I was just loitering in my enormous villa that My Hubby owns on the Monday morning.
Well here’s the crap… Monday morning!!!!
I literally hate Mondays…
Some hate it coz they have to follow their robotic life again after rejoicing a mirtful tiny ounce of Sunday.
Well yes!!! That’s true…
Sunday definitely passes in a blink… it’s like it was seconds before I was rejoicing of next day being a Sunday but a Blink and there it goes…

Now that I have blinked and it’s gone… so don’t mourn of it…

Here comes the villain of my love story… “MONDAY”…
Now don’t rub off Ur tiny brains…
Yes!!!! It is a villian coz it’s only bcz of Monday that My Jaan has to go his Office leaving me alone…
Now tell me Isn’t it a villian???

My Jaan!!!!!

Stop bashing me for being such a love struck teenager but when u have such a handsome as ur Husband then u are left with no freaking choice other than being a love lost puppy.
…and I tell u this Man is Handsome to a dangerous level…
A simple eye-contact and U r at his mercy…
Such intoxicating aura he carries… His smirk… I tell u will make u weak on ur knees…
He’s such a devil…
But…but..but… He’s all mine…

While I was behaving like such a Cupid driven pup…
An idea struck in my not so good mind…
Guess what????
If he can’t come it’s Ohkk…
But I can definitely go and have my gala time…
What say???
Oh God!!!! How genius of me!!!

I started up by preparing for his lunch… Paneer butter masala, chappati,rice, salad… it will go for now…
Tempting eh????

An hour it took to make these delicious delicacy that have been packed up to be savoured together by us.

Now time to doll up. Well this is the most important extract of the idea. When I’m suffering here to be with him then let’s show him too, what he missed.
Cunning me???
Well company effects a lot I guess.

Now the time to choose what to wear and without a heartbeat I took out a Saree. According to him it’s the s*xist dress ever discovered and I second him on this.
Adoring myself in a blue coloured Saree tucked in proper places and displaying enough to make him ogle; I made my way to his office.

Reaching there I made my way towards the reception. A new one I see yaa!!!
Who can be behind this except him??
Such a perfectionist he is. A single mistake and u are shown the way out of the office.
His arrogance is something that can send shivers run down ur spine. And I tell you it is a sight worth watching for me coz he looks damn hot and s*xy in that look. I just somehow manage to stop myself from snogging the crap out of him then and there.

Well I made my way to the receptionist to ask his whereabouts. She said he is in a conference with some business delegates. I turned to make my way to his cabin only to be stopped by the receptionist.
Oh!!! Ya she is new. Let me introduce myself to her before she loses her job.
As I was about to greet her; I found her scrutinizing me thoroughly. I stayed silent and let her do her X-Ray.

After a blo*dy one and a half minute she asked me who I was and why the hell am I going in without permission??
I opened my mouth to retort her only to see her sneer in my direction and continue her self boasting. She started ranting saying poor woman like me try to lure rich ones by their body. She commented on my lack of fashion mumbling I should try wearing something s*xy to be  attractive enough for someone’s sight.


Oh hell!!!!
Here he come. My angry bird raging to the brightest shade of red and shivering with over pouring anger.
The female body guard like alwaz has slapped the receptionist as hard as hell.

He started screaming at the girl for her lack of sense and her stupid-not-worth-a-penny attitude. He dangerously asked her to say sorry to me and reminded her that no one talks to his wife like this.
The girl murmered apologies and went away.

I took hold of my fiery handsome’s wrist and dragged him into his cabin.
As soon as I was in cabin I was pinned up to his lips. He ferociously nibbled my lips calming his nerves down. Lips upon lips savouring the taste of the other. He swayed his tongue asking for an entry which I happily gave.. he roamed his tongue to the depth of my mouth tasting every corners. He was hell dominating. I felt irritated for not being a part of the kiss.
When he was about to pull away I grabbed his neck; tangling my fingers in his locks and started kissing him frantically.
I kissed him as there was no end.
Lips, teeth and tongue all moved in a sync resulting in a toe-curling kiss.
After reaching to a little amount of satisfaction I broke the kiss.

Foreheads resting against each other;grasping for breath I started ogling on his features.
An epitome of beauty. He is just beyond expression.
I tucked his locks away dropping a kiss on his forehead.
He relaxed under my touch.
As I started to untangle myself from him; he snaked his arm around my waist and thursted me towards himself.
I landed on him and jerked my head up to see his soul-unnerving gaze on me.
He raised his brow as if asking for the reason of my unannounced presence.
I told him about the surprise I was about to give him before the chaos took place.
He asked me if that’s the reason i wore his favourite saree and that too in his way of liking.
I looked up at him only to find him smirking at me.

GOSH!!!! This guy is gonna be death of me someday.

I blushed and shredded as he tightened his hold on my waist and started rubbing patterns there. I bite my lower lip as I searched for a rescue.
I heard him groan at my act as he leapt down to smash his lips on me again. I moaned as he licked my lips extracting all the love that I have for him. My hands subconsciously reached his neck as we deepened the kiss.
We kissed and kissed and kissed until he lifted me up and placed me on the couch; still not breaking the contact.
He left my lips after minutes and trailed his way down my throat; giving a hickey there.
Then up again through my jaw bone to cheeks finally bitting my earlobe. I pulled him back to my lips and he caressed my waist.
He were in a heavy make out when a ring brought us to sense.

I broke up and pushed him gesturing him to take the call. He stood up muttering curses to the caller while I started to lay down the lunch after fixing myself.

He came after ending the call and sat down to have his lunch without any naughtiness coz of my glare. He sighed and I started to feed him his lunch while he fed me.
Once I wrapped up the lunch. He pulled me onto his lap and motioned- It’s time for sweetdish and taking into consideration the starters,prior; I hope the sweetdish must be much more mouth watering….
And there we went again…
He and I transported to our own world… a world full of love…

Really this was an EVOLUTIONARY MONDAY.

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    Just fabulous…. Beautifully written??
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    Outstanding. No worries to say that you are a great writer. Well done. I loved it to the core. Come back with another one for sure ha.

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    it was good pls come with more os

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    Amazing dear.. loved it.. do write more.. thank you..

  8. Awesome dear..tc..

  9. Evolutionary….he he he…
    Swara’s cursing Monday……??…. fabulous dear…..loved it……

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