Are you excited to watch marriage twist in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan turned much interesting after the leap where grown up actors and love stories were introduced. Chakor and Vivaan’s love finally reached the phase of marriage. The duo did not recognize their feelings before. But while working together for the same motive to get Aazaadgunj freed, they both have realized what they mean for each other. Chakor has won the marathon race and Vivaan has got Bhaiya ji punished for his crimes. Both of them did wonders for the village and now celebrating their success by reaching the milestone of marriage. Bhaiya ji is in jail, while his son Suraj cleverly got free of all the blames, by showing his non-involvement in his father’s crimes. Imli was the one who became witness to free Suraj from all the accusations. Even then Suraj doesn’t value Imli.

Imli is madly in love with Suraj. This parallel love story track is also running along with the leads. Imli and Suraj’s love has now turned fragile as its just one sided from Imli’s side. Suraj gets emotional about Imli, only when he is drunk and speaks his heart out in fewer senses. Else, Suraj just disrespects Imli and treats her like a servant. Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Chakor and Vivaan got to know this truth and get hell angry on Suraj. They pressurize Suraj to marry Imli. But Suraj has other plans to settle scores with Chakor and Vivaan. Suraj is marrying Tina on the same day, along Chakor and Vivaan’s marriage. But the twists will be something unexpected by the viewers. The two marriages would not lead into proper pairings. Whom will Chakor and Imli marry will be a big suspense to see. Any guesses? Are you excited to watch marriage twist in Udaan? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. This is not a twist. This happens in every serial. Hero and heroine never get married.

    This is not new and is predicted by all the viewers.

    It is just for TRPs indian daily sopa writers have totally put aside family values.

  2. i really cant get this… how can chakor be a bride? according to spoilers chakor will be negotiating with tina to give up suraj wen tina in return asks vivaan.. so if this happens den brides will be imli nd tina.. from where will chakor come???


    show is going to take turn as suraj will marry chakor and vivan to imili, leading to show go worst

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      i agree with u i like chakor–vivaan pair, and enough of this pair swapping. Looks like they r inspired from Swaragini or Thapki Pyaar Ki. (These two shows r still going on only because of the pairs though)

      1. Hi fatarajo. ..100% rite….?shayad agar vasu ne groom swap nahi ki hoti… thapki ki shaadi bihaan se nahi karwayi hoti tho kya hota???? THAHAAN nahi hote…THAHAAN nahi matlab show ab tak end ho chuka hota ????Thanks to vasu for that ??

  4. Worst track . chakor us insan sy shadi kasy karskti hai jo us ki sister k bachy ka baap hai.. Is tarhn ilmi ko tu insaf nae mila na.. Yeh show main hamesha achai ki jeet hoi hai.. Phr yeh sb bakwas q..

  5. yaa know that.
    vikor ‘ll end..& new twist sukor..
    jst too much irritating……
    i think its gonna show in this show…
    jst too much…
    if its gonna in this show..then i m gonna stop watching this show…

  6. ye show pura bakwas ban chuka hain chakor ek characterless se sadi karegi uske bad uske pyar me bhi padegi….dont kn kaise cvs pagla gaye hain….i already quit ds show……i dont want to watch any negetivity like ds….yukkkkk

  7. yeah!!!!! i m big fan of is gng intresting. m superb excited about luv and hate chemistry.

  8. why are the spoilers so contradictory????

  9. I think imli ki suraj se ar Tina ki vihaan s to tina ka character late ni bich main..

  10. i am Big fan of sukor…
    i want Suraj and chakor pair…
    but imily s pregnet !!! suraj s child….!!!
    vry excting…. w8 ng….

  11. mere najar se chokor ki sadi suraj se hogi ta trp bahat badhjai gi.

  12. Divya Mitesh Patel

    I think imali marry to chagan he is best for her and chakor ki shaadi surajse hogi tabhi to kahani kuch twist aayega

  13. Chakor and suraj marriage will take place
    I have already read this in spoilers

  14. JANPA

    no suraj should not marry chakor…..warna serial ki ratings down toh pakki hai

  15. I think they’re doing right with the grooms swap I mean it wouldn’t be Udaan if Chakor just gets to be happy that easily she has to struggle to fight and get Justice tha’s how this show was from the beginning if she and Vivaan would get married it would be a boring romance story same goes to Imli and Suraj she would to everything he says and he would just treaht her like crap I am for Suraj and Chakor??

  16. blessing justina

    chakor show no longer fun to me but boring. Its the same with thapki and swaragini. Cant this show have a different story? Just tired of watching.

  17. i am loving this twist…

  18. i want chakor nd vivan pair.

  19. don’t like this twist. same as swaragini and some other serials..!!o_O….

  20. devika khanna

    suraj is much taller than chakor didnt identify this and married suraj blindly……..disguisting yaar

  21. Director ke pass kuch kam danda toh yeh nai sab serial mai aise hi Hota hai chakor Vivian ki jodi super hit hai director sala aramzada story script change na Vivian ko pyar mila na chakor ko bakwas script swaragini tap ki pyar ki serial mai bhi aisa hua sab Milke hum serial dekhana bandh karde toh serial toh flop hai udaan baki serials bhi director aise serial kabhi na banaye sab sath Miller ek jut hokar msg ko itna failaho serial director aise gatiya serial na banaya

  22. Pls frds don’t watch aise serial generation bigad raha hai aur kuch nai Kaunsa serial ka director ne kabhi audions ka kabhi Kush nai kiya Wahid bakwas serial bakwas story kabhi chakoer Vivian ko bhi milaho sale Kamino director tadap tadap ke Maroge salooo

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