you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:11


Our episode starts with abhi and purab..abhi was simply looking at the bouquet and note..purab utters abhi..abhi didn’t hear him…abhi still remembering the moment..pragya’s veiled face is coming in his mind..he chuckles without his sense..purab utters abhi..he comes to his sense..purab asks what r u thinking abut??..don’t tell me..r u thinking abut solace..abhi says yes..says no…I mean yes no..purab asks what r u blabbering??even 1% you don’t wanna know abut her..abhi says actually yes..I’m interested to know abut her..purab smiles and asks which means u starting liking her or shud I say loving her??abhi says nothing lyk yaar..purab says I don’t Know abut that..but I’m sure soon u r gonna fall in love and drench in rain in the memories of ur love,,.abhi says purab..beta..I’m not gonna fall in pyaar..vyaar..purab says let’s see.,pragya is in cafe…pragya comes to cafe..she sees abhi sitting there..pragya goes and sits in other place..pragya turns seeing abhi..she started reading book..hides her face..abhi thinks oh..more attitude…only she can read book..i will also read…he grabs a book from a chashmish boy and pretending of reading it…he takes the book and hides his face…he thinks abut pragya..he slightly takes his book and sees her..pragya sees him..abhi hides him suddenly with book..pragya smiles seeing it…abhi thinks kya hain yaar..who will read this boring one??..i can’t understand these letters…how long descriptions??..someone pats’s the boy chashmish..abhi asks what??don’t disturb..i’m reading book ryt..the boy correctly the book which was upside down..abhi got wide _eyed..his lips curved one side…he takes the book and leaves..abhi thinks iss chashmish ko baad mein dekhtha hoon…pragya comes there..why r u pretending of reading book??i know u wil never read book…they both asked a coffee from canteen dada…the dada says powder was not there…only one coffee can be made…pragya says’s ok u give him..abhi says no..u give her…

abhi says u.,thery both fights…pragya says see we r fighting abut 1/2?? …abhi says ok…coffee came..they both shared it..they were talking..pragya hears abhi’s blabberings..she got lost by seeing him talk..days passed..abhi gets letter from solace daily..he got used to her letter…evreyday when he gets letter from her smile comes out from his face..purab says pragya that abhi got habituated to ur letter..pragya thinks plzz..god..make abhi know how much I love him..plzz…bulbul says purab what’s our next step??..our next step is to stop posting letter to abhi…prabul asks what??yes..we want to make abhi much he’s habituated to the letter…then only he vl understand nd realize his love for u.pragya says r u sure??purab says yes..bulbul says wahh..purab have become smart by seeing me…good..keep it up,.she cheers by patting his shoulder..purab asks what’s this??and got widened eye..thanq meri maa..bulbul blesses him ayushmaan bhava..pragya says bulbul tum bhi na…here purbul are walking through corridor..bulbul says I hope this plan shud work..purab says don’t worry will work…some boys are running…they hits purab..bulbul also got hit in the wall..purab asks her are you okay…suddenly bulbul’s Stoll struck in a nail of door…bulbul tries to take it..bulbul is struggling with it..suddenly a wooden plank is abut to fall on bulbul..purab notices it..screams bulbul and tightly hugs her by burying her head to his arms…he hides her head…pura got hurt by it..bulbul opens her eyes..asks purab are you OK??purab says I’m OK…just a small hit..bulbul sees him bruised…bulbul makes him sit..and gives first aid to him..he makes him drink water…bulbul asks why did u do that??purab says if I didn’t do that u wud have get hurt…bulbul sees him..purab says I’m fine and let’s go…purab says let’s leave..he stands and walks..bulbul remembers the moment he buried her head to his chest…she wonders plays..mile ho tum humko…

Bade naseebon se…churaya hain maine kismet ki lakiron se ..purab is abut to slip..bulbul holds his hand..she sees purab asks herself what’s happening with me?? everyone shocked by purab’s accident..abhi asks purab….u both should have been careful ryt..bulbul says the plank was abut to fall on me but purab got hit by alia asks is it hurting lot??aakash says no,,it’s so enjoyable..alia says shut up aakash..purab says no..alia I’m fine..aakash mumbles everyone is scolding me.he has done heropanti.pata they get to do this??khaash if I also able to impress someone lyk this..rachna says beta..r u ready to get hit from another plank??shut up..always cracking jokes…days passed purbul become closer…purab and bulbul both started developing soft corner for each other..abhi didn’t get letter from solace for three days..he used to as peon whether any letter or note came for him…he used to search it in his place d music room home he used to search for letters in letter box…one such day..abhi looked distraught…he becomes restless…he thinks now a days why see’s not posting any letter??why am I missing her letter so much???..i’m not affected by it..purab asks abhi..what happen??abhi says nothing yaar..purab says now a days I’m seeing u,.u r looking disturbed..are u worried abut the letter??abhi utters no..but his eyes says yes..purab shows thumbs up for prabul hearing their conversation..bulbul got happy but pragya was sad..pragya asks abut it..pragya says I can’t see him worry…I feel bad for him..I shud post letter to him…purab comes there and yes u can…we have got to see that in abhi’s face what we wanted to see…pragya become happy..sees bhagwaan ji..plzz unite me and abhi…

Frnds I hope u lyk this part…I don’t wanted to drag more, u wish soon I’m gonna get some twist in the story..keep supporting me…luv u all…

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  1. It’s awesome yaar…really superb…purbul scenes are beautiful….waiting for abhigya love scenes…. pls update regularly….

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  3. Superb dear…cafe scene was cute..purbul scene awesome dear..waiting for nxt part dear…

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  11. Awesome episode yaar loved abhigya and purbul scenes waiting for the next episode

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