Are you excited to watch Iqbal Khan’s new show Waaris?


And Tv’s new show Waaris will air from May 16th 2016 at 7pm. The show revolves about a mother’s lie about her child’s gender(girl to boy). It is not necessarily true that a girl can’t become the family’s heir. Girls have equal rights like the boys. Girls have many emotions for parents. No one understands this in Pavaniya family, which makes the female lead Amba lie such a big thing.

None in the family knows the reality that the one staying as a boy with them is actually a girl. The family believes Amba has two daughters, and a son. She would be in pressure to deliver a son. Amba lies to the family that her third girl child is a boy, so that she can save the baby girl’s life. She raises her daughter as a son, and always protects her. She faces many problems while hiding the truth. The family rejoices after Amba gives the heir to the family. The show will present a Punjabi story, where a son’s importance in family is shown. The concept will showcase the problems arising by such wrong mindsets around a girl’s birth. The show will be a mirror to the ongoing issues with a girl’s birth in a conservative family.

The show will star Iqbal Khan in lead role, along Aarti Singh. Iqbal was last seen in Sony’s show Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do. The show is shot in Chandigarh. Aarti Singh will be playing the role of Amba. Akshay Dogra will be seen in a negative role. Are you excited to watch Iqbal Khan’s new show Waaris? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. in which channel this show will broadcast??

  2. No love story plz. Fed up with it.

  3. This concept was already explored in Raavi, in Big Magic. It came around September 2013. That show was also based on a Punjabi family, where mom has hide to fact that her child is a girl not a boy – Ravinder alias Raavi to prevent the land from being snatched. The grandfather is sarpanch of the village, hence the need. It was a comedy. Check in youtube guys… They have taken the same concept and now will add drama and tears to make it run for a decade or two!

    I may watch it for Iqbal Khan… Let’s see

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