My evil heart Chapter 13 and 14

Chapter 13 + 14

Author’s note
Before reading the chapter I have to tell you guys something important.”I know it’s a long time ago I wrote this story, because of personal reasons that changed my life completly, I had to stop, but I will start writing it again. As a Recap I will be posting chapter 13 plus Chapter 14 as the last chapter!” “And I want a new start with all my stories, without love making scenes!” “I hope you all can understand me and my decision.”
End of Author’s note

Chapter 13: I’m not sure!

Ragini’s pov
I was going to take a shower, when I suddenly felt weak and sick. I went to the bathroom to throw up. I threw up for a few mins, but I hope that I’m not pregnant, cause I’m not ready for it. “Ragini, are you allright?” “Yes, I’m fine Sansku!” “I don’t believe you!” “I’m not feeling well Sanky!” “Can I come in?” He asked me and I replied back: “yes, you can!” He slowly came in, he made me stand up, then he carried me, he layed me down and said: “today, you will rest and do nothing!” “Yes, boss!” Then Sansku said: “I will be staying at home today, will start work tomorrow!” “No, you should go to work, I will stay SwaHa!” “No, I will stay with my beautiful wife!” “Do as you wish Sanky!” “Don’t get angry my darling!” Sanky said to me and I pretended like I didn’t hear anything. “Sorry Ragini!” “No!” “Don’t ignore me, my jaan, I can’t live without you!” Sanky said cutely. I still ignored him, then I went down to the kitchen to have something to eat, but someone disturbed me from eating chocolate and it was Sanskar.
End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov
“You disturbed me Sanky!” “When did I disturb you?” “Right now, from eating my favourite orange choc.” “Solly!” I said. “Don’t solly me, just leave me alone!” “What’s wrong with you Ragini?” “I don’t know!” “Are you pregnant?” “I’m not sure!” “How can you not be sure?” “Cause since today morning I felt sick and I’m not ready to be pregnant.”
End of his pov

RagSan’s scene
“We have the house for us all alone, we could have some fun in here!” A naughty Sanky said. “What is going on in your mind?” “Baby, when you are near me toh mera dil badtameez ho jata hai(then my heart becomes mannerless).”  “Oho, are you trying to be romantic?” “No, I always am!”
End of their scene

Future prediction of the author
“Five children are going to  run around,cause they are going to play hide and seek. These children are going to be: “Nidhi from the reason of my heartbeat(RagSan’s daughter), Namish + his non identical twin bro Rakesh both are from the reason of my heartbeat(RaHa’s sons), Varun and his sister Sam from the reason of my heartbeat(SwaLak’s kids).” “You can read the reason of my heartbeat coming soon in Wattpad.
End of the the author’s future prediction

Chapter 14: Last chapter Shaurya’s end?

As per plan Ragini called Shaurya, she even told him to meet her at the abandoned mansion, because she needs to tell him something important, so Shaurya agreed to it. “Meet me there at 7 pm sharp!” “Yes Mam!”

Few hours later

Ragini’s pov
“I need to get ready, let go of me Sanky!” “No, I won’t!” “Why?” “Because today is the last day!” “What do you mean the last day?” “I’m going away, far away from here!” “Shut up Sanskar Goenka, you are not leaving me, because…” “Because of what Ragini?” “Because I’m pregnant with your child!” “What, but how can this be possible, a few days back you told me, that you aren’t ready to have children!” “But now I am!” “I love you Ragini and my princess or prince!” “I love you, I always loved you and will always love you my Jaan my Sanskar!” Then I went to get dressed, soon I had to go, I kissed Sanskar for the last time, because I knew that Shaurya will either kill me or kidnap me.
End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov
I had a funny feeling after Ragini left, so I waited for a few minutes and went after her. Soon she reached her destination, I stopped my car a few minutes away from the abandoned mansion. I could hear someone screaming out of pain, so I ran as fast as possible and I could see an hurt Ragini. “Ragini, what did the beast do to you?” “Sanskar run from here or he will kill you!” “Hahaha, it’s to late now Sanskar, you will die as well as your stupid wife!” Shaurya said. “I killed your parents Sanskar, Ragini, I killed your parents as well as I killed my parents.” “I even raped your sister Neha!” “I might as well kill Laksh, Raj, Neha and Swara as well, because I hate you all, you guys ruined my life.” He said while he stabbed me in the stomach, then he went to Ragini, he was about to stab her, when I shouted: “Don’t you dare Shaurya, kill me but leave my wife alone!” “It will be fun killing you both!” “Hahhaahahah!” Then he stabbed the chest of my Ragini, near her heart, then he came towards me and stabbed me there as well. I took Ragini’s hand in my hand and then we both closed our eyes forever!
End of Sanskar’s pov

Shaurya’s pov
Someone came towards me, shot for about three times, I turned around and saw Neha, before I fell on the floor closing my eyes!
End of his pov

I know this chapter might be boring, but I had to end it for a new beginning of my story!


  1. Asra


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    awesome didi…ohh noo our ragsan died….noo didi…y u do that….anyways waiting for u…tkcr didi…

    • AMkideewani



      Thanks a lot sweetiepie. I did it, because I want to revamp all my stories and then publish it again. All the stories will be different from the original one. Love you and take care

  2. Astha


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    Hi Sam…. Sry for such a late cmnt… I’m irregular to TU… Instead irregular I can say I’m not coming.
    Its good but ragsan died… Oh no… B4 giving birth died??? How is this possible??? Ha ha detective started her enquiry…. Ha ha…
    Ragsan scenes were good m sweet…
    Waiting for ur come back with revamped stories 😊

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