My evil heart (Character Sketch and Intro)


CS and Intro

So this time I will start with the Characters at first, there are three lead actors, the most important one will be Ragini, cause it’s her story. There is no Swara in this story.

Ragini Gadodia a very beautiful woman, modern but yet trditional too, doesn’t like western clothes at all, an orphan, is 22 years old, has a younger sister Neha, loves her sister a lot, but something will change their relation forever. Her proffesion is fashion designing. She is played by the very beautiful actress Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

Sanskar Goenka he is a super handsome, hot, kind hearted, cute, loves his parents a lot, hates the Maheswaris, is 23 years old, he is modern, helps the orphans and poor people. He is a great business man and has his own company named by SG. His businessrival is Laksh Maheswari. He is played by the very handsome Varun Kapoor.

Laksh Maheswari an arrogant, selfish, handsome, casanova, he thinks money can buy anything, hates the Goenkas, is 23 years old as well, women are toys for him. He is businessman, his businessrival is Sanskar Goenka. He is played by the very cute Namish Taneja.

Neha Gadodia she is a little bit spoiled, she is pretty, is modern, is 20 years old, hates traditional clothes, something will happen, that Ragini will start to hate her. She is a wedding planner. She is played by the gorgerous Adaa Khan.


Ragini’s pov
“Why did you betray me with my own sister Neha, I loved you and you used me, like a piece of shit.” “Everything was perfect between us and you ruined everything.” “I hate you, you will see a new Ragini, who won’t get hurt that easilly.” “Now I will ruin your and Neha’s life, till you will realize how I felt.”
End of her pov

Neha’s pov
“Ragini di, I never cheated or betrayed you, he raped and forced me to marry him.” “I hate him, I hate my husband!” “He is using us both against eachother.” “I know di, that you hate me, but what was my fault in it?”
End of her pov

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