Are you excited for Gulki’s entry in Swabhimaan?

Gulki Joshi will be entering Colors’ Swabhimaan as Karan’s psycho lover. She would be madly falling in love with Karan. Gulki’s character Sanwari has gone through much in her life. She was a sweet and innocent girl from small town, who was always insulted for her dark looks. Sanwari is called ugly by everyone. She has much frustration within. She has become a rebel now and does not care for anyone. She dresses as the bride to have a trial. She does not look good and breaks things in anger. She will be breaking the peace in Chauhan house.

Karan and Naina will be seen doing a sindoor rasam together. They will be remarrying in the upcoming track. Naina has passed the test by helping Karan recover from his allergy. Sanwari will be coming Chauhan house along with her mother, who happens to be their relative. Karan will be seen valuing Sanwari’s heart than her looks. This will make the girl turn obsessive about Karan. Gulki’s entry will create chaos in Karan and Naina’s relation. Sanwari’s character will be much complex. The show will be getting interesting and more dramatic. Are you excited for Gulki’s entry in Swabhimaan? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. I only wish Karan and naina will be together forever

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Yeah true but I guess her entry will be nice as Naina will feel gelous but I want Karan n Naina to be together

  2. I want Karan and naina together

  3. After what Naina and Karan went through at least let them be together and give them some chance to romance, and now that Karan has recovered with the love and care of Naina they at least deserve some time together. #Naina&Karan ??????

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