Are you excited for another love track in Swaragini?


Colors’ Swaragini is in news again for getting another parallel lead in the show. Swaragini is the tale of two sisters and their love lives. With the good pairings made and Rajat’s villainous entry, the show was going good. Rajat and Uttara’s track will be ending soon. Rajat’s exit from the show will be shown by Rajat’s death. But Rajat’s death will bring big twists.

Rajat would be kidnapping Swara and taking her to some hilly area. When Swara’s husband Sanskaar follows Rajat to save Swara, the viewers will witness high voltage drama. Uttara will get shot in an attempt to catch Rajat. Also, Rajat will try his best to kill Swara to take his revenge.

Swara’s kidnapping and then her accidental fall from the cliff will higher the interest in coming weeks. Sanskaar will make all possible attempts to save swara. But Sanskaar will fail. This will lead to the new entry’s role in saving Swara. Actor Anuj Sachdeva will be seen in Swaragini. He is most known for his roles in Sabki Laadli Bebo, Phir Subah Hogi, and Chhanchhan. Anuj will be playing Sahil’s character, who would be a music lover. He will be Swara’s savior. He will connect well with Swara by means of music. Sahil will be falling in love with Swara. A new musical love track will begin in Swaragini. Are you excited for another love track in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Plzz don’t separate swasan…… They are awesome no one can replace them if it happens then… Majority of fans will be disappointed….

  2. Swasan for ever ever and ever….!!! ?

  3. ya im looking forward 😉

  4. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    Not at all…it was swasan it is swasan n it will b swasan

  5. no matter what calamity strikes or whoever enters swara’s life swasan were are and will be together….they are born to be love and destined to be together….even after anuj’s entry swara will fall for his music as he will be musician and whenever anuj will try to come closer to her she would restrict him as she would have flashes of sanskar’s memory…such pure love…fingers crossed….no one can separate them……….

  6. bt also possible of swiping couples..i kwn this nt goinh tl has atleast 1% chance..cause in very begining thy also made laksh with swara..thn sanskar changed..nw this new guy

  7. No not at all we have already done with show it’s only about swara and sanskar and they sided another couple no story for raglak

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Yes I like anuj sachdeva so pair will be superb..

  9. it will be interesting as long as Swara finally ends up with only Sanskar

  10. slient reader

    Plzzz don’t break swasan pair ………. plzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz don’t break ……. I LOVE them very very very very much ……

  11. Do not separate swasan or we will lose interest in watching serial..we watch swaragini only fo our cutieees swasan..?

  12. blo*dy hell……. Agn separating our fav SWASAN hw dare thy…….. ?????????

  13. Wat the hell….

  14. no swasan then no serial,i will stop watching if no swasan

  15. don’t separate swasan love birds

  16. wow waiting for sahil entry
    I just hate Sanskar

    1. Ms too only sanskar not varun

  17. there pair will be good

  18. Nice twist. Its good. By the way swasan ko itna importance kyu diya jata hai? Acting to dono ko aati nahi. Raglak are best

    1. If u don’t like Sumone,then don’t,but at least don’t insult them.
      Best actor,actress n best jodi faaltu mein nahi mila hain unhe

      1. i am telling the truth

      2. i am telling the truth. helly cant play negative. and people are mad and voting her thtas why they got award. samje. tejaswi is much better.

  19. I’m against dis. But it only said Sahil living swara not swara loving Sahil, and it’s possible Dey just bcm frnds and sanky seeing there closeness will have misunderstanding. And sanky is her Husband u think he won’t do anything? It also me timed Sahil as her saviour which means he wish won’t be losing her Memoryand she won’t forget her love 4 sanky. I seriously hope this happens other wise I will stop watching dis show until they bring Swasan back. I watch it only 4 Swasan

  20. I only want swalak. Swaragini sucks now!!! I am sorry but i am so pissed !!!

  21. Yo i am looking forward! Swalak pure nahi huye so swasan ko v todo.. I will be immensely happy lol.. Afterall its swaragini so something must be related to music right?

    1. U know what!! Just shut the f up! Don’t even dare say something about Swasan, and no one cares about Swa__Lak they are over, ok? OVER!! so don’t just comment nonsense things!!!!!

    2. What if after sahil and swara’s unison I say that swa….san is past!!!! Oh puh-lease jeff I was just giving my POV now dnt utter a word or get a deaf ear from me…
      Consolation: swasan is married so nothing is gonna happen to them… Its just ro drag the show!!!
      (note the sarcasm dear 🙂 )

    3. Are roshni…… Tu toh badi psycho nikli

      1. Plz dnt make me fight over here on a petty issue. I am really over with this show and i really dnt wanna get indulge in any nuisance. Feel free to bash me. I just kept my pOV.

  22. plz make swasan together

  23. Do whatever u want bt dont brk swasan!

  24. If any of swaragini cast n crew notice this… Lol 😉
    Actually, raglak is not given much importance so sahil must be paired with ragini.. So that laksh burn in flames and we can see more of their roles !!!!

  25. Lol isn’t it a joke.. dis guys r making swara’s character a joke… what is this yaar first play with swalak den swasan n now dey introducing one new pair swasha… a big joke.. n what about ragini n laksh.. first of all laksh was d lead male bt now a previous villian in swalak life is getting more scenes than our lead male laksh… n now ge iz d adarsh patni brata pati… bullshit dis guys r making the show worst dan worst.. here love is a game n swara is playing it… bakwas show… shhhh

    1. True anu… You poured out my feeling yr.. Me too feel the same!!! If laksh and sanskar are the leads than need to be given equal importance.. And its like they always overshadows ragini’s role… She is always waiting for swara to give her the orders lol… I used to love this show so much and from bengali vs. Madwadi rivalry and music related (though a bit), they dragged it to FIRST.. SECOND.. THIRD LOVE.. :p
      Sahil could have been paired up with ragini to jealofy laksh…. Meh it wont be

  26. yes! there should some change

  27. i dnt lyk swasan supration…
    but ithink new love track is exiceted….

  28. yr seriously………………dont seperate swasan they are each other

  29. swasan forever love swasan

  30. Sad and disappointed is all i can say ????

  31. i dont know why are Swasan given so much importance, dono ko toh acting aati nahi fir be.

    1. actinh nahi aati? Wht do u mn ha?.
      .. aise mat kaho ha.. upar v 2mne kaha h ek bar… accha iska matlb toh yeh h na ki agar un dono ko acting nhi aati toh wrtr ne un dono ko aise he bash nachne k liye rakha h kiya? agr 2mhri fvrte pair ke baaare me aise khu dn kaisa lgega ha..

      swasan ki bare me nt a wrd?????????

  32. Pls dont separate the swasan

    what a non sense script by writer to change couple by their own convent ah if show do like this then how about young generation think about love , marriage, culture and all
    So pls this nonsense script of changing the couples

    Writers given importance to music friendship they put this track and swara and sahil as by sahil help swara can gain her love for sankar and marriage

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