Are you excited for the huge leap in Meri Durga?

Star Plus’ Meri Durga will be having a huge leap in the upcoming track. The concept is around Durga, who aspires to become an athlete, while her father Yashpal wants to make her a government officer. Yashpal dreams of Durga getting much respect, name and fame. Durga feels her passion is something else than becoming a scholar. Durga realizes she is meant to become an athlete. Durga’s victory in the race comes as a shock for her father. Durga’s sister Amrita is getting married to Madhav. They have a misunderstanding between them. Durga does not know anything about Amrita’s problem.

Things will get clear out in Amrita’s sight, before the marriage. Amrita and Madhav will be seen getting married. Durga’s father will be taking a big decision about Durga’s future, right before the leap. Then the show will take story many years ahead.

Currently in the show, Ananya Agarwal as Durga and Vicky Ahuja as Yashpal Choudhary are the leads. Ananya will be leaving the show. Alisha Panwar will step in as the grown-up Durga. Things would spice up once the show gets popular faces as the leads. Meri Durga has been an average runner on the channel. Even though, the show is much different by its rural background. Are you excited for the huge leap in Meri Durga? Let us know your opinion.


  1. Pranav

    I don’t get why this show gets high trps than tpk and devanshi i get bored w/ this show

    • Shreya

      This show is very much different and inspiring for a child to dream and achieve his/her goal….it also reflects the real picture of the society where a poor father has to struggle alot for growth of his children…..

  2. sujatha

    Meri Durga is a good serial which doesnt follow the usual stories. Ananya Agarwaal is performing very well compared to the young girl in Naamkaran. Her expressions are so good and she looks realistic. we will miss young Durga if there is any leap….

  3. durga

    No we don’t wanna miss ananya agarwal. She and her friends r d highlights of d show. Y to change now and dat Alisha…….. Yup won’t suits for durga character really……..

  4. Shreya

    We don’t want leap… Ananya and her frns are charming characters of The show…..ananya doing excellent acting…

  5. Mary

    No leap please…we like it.Its very motivating and durga and rana sir’s bonding will be missed.

  6. Misha

    I will miss little Durga so much! if there is leap… But please writers don’t turn this show into rubbish like Kum kum Bhagya and SSEL or Namkarran etc… This is my favourite show even if it does not so good on TRP. Do keep the good work on!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.