My evil heart Chapter 8: RagSan’s suhaagraat


So guys, I got inspired by Halima the queen of romance akka my pyaari villain to write this chapter with full of hot romance!

My inspirations are my mental sisters and AM!

I hope you guys like it and if you don’t, then I don’t mind, cause the writer has to feel the emotions of the characters!

Sanskar’s pov and RagSan scene
“Ragini, how’s Neha now?” I asked my wife. “She is sleeping!” “I want to spend some quality time with you!” She said and came closer to me, I hit the wall, she blocked my way and kissed half of my lips and cheek!” “Sanskar, I can’t resist you right now!” “I can’t either Ragini, but what about you revenge?” I asked her, cause I was confused. “Tomorrow, it’ll start, but right now I want to feel your touch, kisses and other things to, but not in here, somewhere else!” She naughtilly said, while she pushed me into the bathroom!” “I think you have the intention to rape me!” I jokingly said and she poutingly answered: “no, I just wanna romance my s*xy, hot, cute and sweet husband!” “Oh, now I’m the shcs husband of yours!” “You allways were Sanky, but I didn’t realise it, until now!”
End of his pov
Ragini’s pov
“Ragini, I can’t romance right now in here!” “Why, not I prepared everything for it, do you wanna hurt the feelings of your wife?” “I would never ever hurt your feelings my queen!” “So make me yours, then I’ll feel like a queen, cause I’m incomplete without you!” “Baby, I want you too, but what about Neha?” “My idiot husband, she is sleeping like an baby!” “I love you Sanskar, I want to be yours and only yours, cause I want to be the mother of your child, your love opened my eyes and I know that I allways loved you!” “I love you too Ragini, but did you forget our promise?” “No, I didn’t!” “Then why are you doing this?” “Cause I want to have fun as well, I want to know, how it feels when do it the first time!” “Ragini, for a woman it hurts, the most and bleed as well, after the first time!” “I don’t care, cause I know you won’t hurt me!” I said.

Then I pushed him on the toilet seat, I sat on top of him and kissed him very intensely with full of passion, he kissed me back, then he opened the strings of my blouse, I opened the buttons of his sherwani, we threw everything on the floor, he kissed my neck, I moaned with pleasure, I kissed his neck, he moaned as well, then he picked me up, he carefully placed me in the shower, he layed on top of me, where our make out session started.
End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov
The turn of our underwears came to we helped eachother in pulling them down, then she opened her legs as wide as she could,  she pulled me towards her and she said to me: “Sanskar make me yours, I wanna feel it inside me!”  I slowely went into her, trying not to hurt her, cause I couldn’t bear it, if she gets hurt! Slowely I went out of her, I could see that she was bleeding, I wanted to go, but she pulled me back and I fell on top of her, then she turned us around and said: “I want more Sanky, I didn’t hurt me at all!” “But Ragini, you are bleeding!” “I know, I am bleeding, but this pain doesn’t make me weak!” Then she kissed my cheeks, my nose, my neck, my chest and at last my lips, she pushed herself onto me, that I was inside her and she said: Faster!” I did as I was told and we made love the whole night in the shower!

The next morning we woke up and Ragini asked me: “Sanskar can we do it again?” I was shocked and replied back: “Ragini, we can’t do it again!” “Why?” She asked me innoncently, I answered back to her: “if we do it again, then you will be in pain and you won’t be able to move!” “Ok, but what about we shower together?” “Ok!” Then I opened the tab of the shower, after a few mins we got ready. Ragini went to wake Neha up and I waited outside for the sisters, then we all went down together!
End of his pov

RagHa’s convo
“Di, what’s this on your neck?” Neha asked Ragini, while Ragini blushed remembering the last nights romance with Sanskar and then she said: “it’s nothing Neha, I slipped today morning in the shower!” “Oho, but I heard something else!” Neha naughtilly said and Ragini asked her back, hoping she didn’t hear our moans: “what did you hear?” “I heard you guys making “aah” “aah” and “faster, Sanky faster!” “What, we didn’t moan that loud, while we were….” “Making love!” She teasingly said to Ragini. “Neha ki bachi, ab nahi choodungi tujhe(Neha I won’t leave you).” Ragini said, while she ran after Neha, suddenly Neha was gonna slip, but someone saved her and it was…..
End of their scene

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