Are you excited for Sony’s Pehredaar Piya Ki?

Sony’s new show Pehredaar Piya Ki will start airing on 17th July 2017. Swaragini fame actress Tejaswi Prakash will be seen portraying the role of a 18 years old Princess Diya alongside child actor Afaan Khan, who plays 9 years old Prince Ratan Singh. Suyyash Rai will be playing supporting lead. The story is around Ratan Singh, who has to deal with huge problems because of his royal background. He needs someone pure hearted and selfless to guard him, and also take decisions on his behalf, as he is a minor.

Ratan needs a sensible person to fulfill his duties till he grows up and takes charge in his hands. Ratan gets married to Diya. The two become husband and wife, but stay more as husband and guard. Diya’s decision to marry Ratan does not let her regret ever. She stays as his friend and companion. As seen in promos, Ratan applies sindoor to Diya, which makes her emotional. The concept is very much unusual, which was not experimented before in full fledged form. The show will get Ratan and Diya’s journey, how Diya mends her relationship and solves all problems being Pehredaar Piya Ki. The show is much awaited by Tejaswi’s fans. Are you excited for Sony’s Pehredaar Piya Ki? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Angelk1

    Yes i am, the concept is different

  2. Bela

    Tejasswi is back and that too, in a royal avatar. The story isn’t regressive, it is different. Had anyone seen Gulaal, a show that came on Star Plus, that too showed an older woman marrying a kid.

    Tejasswi is going to rock as Diya and she looks so beautiful ????

    1. Sumayyah

      yaa !!! Bela I had seen it
      loved it .
      interested 100%

  3. Riana

    100% interesteddddddddd ?????????????????

    1. Chandani99

      I know it looks interesting……

  4. Sreevijayan

    Yes v rrr

  5. Fenil

    Yeah ,I’m excited.Sony TV always came up with something new that was so catchy.
    Lets,Start the show .
    Plus point Afaan Khan,Tejshwi and Suyash and other famous tv actors.And my Rajasthan.

  6. AMkideewani

    I’m very excited and the concept is very different than the usual Indian series

  7. Dia

    Yes….i am also.excuted but the concept is not new…..if u remember starplus aired a show GULAAL at 9 pm which was replaced by dabh… that serial the main lead gulaal was just married but her husband died……their is a ritual in which such types of widows have to marry their brotjer in law… gulaal married a little kid and the show featured their journey together

    1. Bela

      I know, Mansi Parekh played Gulaal. But it was based in Deeyaarvattu, an ancient practice. This seems more like a girl marrying a boy just to protect him. Gulaal married Kesar to save HERSELF from that elder brother in law

  8. Going gaga over teju’s beauty
    normally seen a young girl and older man love stories
    now the opposite
    eagerly waiting for teju:)

  9. Kiya

    The concept is new.. So I think it will be interesting.. I am a big Tejaswi fan so I am too excited..??

  10. Astra

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…………….veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    waiting…!! waiting..!! love teju..

  11. Yes i was so interested for the start. Mainly for teju. I like her a lot. I hope this series helps to show her actual talent & beauty neither than being a side character. And about the story i am sure it will rock. I am already impressed by the promo & i also trust sony tv because their stories will always be unique.

  12. Yes i am very excited

  13. Ishuyamjha

    yes teju will rock and the concept seems to be different from saas bahu dramas of indian serials and a good background setup of rajastan hope the serial will do it best

  14. Joona

    Yes..I am really excited.. The promos itself made me feel mind blowing… Teju is going to rock again?

  15. Nice and unusual concept, and tejaswi is playing main role so waiting to watch.

  16. the promos are awesome and the looks.. concept… style all are super… expecting a beautiful love story…

  17. Sargam

    yes……1st and foremost reason is our beautiful tejasswi…she looks so fit in a princess’s role…..she has that natural grace and royalty.its an unusaul concept and would love to see the bond of ratan and diya…how it will they will handle their unusual realtionship.damn excited for my teju’s comeback.may this show be a great success in evryone’s career who is realted to it

  18. well i think it is a very unrealistic story i mean it would have been fine if the whole royalty concept didnt exsist. instead they could have shown it in a more regressive community or in places that are considered backward. but the beauty of the lead cannot be ignored

  19. Shrilatha

    Yes damn excited eagerly waiting for last one month for this love you teja

  20. Aadya114

    Yes yes yes I am very exited. I was eagerly waiting for this. The concept is interesting. And teju looks sooooo beautiful. Waiting to see teju.

  21. yup waiting for it…. its really an amazing concept and teju is looking soooo pretty ?? and one thing I loved about this serial is its different way of promotion….. apart frin the usual promos of the serial… they even have promoted the royal palace and the dresses worn by teju ???… I just loved this novel way of promos…. just 6 days left now…. waiting eagerly for its first telecast

    P. S. I wish namish or varun are casted as the grown up ratan…. it would be our dream come true

  22. IQRA222

    is that a question to ask?? off cource i am toh super excited !!!!!!!

  23. Follybraverl

    Hey guys as expected today is big day for us…….
    TEJU is back..
    Love you diya……
    Guys many tejus lover don’t know about this page so plzzzz post it in swaragini page in tu……..
    Get connected and support teju…..

    1. Astra

      yes folly.. we shall do it..

  24. Asw

    Only 2 hrs left for this show I’m excited for this show tejasswi always rocks

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