Are you excited for Zee’s Kundali Bhagya?

Kumkum Bhagya’s spin-off Kundali Bhagya is all set to premiere on television on 12th July 2017. Ekta Kapoor has come up with this spin-off, following the steps of Ishqbaaz coming up with its spin off Dil Bole Oberoi. Kumkum Bhagya is the highest rated show for the channel. Zee will be launching its spin off on a grand scale at its prime slot next to Kumkum Bhagya at 9.30 PM. This new show replaced Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. Kumkum Bhagya started as a story of Pragya and Bulbul. This will be an extension of Kumkum Bhagya, which will bring the story of Pragya’s sisters Preeta and Shrishti, keeping the simplicity of the original series.

With Kundali Bhagya, the storyline can be developed incorporating old and new characters. Dheeraj Dhoopar, Shraddha Arya, Anjum Fakih and Manit Joura will be playing the leads. The news of spin-off received mixed reactions from the viewers. Pragya’s family history revelation came as a good twist. Shraddha Arya will be seen playing Preeta’s role while Anjum Fakih will essay Shrishti’s part. Dheeraj Dhoopar will be seen playing the role of Karan Luthria, a star cricketer, while Manit Joura plays his brother Rishabh. Are you excited for Zee’s Kundali Bhagya? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. VINAL

    Already fed up from this kumkum bhagya dont want to see its another part I know that will be also boring dumb drama series as we all know how Ekta Kapoor drag story line & make it bakwas

  2. No way??
    I just hate this serial….???
    Don’t know why they are extending this disgusting show more and more ???
    It’s better it goes off air ……
    Don’t know why don’t abhi and pragya unite…..
    Just got fed up
    It’s high time…. it should just end????

  3. We never want kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya…we can’t tolerate the current serial track of kumkum bhagya…it’s make head ache for us…Plze finish this serial…lots of people hate this serial story…y this serial never go off air…Plze finish this serial…y that director and writer never feel shame to create this kind of story script…repeating same track again and again…still lots of people like this serial…but hate is more compare to like of this serial…y IBF never take any action…Plze take action…finish this serial….most boring and dragging the serial…that director must learn how to write better storyline…all ekta kapoor serial have same concept and same storyline…we will never encourage this kind of worst director and writer…commenting here also…time waste…because u should never take any action…now also no is more compare to yes…but u are asking just for timepass..

  4. Absolutely boring…its makes the actors look stupid and desperate….

  5. This kumkum bhagya is damn irritating…….. I hate it…….the makers drag one part for such a long time……i ran the time period for which they showed tanu pregnant utne mai to ek lady baby paida krke phir se pregnant ho jaati…..

    This serial really sucks…… ??????

  6. Riana

    Faltu spinoff…baseless thrid class story…go to HELL EK

    1. Chandani99

      I know right…..Copycats of Ishqbaaz…

      1. Riana


      2. Ananyagour

        Exactly!! They are copying ib

      3. Khushilovesroumya

        If they are copying Ishqaaz then Ishqbaaz copied an international show and tell me one thing does Ishqbaaz have copyright if not then this is not a copied show.So stop

      4. Chandani99

        Ok fine which is the international show which was copied by ishqbaaz???

      5. Khushilovesroumya

        Ishqbaaz makers are copying friends maker which was an famous international show.

  7. Supriya18d

    no no never…..kbhi bhi nai excited thi is show k liye….ab Kundalii Bhagya to Dhinchak pooja k song jaisa hi Mere liye….

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Bilkul sahi kha??….Stupid show….I don’t know why the hell no one makes TEI season 2 which majority of people wish for !!

  8. No more my god

  9. No never! Kumkum bhagya is most irritating and most dragged show on zee.
    And again the same drama will repeat

  10. Uff kya kumkum bhagya kam tha kundli bhagya bhi aa raha hai paka ne ke liye…

  11. Maha_Aijaz

    No no and a big no! Just cut the crap, end this serial and start something fresh, already we’re fed up of Kumkum bhagya now this Kundali bhagya, no we don’t want. Ekta please show something different, we, viewers are bored of watching same thing again and again. Personally I didn’t watch and didn’t like this KB from the very first day so neither I’m excited nor affected from this new nonsense??

  12. It will be better if she didn’t make that serial like kumkum-bhagya that’s better for me.

  13. Riana

    Kumkum bhagya stretches numerous 1 story for 1 month…see this Abhi pragya wedding sequence went for 2 months…?????….i think EKTA has became more slower than tortoise…****

    1. Chandani99

      Seriously Riana…..??

