Are you excited to watch BrahmaRakshas on Zee?


Another supernatural thriller show is on the roll. Zee Tv is bringing the new show BrahmaRakshas to air on weekend slot. Kumkum Bhagya is going to air just weekdays, and the 9 pm slot will be occupied by BrahmaRakshas on weekends. The show stars Aham Sharma and Krystle D’Souza in lead roles. The promo of the show is out, and one can know the concept clearly.

The couple is shown romancing on the honeymoon in a far off place between the woods. The girl is very much happy to get the man of her dreams and feels like she is in heaven, but suddenly she gets shocked by the horrific truth that her husband is a demon. The love story of a pretty girl and a demon is not an out of the box concept, but the promo brings such freshness by its scary theme and rocking lead actors. Aham Sharma is making his comeback after his hit show Manmarziyan. Kishwer Merchant plays the vamp in the show. She would be killing Aham’s character by cheating him in love. His revengeful emotions would make him resurrect and turn into a demon. The show marks return of Rakshanda Khan too. The show is going to start on 6th August 2016. With a great cast, the show seems to draw much interest? Are you excited to watch BrahmaRakshas on Zee? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Varsha

    Waiting to see Krystle D’Souza in a new look, I loved her in EHMBH, ENP. The promo is interesting

  2. Aha sharia ?

  3. * Aham sharma
    Auto correct ?

  4. m desperately waiting to watch Arjun aka Aham Sharma back..hope he is not playing any negative character

  5. RituM

    i just cant tolerate aham in this kind of stupid demon character…..godddd…..!!

  6. I m only going to see it only for aham Sharma… My fav actor..

    1. I love ahem….his acting in manmarziya was superbbb…In arjun char he is the best….i really hope in this new serial he is not performing negative role… m really happy that he is finally coming back… 🙂

  7. Mona146

    I love the cast but demon concept is irritating yaaaaar. We need human concepts once in a while atleast!

  8. Mona146

    This is Ekta’s inspiration from Bips movie creature 3D. But Brahmraksas is different concept all together of puranas. Please dont make fun of it.

  9. I hate krystle d’souza onely Monika sehal and aham sharma

  10. I ll watch dis show oly for aham…

  11. Seriously I dont like this kind baseless shows of rakhshas , denom and all but I will only watch it our Arjun Mehra..aka Aham..hope he is not doing negative..m happy that he is making a comeback but seriously I dont want him to do such roles.. wish Monica was also there in the show opposite him..bcoz m a die hard aradhika’s fan..but Krystle is also lets wait and watch whether the show is promising or not..

  12. amazing
    superb exited
    after payar ki yea ek kahani,a new love story is back…just hoping it not to b lyk vishkannya …lol?

    1. yaar! u r right ,but no serial can take the place of PKYEK. i just loveeee it!

      1. Ya! No one can replace the charm of Abhay raichand!:-) Pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani was the best. Hoping that this show will be also good.

  13. only for ahem sharma

  14. Madhumita

    I am going to watch the show only for Aham Sharma. I was not much fond of Ekta Kapoor show. But I cant even ignore the fact that almost all her shows are HIT in terms of TRP. Supernatural is a interesting subject if the makers handle it nicely. Superb Cast & Aham Sharma my all time favourite.I am looking forward to see Aham & Krystal jodi. I love all the interviews they gave. Promo is intriguing.So, I am very much excited for the show.

  15. Megha123

    Just waiting for kristle ………………..

  16. Wow…Krystal dsouza..?? she was so pretty…But i did’nt lyk ghost stories??
    In dz generation,horror style serials r just boaringg..lotz f adding lots f stupid track just make the story worst..Haan anyways i hope dz shuld be intresting..?

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow krystal n aham in same show both r fab and i love horror also but i dont like the title 😛 I hope at least this show suceeds in creating proper horror nowadays this is missing in all horror shows i dont know why they call it horror, kavach was okay but I think they can be much better in creating horror and this one the pair of aham-krystal is highlight of this show lets see how this show will turn out to be and i am fed up of all zee shows these days

  18. i’ll watch only for AHEM SHARMA

  19. Sammy

    This is funny ..but krystle call our aham ..rakshas on the sets …and our cutiepie aham is all the time teasing her …and the best thing is here is that our aham is smiling all the time .. p.s his smile kills ….lol ..and I damn excited to see the romance of beauty and the beast ..type story . Though aham is rakshas here ..but still aham is aham ..and we alllllll loooooovvvvveeee himmmm soooooo muchhhh 🙂 🙂

  20. Ahem sharmaaa. ….
    I m goin to wch only fr ahem
    My arjun…… Sir…..
    Im w8ng fr wdrful…… Cmr bck fr ahem. ???????????????????????????

  21. Ahem Sharma…. I m die hard fan of him…… aka arjun……. omg the name arjun…. it self create his in my mind and heart…. . But krystle…. sorry girl…… but I want Monica aka radhika…….. i cant even imagine arjun without radhika… but let’s see what this show will do…. to be frank I don’t like this type of nonsense.. becaz the start of such is mindblowing…. but then realise that they can’t show their viewers an interesting story….. they have to add nonsense carp in the story to spolie it……. but……. I will watch this drama only for ahem…… sorry krystle but…. only and only for ahem….. love u ahem….. muuuhhhaaaaa……… desperate to watch u back on screen…..

  22. Siddhi

    Excited for the show

  23. RiyaDcruz

    A new concept interesting……….

  24. karna ………………………….. Iam die hard fan of ahem sharma

  25. Shakaib

    Yes I want to watsh all supernatural shows

  26. really excited to watch this show

  27. Angita

    I’ll watch only for krystle

  28. Siniha

    My Ahem Sharma is back??

  29. Finally he is Back ????

    Welcome back Aham ????

    Actually he is looking good with Monica ????


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