Are you excited to watch Zee tv’s Sanyukt?


There are two shows coming on zee tv. The shows will bring new faces and different contents.One of them is Sanyukt. Let discuss about it;

Sanyukt is a complete Family drama , base on the relationship and equation amid elderly parents and adult children and their families.

Sanyukt will show an old mother’s relationship with her grownup sons,their wives and children. While, Shubhangi Latkar will play the role of mother , Harsh Vashisht will play the role of eldest son and Namrata Thapa will play role of eldest daughter-in-law. Mohit Sharma will play role of second son and Urvashi Dharma will play role of second daughter in law. Maninder Singh will play the role of third son. While fourth son’s role will play by Suraj Kakkar. They will show how their eldest sons are busy in completing their dreams and their parents want house happiness.

Are you excited about this Zee TV upcoming show, Sanyukt. Let us know in your comments below.

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  1. Yes I’m excited to watch it.

  2. Yes , I’ll watch it. Its promo is good. It will nice to see.

    1. Shakaib

      Yes honey, its promo is good,

  3. Promo is good but harsh need to remove his mushtache

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