My evil heart chapter 3 Something is fishy with Laksh!

Chapter 3: Something is Fishy with Laksh!

Meanwhile the rape scene, Ragsan convo
“Sanky do you know, where Neha is?” A concerned Ragini asked him. “No, Ragini I don’t, but we could search for her!” Sanskar said. “I hope Laksh didn’t do anything to her!” Sanskar thought to himself, after a while Laksh(RM) came and said, that he knows, where Neha is: Ragini, Neha was looking for a bathroom, I showed her, where it is, she will come soon.” “I knew it, he did something to Neha!” Sanky thought and Laksh(RM) was smiling very creapilly. Few mins later Neha came and Ragini asked her: “why did you change your clothes Neha?” “Cause the dress was to heavy for me!” Neha answered back, while she looked angrilly at Laksh(RM), who smiled at her.
End of the convo

Sanky’s pov
“Laksh did something to Neha, I can see, how he is looking at her like he has fallen in love with her and I can see that Neha hates him a lot!” “I hope Ragini didn’t see, how they are glaring/staring at eachother and what is this on Neha’s neck, oh no it’s an hickey!” “Neha I need to talk to you!” I said and took her away with me, I could see how Laksh was shooting daggers at me, but I don’t care. “What happend to you Neha, you seem upset?” “No, it’s nothing!” She said and then she went with Ragini.
End of Sanky’s pov

Ragini’s pov
“Di, I’m not feeling well can we please go home?” “Yes sure Neha!” We said bye to Laksh and Sanky, then we went home and Neha straightaway went to sleep. I went to sleep as well, I was so happy, cause I was getting Married to Laksh in 2 years. Suddenly I was dreaming about something that felt like it really happend.

Ragini’s dream
“No, don’t kill her, I did whatever you told me to do, I even married you to protect my sister from you!” “Someone I knew shouted,but who is it?” “Do you think, I care about you, your just my toy and I used you already, I have seen your whole body, your hot private part, it gave me some pleasure for a while, I ghought I loved you, but it was infatuation, but now it’s no use for me anymore, cause I have used you physically and your sis mentally, she hated you, but now she knows my truth!”
End of her weird dream and pov

Neha’s pov
“I was thinking about what happend today, that bastard Laksh raped me or should I say RM, I have lost everything and I can’t lose my sis, cause of him!” “Is someone lost in my thoughts?” Somebody asked me.” “What are you doing here Laksh?” I angrilly asked him and he answered back: “oh, baby I’m not Laksh, I’m RM akka Raj Maheswari!” “Your so called Jeeju isn’t here, the rapist of our family, I just act like him, the first girl I have ever touched is you, cause you are the one, who touched my heart!” “I don’t believe you!” “And where is Laksh?” “You will neverget to know, where he is!” “And come to my place, tomorrow.” Then he went.
End of her pov

RM’s pov
“They will never get to know, where my brother Laksh is or should I say my twin bro!” “Hahahahahhaha!” I happilly went home to celebrate my victory, cause of Laksh my fair twin bro, I never got the love which I deserved, cause I’m darker than him.” “I use whitening cream, that I look like him, but I’m not him, I’m the one is broken from inside, hardened from outside and he is thw one is dark from inside and a casanova from outside, I never used anyone, but I fell in love with Neha, who hates me, for me her hate is love and I will do anything to show them the true colour of my bro.” “Even if it costs my life!” “I hate you Laksh, cause of you my whole life is ruined, while you are enjoying your life with chicks everyday a new one, you are ruining Ragini’s life, she is so sweet, she loves you, but Sanskar is better for her!” “Sorry to say that bro, but you are an loser, an absolut loser!”
End of his pov

Laksh’s pov
“The girl you love Raj, will never ever love you, I will ruin your life, you had an chance to have her, but my game hasn’t started yet, you will loose Neha forever!” “Hahhahahahahahahahahajha.” Evil laugh. “Yes, guys I’m the stalker of Neha, you thought my bro is the villain!” “But the real villain is me, hahahahahahhahahahahahhahah!” “But at first, I have to be the good guy infront of Neha, that she thinks, that Raj is the real villain, but he never raped her and it was….”
End of his pov

So you guys know now, who the real villain is!


  1. |Registered Member

    OMG, such a shocking twist… If RM hasn’t raped her then was it Lakshya?

    It’s getting interesting… upload soon Cute Jalebi ❤️

    Loved today’s chapter 😘

    ~ From Pyaari Villain 😈😜😂

  2. Moni_ragz


    |Registered Member

    Wt a confusion twist.. so the real villian is laksh nd he only raped her no… nd RM is innocent.. okie.. hope neha comes to no the real truth..

  3. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    oh my god!!!! this is so shocking. Raj is a nice guy who wanted to protect ragu and neha. laksh is so disgusting. hope raj and sansku handle evrything. awesome update.

  4. Malika


    |Registered Member

    Omg didiid update soon…… As it’s very interesting Hey halimaaaaaa you commented firstttt. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ….Dii update sooonnnnnn

  5. Liya


    |Registered Member

    OMG crazy you are making me crazy lol 😂! Twist pe twist …never ever expected such a u turn in story! Really fab dear😍…so laksh is the cheapoo and RM is innocent…y RM is saying he won’t tell anyone were laksh is..has he kidnapped laksh or something else and laksh escaped ….I am boiling my update next part asap!

  6. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome didi….poor neha feeling bad for her…omg laksh u r soo bad and cruel…rm s innocent….He also like Sanky to save ragini and neha from laksh….waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi….

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