Are you excited to watch Yuvraaj and Suhani’s romantic dance track?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki explores the intertwined lives and worlds of three vivacious, fresh and diverse personalities – Suhani, Soumya and Yuvraj. Suhani Si Ek Ladki will show that Yuvraj, Suhani, Soumya and other family members are on picnic. Soumya tries to keep Suhani apart from Yuvraj but Suhani manages to reach him at the picnic. Yuvraj makes Suhani surprised by his romantic avatar and hugs him. He sings a song for Suhani and both perform a romantic dance without noticing that everyone is seeing them. They dance on the title track of the show Haan mujhe bhi hogaya ye pyaar hai ye ishq hai. Yuvraj really means the words this time.

Sharad records their dance while Soumya is irritated to see their romance. Yuvraj shows his open love towards his wife Suhani and this indicates that he wants to accept Suhani by his heart. Soumya is not ready to lose her hope to get Yuvraj and thinks that she will have to plan something against Suhani. Soumya goes ahead to win Yuvraj’s heart by saving Suhani’s life seeing her face troubles. Are you excited to watch Yuvraaj and Suhani’s romantic dance track? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I love dis serial very very much …. and love u guys.. 💝

  2. Ya very excited to watch them have a romantic scene together

  3. super this is my fav show woow yuvani

  4. very much excited to watch yuvaraj n suhani romance. ……

  5. nice serial bt pllzz dont prolong the story..this Is too much plzzz either change.. samuyas mind or give a solution to this problm the current track of story is soo prolonged. ..plzzzz dont test viewer’s patients

  6. Yuvraj and Suhani’s ie Yuvani’s chemistry is awesome and remind me the Srk-Kajol chemistry. Acting is superb. They should never be seperated. Like to see more romance between them. But, I suggest Suhani change her wardrobe, be more modern. With little makeover, she will look stunning. Their friendship off screen is too good. Keep up the good work Saahil and Rajshri. Rest of cast are also good. Please make the story more interesting like Suhani changing herself looks wise per Yuvraaj’s liking and her striving to get dadi’s approval

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  8. I agree with neenu. getting very annoyed with Suhaani being soo clueless about something soo obvious. This story has been dragging long enough. On to something else.

  9. no because it is just suhani’s stupid dream even though it should have been real
    if they are not going to show any smart leading lady in the show then there should at least be some good romantic scenes but i guess not

  10. guys, sowmya will definitely play another game while saving suhani to become gud to yuvraj. which ever way she will fail in all her attempts. cant stand this shameless sowmya. u know I got so angry when she seperates suhani when she hugs yuvraj seriously when this shameless sowmya track is going to stop

  11. Very exciting serial but, pls sharad should find out new drama of sowmya

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