Are you excited for Shashank Vyas’ entry in Jaana Na Dil Se Door?


Jaana Na Dil Se Door has got the entry of Shashank Vyas. He will be seen in a new look with short hair and a moustache. Unlike his role in Balika Vadhu, Shashank will be playing an army officer Ravish Vashist in the show. He will have a tough macho character as per the army background. Ravish is Ramakant’s other son and will be marrying Vividha, who is in love with Atharv. The story is taking a big turn with the love story getting disturbed by Vividha’s father Kailash’s tricks. Vividha and Atharv are very much in love, and are fooled by Kailash about their marriage. Kailash gets the marriage rituals done with Atharv, and plans to take Vividha for marrying Ravish.

There will be interesting twists in the show, with Vividha and Ravish’s marriage and a new love triangle between Atharv, Vividha and Ravish. Atharv and Ravish’s brotherly relation will create complications in the love triangle.

Shashank got a big break and earned name by playing the role of Jagya in Colors’ Balika Vadhu. He will be seen sharing the screen with Smita Bansal again, who played his mother in Balika Vadhu. Smita and Shashank will be seen as mother son duo again. The show will now go on the lines of movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, where Shashank’s role will be depicting Ajay Devgan’s character in the movie. Are you excited for Shashank Vyas’ entry in Jaana Na Dil Se Door? Let us know in this poll and you may leave a comment as well.

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  1. pls don’t separate vitharv they made for each other

  2. if they separate there is no meaning for love

  3. D.Dashni

    I only want Vithaarv as pair….Why they have to change the storyline ????

  4. Lakshmi

    yep excited with his entry….but not a love triangle…but will eager to see a brother bond in btw atharv and ravish..

  5. i m nt against sasank’s entry bt i m very much against viv marrying ravish…
    plz dont do ths cz as sri said no meaning fr love after showing so much abt thm….

    if marriage of ravish and viv takes place thn i will stop watching the show…and m sure many…

  6. Plz dont separate vitharv…..

  7. Madeha124567

    Dont want to sparate the duo

  8. Yes, as long as the channel and the PH does full justice to his character and gives him good screen space. They delayed his entry by 4 months. It was suppose to happen in june, but it kept getting delayed. Hope they make shashank’s wait a worth because he rejected other offers for this show.

  9. We can’t see vitharv getting separated.they r true lovers with one soul..plz always keep them together.

  10. Looks to be an obvious twist with Ravish’s entry. All episodes till now have been filled with freshness… this twist will be a waste of time watching the show.

    Last two episodes have been pretty obvious nothing new to watch. I feel bored..

  11. Seriously, Show serial as love will win at any stage. It will never fail.

    We don’t want that vividha marriage Ravish. Show love will win. Arthav and vividha get married and story line should be more interested with this concept.



    1. Please don’t separate to both. Otherwise we will not watch the serial.


    And show will become like movie hum dil de chuke sanam

  15. PlPls don’t separate vitharv

  16. agar ye show hum dil de chuke sanam ko follow karega toh end mein atharv side hero rehjayega na like slman khan in the movie

  17. If atharva and vivida get seperated I’m not Gona watch this make the two brother argue but dnt let vivida get married to the other guy only atharva

  18. After shadi ke vachans and promises u r separating the two love birds.non sense ….stop watching this serial if this happens. No meaning of love after that.

  19. surly i will not watch it at all if vividha and atharv are separated.. o plz they are made for each other and i see my love story with vikram in them plz plz..

  20. Shreyasi Dutta

    Why every mega has to have a love triangle? Why writers are so Darth of story? As if in love marriages there are no problems. Hum dil de chuke sanam was a adaptation of nahanyate , which was written 50s. Why this fresh story of this serial has to go to that line. It is not relevant today, when the love marriages are facing divorce.

  21. Vividha n adharv shud get married.. else there is no meaning for this serial.. everyone wil stop watching this serial.. so plzz get adharv n vividha married..

  22. lol….which fool will love dat!!??? lemme stop watching… m not interested on garbage…

  23. I’m eagerly waiting for shashank vyas

  24. Nalini Persad

    it is only a story. If it does not have twists and turns, there is no conflict, no point in the story at all. To be a story there has to the navarasas… a bit of laughter, a bit of anger, a bit of happiness, and a bit of loss and sorrow. They say that true love always wins, so be patient and watch how the story moves up and down, then either it is a it is a tragedy first and happiness. Happy viewing to you all

  25. Anubha Tiwari

    I already knew that it will go on human dil chuke track.. but this Is not done finally she will choose her husband.. n not atharav.. this twist was not needed… I’m not loving it as if now

  26. I am excited for shashank’s entry i love him but i hate vividha i dont her with him please Get a new good female lead for him

  27. This is insane

  28. we want vitharvvvvvv

  29. If he will get married to vividha then a big NO. Will not watch this anymore.I am sure Atharv will turn negative then. What crap! Nearly all shows has this twist now which is nonsense.

  30. yaaa plzzzzzzz dont separate vitharv plzzzzzzz

  31. This is not right. If vividha marries ravish then she will never be able to go back to atharv. If the story is going in the same direction of hum dil de chuke sanam then vividha will remain with ravish. She will have to choose her husband over her love. The whats the point of showing this love story. Whats the point if making everyone believe that if you fight for your love you will end getting it. I feel bad for atharv, he will be the side hero now.

  32. indera sanichara

    Please dont separate Vividha n Atharv I dont want another Tashan e Ishq. Let the two brothers meet and like each other as a family

  33. Yes i am very excited for Shashank’s entry as Ravish

  34. Plz don’t separate vitharv we don’t want that we want them together

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