you exist in the secret chamber of my heart- (chapter 2)


Hi frnds..thanq so much for ur immense support.thanq so much for silent readers..frnds I ‘m sorry that I’m not updating story regularly as I’m studying 11th std..sometimes I’m getting struck with my studies..I hope u all will understand me..i promise whenever I get tym I vl update it…

Our episode starts with pragya in abhi’s arms…they both were looking at each seeing that the girl got upset and went away..they both comes back to consciousness..abhi releases his hands from pragya’s waist..pragya adjusts her duppata..bulbul by seeing this got happy..abhi asks pragya are you all right?pragya says my specs has fallen down somewhere..abhi looks here and there..finds it down..he takes it and makes pragya to wear her specs..abhi asks r u OK now??pragya noded her head..abhi asks whether u have come to meet me??pragya says no..I was just..suddenly bulbul enters in the scene..she says yes..di..has come to tell u something..abhi looks at pragya..pragya gives an angry look to bulbul..abhi asks were you abut to say something?pragya says no…..bulbul suddenly stamps pragya’s foot..pragya screams auchhh…abhi asks what happen?she says nothing…bulbul signs pragya to say continuously by hitting her hand on her elbow..pragya stamps bulbul’s foot..bulbul screams auuchhh..abhi asks what’s wrong with both of u sisters?abhi shrinks his eyebrow and gives a weird look on them…pragya says oh my god..we r getting late for our lecture…pragya tells bulbul to go and attend her lecture..bulbul stares at pragya..she asks abhi to come with her..abhi gives a for granted look and says I’m not interested in the lectures..he says I’m going to compose song….pragya says don’t make reasons to escape from lecture..pragya says no..u have to come and holds his hand and takes him..abhi says oh u found it eventually..abhi says OK..I vl come only for this one..I won’t attend the next lecture..pragya says OK..baba..let’s go..they both leaves..bulbul thinks I vl see this di today…she didn’t tell it today also..she thinks it’s ok..soemthng is better than least they both shared some eyelock moments..bulbul gets excited and smiles by thinking it..suddenly she hears a clap sound…she turns back and it’s purab..purab asks I was watching all those thing happened…what are u trying to do??bulbul says sorry..purab says why did u purposely threw banana peel on pragya’s way?..bulbul blinks and doesn’t know how to deal it??bulbul says why shud I do that?..she manages and says I mean..who wanted their di to get hurt?..puarab gives a suspicious look at her..bulbul thinks oh my god..this jasoos shud not get any clues abut di’s love..bulbul says effectively ..and who the hell r u to interrogate me??I ‘m not having tym to answer ur stupid questions..let me go..she leaves..bulbul walks by thinking abut purab’s interrogation..she hits with someone.

Abhigya here are in their lectures..pragya looks at abhi..abhi gives a pity look and cries by seeing pragya.pragya set out her eyes from him…abhi thinks achha..madam is listening class..let me disturb her..he texts pragya that the lecture is boring..u made me imprisoned in this prison..pragya by seeing it texts bear it for some more mins..listen the class quietly..abhi texts I will get burst out if I listen all this..I really feel bad for his wife..I mean who will bear boring man lyk him..only boring people listen all this..i think u hav also became boring..i feel pity for the person who ‘s gonna marry u..u listen the boring lecture..abhi thinks let me do some mastis…abhi purposely raises his mobile slightly upward to show that he’s chatting..the lecturer notices itand asks abhi calls him..abhi is really happy from inside..he comes out from his place goes towards lecturer..and pretends to defend himself from lecturer..the lecturer asks whom were u chatting with??abhi says I was not chatting ..I was just replying to the text that I was sent..lecturer asks who text u?abhi goes closer to him and says feebly i shud not say but the girl there..lecturer looked herre and there..abhi points out pragya and says ..that chudithar…lecturer asks pragya to stand up..asks her whether she was chatting with him.abhi turns the and says don’tsk her??she vl lie..actually she was telling that the lecture was really boring..pragya stops abhi nd says to lecturer that he’s a big liar…abhi asks lecturer to listen him and says that pragya said that u r the boring man that she had ever come through..pragya open her mouth in shock and says he’s a big liar..abhi says sir..u listen me..pragya says no u listen me..both fights each other that lecturer has to listen lecturer got irritated and asks both of them to get out…abhi is very happy inside..pragya gives a pity look at lecturer..abhi and pragya both gets out..pragya is really annoyed by abhi..she stares at him whereas abhi is really happy..abhi is abut to give hi-fi to pragya but she ignores it..abhi wonders what happen??and thinks in anger??i have to do something..abhi calls pragya chudithar..she didn’t respond…she walks and abhi also walks behind her ..he takes a flower from a girl’s hair nd gives it to pragya..pragya turned and stares at it..accepts it and throws out..abhi face turned pale..she walks ..abhi doesn’t know what to do??he started singing song..
Konjam uzhari kottava..(may I blabber something)
Konjam nenjai kizhari kattava…(may I show the matter in my heart)..
Pragya stares seeing it abhi sings
Konjam vayai mudava(shud I have to keep quiet)
Konjam unnul sendru thedava(may I search something inside u)..
Pragya by hearing these lyrics smiles by tries to hide it from abhi..abhi sees it and sings..
Konjam thiraka sonen(I told u to open ur heart)
Adi..konjam konjam..maraika parkirai..(u r trying to hide it from me)..she turns and looks abhi..and turns front and smiles..abhi thinks arey yaar..she is angry still..abhi sings..
Yeah toh batade mere jazbaat ka itna kam rate kyun hain tere bazaar mein…(tell me why my feelings are very low rated in your market??)
Pragya goes and sits on the bench in the lawn..abhi says chashmoo..I’m really…I have sung song for u..ab toh maan jao na…pragya says if I didn’t talk to u ..u vl not Get affected much..abhi says who said lyk that??u r one of the imp.person in my life..if u didn’t talk to heart will get burst..I vl become insane..pragya murmurs already u r…abhi asks what did u tell me??pragya says that u heard??abhi says how dare u say that??pragya says I’m not scared to tell the r insane..insane…insane..pragya repeats it many tym…abhi says achha…u r chashmish..chashmish..chashmish…abhi also repeats it..both are repeating it..both shuts each other plays..hua hain aaj pehli baar(song plays)..after a while..they both laughed.abhi says i’m sorry..pragya says dosti mein no thanks…abhi bumps with one of his
frnd ..he asks pragya to wait and goes to meet him..pragya looking at him wonderingly and thinks u r total insane…I think ur insanity inclined me towards u…pragya looks at plays..mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se…churaya gain Maine kismet ki lakiron se…the screen freezes on pragya’s face.

Precap:rachna teasing bulbul by telling that her nd purab’s fight has a chance to end up with love…

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