  14. Marie Taylor

    A big dislike from me!! Ekkk I hope it turn out to be an epic flop!!!

  15. Let haters hate it I support kumkum Bhagya ……………. Haters are those who are id**ts , selfish,unsupportive etc….. whatever may be I love abhigya and hell yea I am so excited of kundali Bhagya …. please guys they are our abhigya please don’t lose hope…… Our constant and continuous support motivates them and they will deliver it in a better way.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………….

    1. MS Priyanka, just because viewers hate KKB, it doesn’t give you the right to call people idiots… You are entitled to your opinions just like we all are. If you want to support KKB and it’s months and months of torture, endless kidnappings, illogical scenarios and hate crimes by three villains, then that’s fine but you are in no position to question those who think differently.. You can continue to support and air your thoughts but don’t descend into another realm by criticizing the opinions of other viewers. We all don’t know each other personally so kindly refrain from calling those who think differently, as idiots… I assure you that we are not…. Thank you.

      1. I agree with you.just becoz we hate KKB it does not give right to other people to say offensive words, it is our personal choice & we are here to say our view not to criticise or writing personal comments to others.

    2. Ananyagour

      Yes we are not idiots!! its simple
      If you like kkb then no one is stopping you to watch it dear.☺ you can enjoy kkb and kb
      Don’t mind dear if others don’t like that show. You can enjoy with your show ?
      But you have no right to call us idiots

    3. I agree with you priyanka …

  16. Abhi and Pragya are the most boring couple ever on telly, they have outlived their charm and freshness. Money talks and bullshit walks….that’s how Ekta Kapoor could get a spin-off of her boring, crappy KKB… I wonder if she ever reads comments??? Guess not otherwise she’d know how much the majority of viewers can’t stand her crappy script…. Now, we get Kundali Bhagya??? Now we have to see Pragya get literally old-er before our eyes.. The worst serial ever and I can’t understand how it could garner good ratings… Some things defy logic…

    1. Asmithaa

      hello mr. It is ok that you hate kkb. There are many fans of Abhi and Pragya..And even they are fed uup with this serial. According to me Abhigya is one of the best couple and their nok jhoks are very funny and interesting to hear. I f you din’t like,please keep your suggestions to yourself and please don’t say bad things about it.We cannot tolerated it. The fact which you say about Ekta is correct.But please don’t say bad abut Abhigya.

      1. Actually it is not Mr. It is Ms and it’s ok if you like the couple… I know that they look cute together but there is an end of every thing and now the cute couple looks no more cute as the storyline is making the character look dumb with no senses….like seriously they were arguing in that kidnapped place rather than running. This is the fact of the serial that there is no story in it but it gets rating because of the couple.
        Twinj was also a cute couple but the show needs an ending and it ended so just like that they should also end this serial so that the charm of the cute couple remain with them.
        I myself find them good but in the serial noway they look dumb which make me to doubt that pragya was a teacher. Jocks apart the writers have nothing more to show us they are just dragging it for I read ff as there we can find a good story with no dragging.

      2. For you kind information, Asmithaa, I’m not a man, I am a woman, get the gender right before posting your comment. Even I loved Abhi and Pragya and enjoyed their cute moments together but that was once upon a time… If I don’t like them now, it’s my prerogative, it isn’t like I woke up one day and started disliking their characters, and I don’t need to justify my reasons for disliking them to you because I have not ever interacted with you before… Who are you to tell me to keep my suggestions to myself, in the same way you came here to post your suggestions to me, I don’t need to post mines to you because I am entitled to my own opinions and is free to come here and say my piece and who don’t like me saying that I don’t like Abhi and Pragya, well..i frankly don’t care a flying fig… Truth offends and when I replied to Priyanka above, I made it clear to her that that she’s entitled to her own opinions but must not descend into the realm of calling ppl names… Was that unfair, Asmithaa??? Wasn’t Pragya an educated young professional career woman at the beginning??? What’s become of her job as a sensible teacher??? So if the character has veered off course and is totally opposite to the original one and I want to say that I don’t like her anymore, you telling me to keep my suggestions to myself??? FYI also, I still like Sriti Jha but I have the sense to separate her in reality from her TV persona, she’s only doing her job and frankly, her character Pragya deserve better…. Please don’t be so offended if viewers like myself, criticize fictional characters like Pragya, writers ought to portray smart educated women on TV because it’s viewers like you who needs a strong role model, seeing that you love Pragya so much…

