My evil heart Chapter 7: NehLak or RaHa marriage

Chapter 7: NehLak Or RaHa’s marriage

Before starting with the story, I wish you guys merry Christmas, enjoy the the day with the fullest, with family and friends!

Ragini’s pov
“Two years past, I started loving Sanskar and today we are going back to Mumbai, cause I got to know, that Neha was getting married to Laksh!” “Sanky?” “Yes, baby!” “When will we get married?” I asked him and he answered back: “The same day as NehLak!” “Ok, that’s good, so I can take my revenge from Laksh!” “Yes and I will help you meri Jaan!” “Sansku, you earned this!” I said after I kissed his cheek. After packing we went to the airport, old memories of Mumbai were coming back to me!”

Ragini’s dress

End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov + flashback
“I’m so happy that Ragini accepted my feelings for her!” “I love he so much, but I hope she doesn’t get hurt again, cause of Laksh!” “I will try to help Neha to proof to everyone that she is innoncent!” “I hope she doesn’t get married to Laksh, but instead of him to Raj!” “But Ragini still thinks that her sister cheated on her, but I have to show her the full truth after I get married to her!”
End of his pov

So now to the flashback about two years ago
“Ragini, are you sure about?” “Yes, I am and I want to change my style and attitude infront of others, except for you, cause it’s not your fault!” “Ragini, you are good as you are!” “I know Sanky, but if I wanna take revenge from Laksh(Neha), then I have to change myself completely!” “Ok, I will help you in it!” “Thanks Sanky!” “No thanks and sorries in friendship!” “Ok!” “Since then she changed herself to what she is now!”
End of the flashback

RagSan convo in the flight
“Ragini are you happy with our marriage?” “Yes, I am Sanskar!” “I wanna forget everything and start my new life with you!” “I love you Ragini, since so long!” “I love you too Sanskar, I never realised my love for you, cause I was busy with that good for norhing idiot Laksh!” “Ragini, calm down!” Soon they reached Mumbai and went to Maheswari mansion!”
End of the convo

The wedding of Neha and Laksh or Raj started in an grand manner, with many guests, but Neha wasn’t happy at all except for when she saw RagSan, she ran towards them happily and asked: “how are you guys, I missed you so much!” “Congrats for getting married!” Ragini said with full of attitude and then she saw that Neha was 4 months pregnant. “So you are pregnant?” Ragini asked her and a sad Neha replied back: “Yes, I am, but it’s not Laksh child, it’s Raj’s!” “Who is Raj?” Ragini asked her and she replied back: “the man I loved!” “What do you mean with loved?” Sanskar asked her. “Laksh killed him!” “What?” “Yes and he forced me to marry him or he will….” “Neha, you should be sitting in the mandap!” “I’m coming!” Then Neha went.

Neha’s dress

The marriage was done.

Her Mangalsutra

Later the annoncement was made that RagSan are getting married on the same mandap, some ladies took Ragini to get her ready and some men took Sanskar with the to make him ready!

Ragini’s dress

Then their marriage started and they vowed eachother to be faithful, caring, loving and that they will be together till death do them apart! Then Sanskar made her wear the mangalsutra.

Her mangalsutra

The elder people blesed both couples with many wishes, Laksh was staring lustfully at Ragini, cause he can’t take advantage of Neha and for him Ragini looks very hot nowerdays!

NehLak and RagSan live in the same house now, cause then Ragini can only take revenge, but she was confused about Neha, if she should believe her or not! RagSan promised eachother not to consumate their marriage, untill Laksh doesn’t pay for his deeds!

Neha’s pov + flashback
“Why did you leave me Raj, I love you!” “Laksh, you are gonna pay for killing the guy I loved, love and always will love!”

To the flashback
“I realised about my feelings for Raj!” “Someone mixed drugs into my and Raj’s drink!” “In our drunken state we told eachother about our feelings and made love to eachother too!” “Few weeks later I got to know that I’m pregnant, when I came home, I saw how Laksh came towards me and dragged me to a room to rape me, but I kicked him, where it hurts the most and as punishement for what I did he killed my Raj!” I was crying, while I remembered the moments between Raj and me.
End of her flashback

Laksh came into the room and said: “now, no one can safe you from me!”
End of her pov

Ragini’s pov
“Sanky we should safe Neha from Laksh, I saw how he was hitting Neha with a belt and if he continues beating her like this then her baby will die!” After I said that, we went to NehLak’s room, Sanky pushed Laksh away from Neha, I took Neha to my room, Sanky punched Laksh very hardly and his nose started to bleed. “Are you allright Neha?” I could see all over her body there were marks like someone has been beating her since so many years! “Yes, I’m fine and thanks for saving me from this devil!”
End of Ragini’s pov

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