Are you excited for Sony’s upcoming Prithvi Vallabh?

Sony TV is coming up with a new historical show Prithvi Vallabh – Itihaas Bhi Rahasya Bhi. Ashish Sharma will be playing the role of Vaakpati Munj. Ashish’s character will be that of a loving ruler. He is very powerful, and has a golden heart. He belongs to Malwa dynasty and is his people’s best friend. He is called Prithvi Vallabh by one and all. Ashish was last seen in Star Plus’ Siya Ke Ram. Prithvi Vallabh’s history will be seen in this show.

The show brings an interesting love story of Vaakpati Munj and Mrinal, a princess of the enemy clan. He was a great poet, artist and a king. He believed in winning battles by love. He always chose to forgive the enemies even when he had power to kill them. He talks of love than enmity and hatred. The unheard and unseen historical tale is very promising. Sonarika Bhadoria will be seen opposite Ashish Sharma. Ashish’s look will be very different. The show looks much innovative and different in terms of concept, visuals and storytelling. The show will have fictional mystery connected to the history track, making it all more watchable. The first promo of the show looks much appealing. Are you excited for Sony’s upcoming Prithvi Vallabh? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I feel that this is oneis gonna be awesome . Sonraika bhadoria and Ashish Sharma both r my fav and awesome actors . No doubt this show will be awesome . The promo looks too good . Actually I don’t know the proper story of Prithvi vallabh so looking forward to the story hoping that there will be some real story in it . I have already started loving the role of Ashish Sharma. The visuals are good too . Hope that they don’t stretch and spoil the show for trp

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