      3. And naz I am sorry for calling you as Mr. ???

  17. Excuse my typo errors…Asmithaa…

    1. Yes!!! Now i have clearly understood your point Naz… And I can sense how much you are very depressed with the current story…. I am really sorry if I had hurt you in any way…. I will be feeling good if you accept my apology… I know that I have taken in the wrong perspective the words of you.. I myself is totally upset with the storyline and I even skip it without reading the update… It is nothingg but I have become a little emotional over the fact of Abhigya. Since I am reading only the fan fictions, my angle and the image of Abhigya is totally different from that of the serial.I find it lovely and very nice about them by reading the ffs which is totally opposite of the serial.. so it might have been that effect which have made me to speak like that.. I know words cannot be taken back, But I am sorry once again. Hope you will understand and apologise me.????

      1. Dear Asmithaa, I accept your apology, it was beautifully written. I understand how you are feeling, even I am so sad that writers have changed Pragya’s personality, she was such a level headed young teacher and ideal daughter and bahu… These snakes Aliya and Tanu and Nikhil always got away with so many atrocities towards Pragya, I dislike those 3 characters beyond anything… I had stopped watching but in the episode where Abhi threw Aliya and Tanu out the house, I was so happy….finally….finally Tanu and Aliya true colors are shown.. Don’t take my comments to be negative, I was only trying to point out discrepancies in the story, even if I have come across as too harsh, my apologies dear Asmithaa…. Let’s put this behind us and move forward. I’ll watch KB to see how it goes…. BTW… My name is Nazreen, I’m from the Caribbean and I have two beautiful children. The values and advice which I give to my children, I always try to impart it towards others. I have no animosity, my heart is forgiving so I accept your kind apology once more… Take care friend, you’ll see me on KB soon….

      2. However you can’t see me there… coz my comment can be rarely seen on the episodes as I really really hate to watch it… I am really feeling bad by speaking to a elder person. Like you… I am really very very small compared to you…If you really want to come on Kkb.. My sincere request is that, please do t read the episodes… read the fanfictions return there… that is the effect on me which makes me to love Abhigya.. as they have 360 degree turn while compared to normal episodes… I hope you will like it… even I witite ffs… but am. It updating regularly because of school timings and other.. I am once again sorry. I should have not spoken like that..

  18. Riana

    Ekta was the best producer during kggk…kzk…ksbkbt period but now…all her stories r worst like yhm (leap sequence)…kb (dragging)…Matsh (Seperation)…n dont know how many…pardes also ended on a worst note…Chiiii…

  19. Ananyagour

    I could say BAKWAS!!
    sorry if I hurt anyone’s feeling ?

  20. Angelk1

    I would prefer a sin of of tei or ek mutthai assman. We all want ragna and twinji back. Kumkum is a joke.

    1. Angel, El mutthi asmaan was one beautiful story and TEI too… Raghav and Kalpana’s love story sets a high bar which I use to measure an Indian serial love story… Their love was mesmerizing and intense… I do reminisce…. KKB can never touch EMA and TEI….

    2. I mean…. Ek mutthi asmaan…sorry…

  21. No never kukum bhagay was so boring now kunduli why these people are wasting thier time for such bakwas nonsense

  22. @Naz kindly get it whatever you are so called Ms. or Mr.
    just get the point that you people are not meant to hurt each other’s feeling
    And just get the one point you people are not given any kind of permission to defame or use unbearable words about our favorite couple …
    And some people are saying that kundali bhagya the spin off of kkb is an copy of ishqbaaz it is not meant that every story should have an same way of thoughts …
    Let me tell that haters may hate but whatever situation is held on we’ll support our fav – AbhiGya ….
    Better you people not hurt the other AbhiGya or KKB’s fans …

  23. Yes very much excited about kundali bhagya…Watched it’s new promo…Very interesting…May be it’s base is from kkb but hope kundali bhagya storyline completely vary from kkb( Arora vs lutra )..All the best kB team

  24. I never liked how they dragged kumkum bhagya but i got some hopes kundali bhagya will be fun to watch..let the journey begin…..

  25. Khushilovesroumya

    It is very surprising how other fans bash KKB but they are always in top 10 of trps.So trps prove it all.So I think the haters of the show do not watch the show but they hate on the show.But it doesn’t even matter because Ekta is doing really good with the show.She is the queen of television.I love KKB ,YHM ,Naagin and not KB.

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