My evil heart Chapter 4: Let the games begin!


Chapter 4: Let the games begin!

Neha’s pov
“I think, I should ask Sanskar for help, cause he knows a lot about Laksh and his brother Raj!” I went to sleep. The next day I woke up early and called Sanskar. Phone convo started: “hello, who is calling this early!” An sleepy Sanskar asked and I replied back: “it’s me Neha, I wanted to ask you something about the Maheswaris!” “What?” “Do you know Laksh’s brother Raj!” “What about him?” “Is he a player like Laksh?” “No, not at all, he is a good guy, he tried to stop Laksh in raping some girl, but Laksh tried to kill his brother, cause they hate eachother!” “I think that Raj raped me!” “No, Raj would never ever touch a girl, I think Laksh raped you and is trying to put the blame on Raj, like allways!” “Thanks a lot for your help Sanky!” “Welcome!” “Bye!” “Bye!”
End of the phone convo and her pov

Sanky’s pov
“I have to help Neha and Raj, cause both of them are innoncent, I hope she believed me about Raj!” “I knew Laksh will rape her, now he will be after Ragini!” “I have to save Ragini from that bastard!” “But what?” “No one can safe Ragini from me not even you Sanskar.” Laksh’s words were ringing in my head, like he said a few mins ago. “Oh, hello I’m talking to you!” “What are you doing in my house!” “I’m here to warn you, if you do help my bro, then something bad will happen to your Ragini, more worse than what happend her sister Neha!” Then Laksh went again.
End of his pov

Flashback of Raj and his pov
“I could her the screams of the girl, my brother raped, till she was unconscious and he left her after his desires and his lusting thirst over her finished.” “I took care of her, the innoncent girl, who got damaged by my brother Laksh!” “Laksh!” “I’m not Laksh, I’m RM!” “I gave her some clothes to wear then I went!” “When I saw her, I felt like a connection to her, I hope she can fight against my brother!” “I will help her in it, we have to stop him, the only person, who can stop him is…..”
End of the Flashback and his pov

Laksh pov
“I hope she does come here, if she doesn’t then her sister has to suffer.” “Hahhahahahhahhahahha.” Wicked laugh. “They all are trapped in my game!” “Hahhahahaha!” “This game is more dangerous than the previous ones!” “In the end their lives will be ruined except for mine!” “At first I will start it, with taking Neha away from my brother.” “Then I will take Ragini from Sanskar.” “Everyone will blame eachother, but no one will blame me.”

Flashback of Laksh
“Yesterday night I went to meet Neha!” “And I told her, that I am Raj, but this idiot didn’t notice the difference between the greek god and the black sheep!”

“Yes, some of you thought that Raj went to meet Neha, but I have to kill your thoughts now it’s was me, Laksh Maheswari, the greatest f**kboy of whole Mumbai!”
End of his flashback and pov

Ragini’s pov
Someone messaged me: “hey Ragini, I wanted to ask you if would like to go on a date tomorrow night, cause I have to tell you something very important and don’t tell anyone about it!” “With love your and only yours Laksh!” I reread the message a few times, until I realized that Laksh asked me out for a date!” Then I replied back: “Yeah sure and what time?” He messaged back: at 7 pm!” “Ok!” “And please do wear something western, I would love to see how you look in it!” “I’m going on a date!” I said while I was dancing.
End of her pov

NehLak(RaHa) convo at Maheswari mansion
“Who are you Laksh or Raj?” “Whoever, you want me to be babe.” “I hate whoever you are!” “Oh, feisty are we?” “I like girls, who are feisty and I love to f**k them as well!” “f**k yourself you bastard!” “I know how to break you or should I repeat, whatever I did yesterday with you, but this time we will to do it with a third person and that’s more fun to do it with two women then with two men, cause then I can f**k one as hard as I want and kiss the other one all over her body!” “Eww, no I won’t do that!” “Then do it with me right now!” He said. “No, I won’t do it with you!” “Then tomorrow night, I will f**k your sis harder than what I did with you and I will kill her while I’m doing it with her, so the choice is yours!” “I will do it with you, but I have an condition!” Muted condition session and then he did what he did yesterday to her, but this time he wanted her to moan with pleasure, so she did it, but not with pleasure, it was more with hatredness.

End of their scene

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