Are you excited for much awaited leap in Colors’ Udaan?


Colors’ Udaan is heading for a leap this month. The show brings an inspiration tale, of a little girl Chakor who dreams to fly free and end all bounds. The show had many tracks which took the show long till now by the little lead Chakor. After Chakor facing many troubles and experiencing life well, she will be shown as a grown up in the show. The latest track brought a circus twist, where Chakor was facing much problems. Chakor reveals the murderer who was trying to get the circus shut. Chakor acts brave even when she gets kidnapped by the killer. Chakor’s good deeds pay off. The horse Sultan whom she took good care of selflessly, comes to her rescue at the final moment. Sultan saves Chakor and helps her in saving the circus. Chakor exposes the killer who happens to be one of the circus artist Khasta. Khasta got revengeful against the circus owner, after getting humiliated and not valued well by the owner Khanna.

While problems back in Aazaadgunj stayed same, Chakor does not come back home, assuming that her twin sister Chunni is spending good time with her family. Chakor is not aware of Chunni’s murder by Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji makes enough of bandhuas by making more child labor. While Bhaiya ji’s tortures on the villagers continue, Chakor’s parents are sure that Chakor will return to Aazaadgunj and end Bhaiya ji’s evil rule. Chakor will be shown grown up and an achiever of her dreams. She will return Aazaadgunj with her identity. The show will get more interesting after the leap. Are you excited for much awaited leap in Colors’ Udaan? Let us know what you think about the show’s leap.

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  1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    i have not watched this regularly but read in spoilers…..
    and will miss this chakor………

  2. Thank god

    finally ye shubh mahurat nikla

  3. When will be the leap?

  4. waitin to c d new chakor

  5. Im not excited for this serial but yes I got bored of fabricating stories around chakor and also her over-action.

  6. it will happen soon in january this month

  7. Nooooooooooo. .. not at alll.. I love spandan tasheen and all other kids… 🙁 🙁 🙁 :'( :'( :'(

  8. Yes. I’m very very excited. I want to see the new chakor.

    I hope it happens soon. I was waiting for this day eagerly.
    But will miss spandana. I like her a lot. Lover her character and her acting.

  9. I m looking forward to the leap n m really anxious to know who will play the grown up Chakor, but I will miss Spandan a lot, the only thing I liked about this show was Chakor, I didn’t watch this show for a quite a long time so can someone tell me how Chunni died? Does anyone knows how many years leap Udaan will take? Leap is really needed for the show, they should have given a leap earlier instead of adding Chunni/circus track

  10. I wish after leap the show will not show the routine kind of love story and useless sacrifices etc..

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