Are you excited for And Tv’s Chupke Chupke?

And TV’s new show Chupke Chupke brings a light take on contract marriage. The story revolves around two individuals Meera and Abhishek, who meet for the first time and try to convert their relation into a contract marriage, only to keep up their family expectations. They don’t want to get into a live-in relationship, and instead opt for a feasible contract marriage. The show will star Mohit Malhotra and Prithvi Hatte in lead roles. Tanaaz Irani, Krunal Pandit, Suparna Marwah will be seen in supporting roles.

Prithvi was last seen in Siya Ke Ram as Mandvi. She left a remarkable impression by her acting prowess. She will be seen playing Meera, who is a smart, educated and independent girl, who wants to live life on her terms. She wants to avoid marriage and focus on her career. Mohit plays Abhishek, a guy similar to Meera. He is also career oriented and determined person. He wants to keep his family happy, but not at the cost of sacrificing his own happiness. He does not want to face marriage complications. Meera and Abhishek sign the marriage deal, without expecting any togetherness or mutual feelings for each other in near future. Destiny ties the couple together in a lovely bond. Are you excited for And Tv’s Chupke Chupke? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. loving the concept,but i liked sujay reu prithvi hatte.they have a nice chemistry in siya ke ram

  2. Pragyashree

    you are right bhai!! but I am super excited for chupke chupke. a new concept on tv.
    Best of luck prithvi

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