Are you excited to watch Star’s Naamkaran?


Star Plus is coming with a new show titled Naamkaran. It is from Mahesh Bhatt’s Productions. The show will replace Diya Aur Baati Hum in September. Barkha Bisht plays a housewife Asha in the show. Naamkaran brings a story of a mother and daughter. Barkha will be seen in simple anti-glamour avatar. Viraf Patel, Reema Lagoo and Sayantani Ghosh are also part of the show. Viraf is most famous for his role of Mrityunjay Singh Shekhawat in Life Ok’s Ek Boond Ishq. Viraf’s character will be having two wives, played by Barkha and Sayantani.

As seen in the promo, the lead character Asha takes her daughter to attend a wedding. The little girl hears about Kanyadaan and asks about it. The ladies tell her that Kanyadaan means giving away daughter to her would be husband. The girl having her father’s name gets husband’s name after marriage. Avni asks what about the girl’s own name. She asks why does all the girls are known by father’s and husband’s name. Avni raises question on why girl’s identity depends on father and husband always. The story will bring a daughter’s fights for her rights. The show is partly based on Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Zakhm. Avni will be fight for her legitimacy in the society. The child actor will be the main protagonist. Are you excited to watch Star’s Naamkaran? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. yesss really looking forward to namkaran but will really miss dabh

  2. the concept is good


    Can’t say as I think Promo is little week in explaining the title of story. It should be little strong.

  4. Why Am i on this website???? What f**** is this sh1t, f11k!!!!!! Im not Indian i just took a random name, i don’t understand these stupid show titles and this weird language and don’t ask why i came here, i thought it was a website about the hunger games which you foreigners wont know!!!!

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  6. Really miss dabh.

  7. Omygod,Riddhi if that’s your real name,what’s your problem,why are you on this website if you don’t even know what you are doing here and mind your language you duffer,we may be foreigners but atleast we have more common sense than you!! And don’t think that we won’t understand what you say and aren’t upset,because what you said is really offensive!

  8. NABANITA626

    The concept is good but don’t know it will keep the concept to last or not….

  9. yesss looking forward 2 watch naamkaran

  10. By the trailer I am not interested it’s same rona dhona story, need something new thought, we seen such episodes someone fighting for his or her mom identity, need fresh and good chemistry pair.

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