul smile lost seeing it..bulbul in a low tone asks what’s this??alia says don’t tell anyone??actually I love purab ..Bulbul’s face turned pale..

alia says I don’t know when it happened???but I really love him yaar..bulbul in a hesitant tone asks whether he loves u??alia says no..bulbul lips shows a sign of relief and smile..alia then says I don’t know..I didn’t say him yet..bulbul then become sad..alia says have to help me out this..bulbul in a ignorant tone tells can ….i …I help u???alia says now a days u and purab are being good frnds..if u approach him for me he wud have consider it..bulbul becomes sad..alia asks will you??bulbul didn’t say anything for a while and then she says I..w.will..alia hugs her in excitement and leaves..bulbul here thinks what’s happening with me??why I’m feeling bad??..she walks thinking this..suddenly purab comes there..they both banged..purbul rubs their head..purab asks what happen??..bulbul says nothing angrily …purab is abut to asks something…she says purab I have to leave and then she goes…purab wonders ab isse kya ho gaya??..

That night:
Bulbul at terrace thinks abut what alia said…and thinks abut purab.she wonders what’s happening with her??pragya comes there..she touches bulbul…pragya asks her to come and eat something.pragya is abut to leave bulbul holds her hand..makes her sit and rests on her lap..pragya smiles and asks bulbul what happened to you??bulbul says nothing di..I’m little confused..pragya asks confused abut what??bulbul says abut pur,..she pauses herself says nothing…bulbul takes her head off and asks di..tell me how do you feel now??pragya says I’m feeling very happy..after all I got that for what I was longing 3 years..bas..I’m only few steps away from my love…bulbul says di…what’s love??you r always fighting with abhi,,u feel happy fighting him..I just can’t understand this complicated love..pragya says haven’t u heard before??whom we love so much..we will have more expectations on them and finally we will feel bad and we will fight and try to be angry at them..jaise..we both used to fight in childhood..u know what??..whenever I fight with abhi..I try to get angry at abhi becoz he will use his cute techniques to convince wise we will love someone only when we feel protective around him..we will have the trust on him,.that whatever happens he will take care of us..bulbul starts connecting all these with purab,.

she reminiscences the moment purab saved bulbul…bulbul asks di..what’s the sign of love???pragya looks at bulbul suspiciously and asks why r u asking it??bulbul says di..for one of my say..pragya says if we someone we will be somewhat possessive for them..we feel bad when he gives importance over us or someone feels him special for them??..bulbul thinks abut alia and her conversation…pragya asks bulbul to come and she leaves..bulbul walks here and there ..oh god,.kahin..I love I love him??she says no, gets confused..purab is thinking abut the way bulbul talked to him,,he thinks usse call karon??ya??he then in a determinant face calls bulbul..after two ring..he hangs it up..bulbul thinks oh god..yeh call kyun kar raha hain.??..purab calls her..bulbul suddenly picks it up..bulbul utters hello..purab asks are you ok??bulbul says yes..u have phoned to asks this..purab says actually were looking somewhat all ok??bulbul says hann..won alia.purab ask alia..bulbul pauses herself and says nothing…bulbul asks didn’t you sleep??he says no I was thinking abut you…I mean…bulbul chuckles..purab asks why didn’t you sleep??bulbul without her sense says u made my sleep flew away…purab says sorry..bulbul hears aakash saying purab..purab whom u r talking.???pur tells frnd..aakash says oh..spl frnd..bulbul smiles and says bye and hangs up…purbul smiles…

The end..

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  2. Nice epi dear…

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  4. It was fantastic….loved it

  5. superb episode ma loved Rabul’s unspoken love eagerly waiting for the next episode

  6. Fantastic update dear….purbul scenes are awesome…. pragya’s dialogues are really touching….can’t wait…. pls post the next one soon….

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