An Exceptional Love Story (love letter by a fan)

Love is a symbol of purity. it may come from paradise . may almighty has created in all hearts . some heart can realize a little and some heart can realize much more. different types of love exist in earth . such as a mother’s love for her child , a husband and a wife love each other and so on . every lover show their love to the beloved ones. but if there is no place or scope for the showdown of love to a lover, no one can imagine the mind condition.

Nandini, the fictional character performed by very talented Shweta Basu Prasad, in chandra nandini at star plus. this serial has started almost one year ago…i had no interest in watching any serial but one day…when i saw her face in star plus , a little sound knocked my heart. i started watching this serial. after that day i started enjoying this regularly only for her. her every single movement made me a blind fan of her.

After one and a half month , i have discovered my love for her. i have realised how much i love her. i know she is acting according to the script,but her every single drop of tear hurt me in my heart. i may realise all her pains. i really love her a lot but i don’t know the process of expressing .

at first i have loved Nandini. but with the time , now i love real Shweta Basu Prasad. i know this may not possible to get her love. but i always remember her face which is full of love.
I am from Bangladesh and not a celebraty . on the other hand , she lives in india and a top class celebraty. so it is 99% true that i never get her love . but i promise that i never forget her. she will remain alive in my heart. and i will pray to God for her all along my life . at last , i have a prayer to God, “give me a single chance to express my love to her at least at the heaven after my death”.
Friends pray for me and believe it or not but it’s 100% true.

Written by Apon
from Bangladesh.


  1. Padmini

    Good Morning Apon,
    I did not expect that u hv so much love for Nandini, I wish she will read yr story n it is well written.

  2. NABANITA626


    |Registered Member

    You know Apon as,swetha is also bengali like us?
    By the way I too not knew that you love swetha so much………..I am also praying to god that he/she will F ulfill your that wish….🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Jayani


    |Registered Member

    Dat’s so sweet of u apon bhaiya… Ur luv for Nandini aka Shweta is beautifully written bhaiya… I will pray for u bhaiya… Never thought it luv for her was dis huge… Many a tyms, u hav mentioned it luv for Nandini but i always thought dat u admired d character… I never thought of it in dis way… Anyways, all d best bhaiya…

    Jai Siya Ram

  4. Nick

    What shud I write I really don’t know bcoz how u xpressed ur love of humour is really awesome…….actually for me thinks dat in 2days world there is no value left for love and I too don’t give any importance 2 love, attractions and crushes……

    Anyways all d Best for u bro I think God will help u……👍👍

  5. Apon



    Thank you Nick…..for reading my humour…..❤ also many many thanks for your valuable comment ….

  6. Jai

    Oh my god!!!! Actually i knw u love nandini but nw only i understand hw much u love her… all d best n i pray for u..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.