My evil heart Chapter 6: Where will I go!


Chapter 6: Where will I go!

Ragini’s pov + RagSan convo
“Sanky did you book our flighttickets?” I asked him. “Yes, I did!” “Sanskar can you please stay with me?” I asked him again, cause I was scared that Laksh will do something with me. “Yeah, sure Rags!” “Thanks!” “No sorries and thanks in friendship!” “You can sleep in my room Sanky!” “No, Ragini I can’t!” He said. “Why?” I asked him and he replied back: “cause I can’t control my feelings for you Ragini!” “You don’t have to Sanky!” “I couldn’t control my feelings either!” “What, do you mean?” “I’m confused!” He said cutely. “I love you Sanky as well as Laksh and I realised it only today, when you saved me!” After talking for an hour, they went to bed.
End of her pov and their convo

Neha’s pov
“I was walking alone in an lonely street, I was crying, cause of that idiot Laksh Maheswari, because of him my sis threw me out of the house!” “I was crying, cause I lost my di and it’s his fault!” “I hate you Laksh Maheswari, I hate you!” After a while a car stopped with a few guys, who looked at me lustfully, I felt dissgusted, but someone saved me, that I never ever have thought of!” “Neha are you allright?” He asked me. “Wow, Mr. Maheswari one brother ruined my life and the other one is asking me, if I’m ok!” I taunted him. “Come with me!” “No, I won’t!” “You have to!” “Why?” “These people are more dangerous than anyone!” “Before I could say anything he picked me up and went to his car. “His touch was different than Laksh’s touch, so I knew it was Raj and not Laksh!” I thought. Throughout the journey, there was silence between us. Somehow I felt safe with Raj, after a while we reached Maheswari mansion, he took me upstairs with him to an guestroom.
End of her pov

Raj’s pov
“Why does Neha think that I’m like my brother!” “Hate it when people compare us two.” “Why did you ruin their lives?” “Why?” “Cause I love to ruin lives!” A drink Laksh told me, then he walked past me to the the guestroom, he locked the door from inside, the only thing that I can hear was screams of pain and of agony, I could imagine what my brother is doing, he surelly abusing her physically and raping her again!” “I have to save her!” So I tried to open the door, I succeded in opening it, I punched Laksh, a tooth fell out and he was unconcious, so I took Neha to my room and she said: “thank you Raj for saving me, can you please stay here and protect me from your brother?” “Yes, I will sleep on the couch and can sleep on the bed.”
End of his pov

Laksh’s pov
“Ragini, you did wrong in throwing out your sis, but for me its easier to torture and rape everyday!” “I love to ruin lives of girls!” “That’s what I always do.” “Hahahahaha!” “Even if I would have married you Ragini, I would cheat on you everyday!” “My life is set forever, cause now I will marry your sis!”
End of his pov

Sanskar’s pov
“Where is Neha, I hope she is safe from Laksh!” “But I can’t call her!” “I can call Raj!” “Hey Raj is Neha with you?” “Yes, she is!” “Is she allright?” “No, she isn’t, cause Laksh tortured her and I saved her from him!” “What?” “Can you take care of her please, untill Ragini changes her mind!” “Yes, I will!” “Bye Raj!” “Bye Sanky!” “I hope that Raj can keep her safe, untill Ragini and I’m back!” “Sanky aretou coming?” “Yes, I’m coming Ragini!” After I came, we drove to the airport for our flight to New York.
End of his pov

RagSan convo at the airport
“Sanky, where are you lost?” “I was just thinking where to stay in New York!” “You can stay at my place and you can expand your business there too!” “But people will say bad things about us, if I live at your place!” “Just ignore whatever our society says!” “Ok, I’m happy that I can live in your place!” “Not my place our place!” She said. An annoncement was made: Gate 9 for the MX18460A India airways to New York is now open!” “So we stood up, went to our gate, cause we had business class tickets, we could board the plane before other passengers and that was fantastic!” Ragini thought
End of their convo

Ragini’s pov
“I’ll come back to Mumbai, after I will change myself completly!” “I need to get away from this place and people, who hurt me the most!” “Then my revenge will start and I will ruin everything for them!” “Soon they will see the new me!” “And this time I won’t get hurt, cause in front of them my heart will be evil!” “The game my evil heart starts now and my first victim will be…..”
End of her pov

Will NehLak or RaHa get married?

Will Ragini realise, who she loves?

Will Raj be able to protect Neha?

Who will be the first victim of Ragini’s revenge?

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