My evil heart Chapter 12: Cute moments!

Chapter 12: cute moments!

I’m back with another chapter, specially for you guys, who love it a lot!

Swalak’s moment
“Swara leave me, you are such an wildcat!” “What me and a wildcat, I won’t leave you Laksh!” “No, don’t hurt me miss. Wildcat!” “Are you insane Mr. Scared like hell, why would I hurt you?” “Cause you look like you gonna eat me alive!” “Hahhahahaha, Laksh that’s just a face mask idiot!” “What, I thought you were a monster!” After he said that, he got a punch in his stomach. “Ouch, for what was that?” “Cause you called me a monster!” “I’m sorry Swara jaanu, please forgive me?” “You will be forgiven, if you do whatever I tell you or else you can shove your sorry somewhere else!” “Yes, mam!” “What do I have to do?” “You’ll get to know after we had our breakfast. So they went down to have breakfast, but they had to wait for the others!
End of their moment

RagSan scene
“Sanskar, wake up I’m hungry!” “Let me sleep my dear wifey, cause of you I couldn’t sleep at all!” “So now, it’s my fault!” “It’s your fault, cause you always want to romance me, whenever I’m not in the mood for that, but I don’t know what magic you’ve done to me, that my mood changes!” “I hate you!” “But I love you na!” “Sanky, you are a monkey!” “What did you say?” He asked her, while he was tickling her, she was laughing a lot and then she shouted: “please stop Sanky, I can’t breath!” Then he stopped, she took the advantage of it and kissed Sanskar with lots of pasion, without stopping they kissed eachother for more than an minute, until they had lack of breath, so they had to stop. “Wow, that was incrediable!” Sanskar said, while he came nearer to Ragini, kissed her neck, she moaned and after a while he stopped and said naughtilly: “we should get going, cause now I’m hungry and I will have my dessert tonight!” “Oho and what’s your dessert?” She asked him and he answered back: “you my darling wife!” Then they went down and saw SwaLak looking angrilly at them and said: “sorry that we are late!” “It’s ok, but where is RaHa?” “Don’t know!”
End of their scene

RaHa’s moment
“Neha wake up, we are getting late for breakfast and I’m hungry!” Raj said, while he tried to wake Neha up, but she said: “you can go and eat, but let me sleep yaar I need my sleep!” “Neha, it’s not good if you stay hungry!” “Let me sleep for a few mins!” “No, you have to wake up now or else I will lift you up, go downstairs like that and I won’t let go of you!” “You are unbelievable Raj!” “No, I’m not the mother of my princess or prince!” “Ok, I’m coming!” “That’s like a good girl!” Then they went down!
End of their moment

Breakfast scene and Laksh’s punishement
“Laksh, you look like you are scared!” Sanskar said and the Laksh said: “I’m scared about my punishement which Swara will give me!” “Oho, what did you do bro?” Raj asked him and Laksh replied back: “I called her a monster and miss. Wildcat!” “You are so stupid Laksh!” Ragini and Neha said together and Swara smiled evilly at Laksh, Laksh gulped his food down like a child. “HahHahhaha!” The rest laughed at him and the Swara said: “Laksh you have to clean the whole house and cook dinner for tonight!” “What?” “Yes, do you have any problems?” “No, I don’t, but I don’t know how to cook!” “Take this book, there you’ll find the recipe for today!”
End of the scene

RagSan’s scene
“Ragini, Laksh to gaya(Laksh is dead now).” “Yes, Sanky!” “I want them to get married soon!” “They are perfect for eachother!” “Just like us!” “Yes!” “I love you Ragini!” “I love you Sanskar!”
End of their small scene

Laksh’s cooking scene
“Now I have to make chicken curry!” “But how?” “She gave me an book, where the recipe is written, so he took the book and in there it was written: “Happy April’s fool day My sweet Laksh!” That means that she fooled me!” Hahahhahahaahaahha!” “I fooled you Laksh!” “I won’t leave you Swara!” They started to run around the whole house, they made a mess of the sitting room and Ragsan shouted: “stop!” Swalak stopped and started to blame eachother, until Ragsan shouted: “stop acting like children and please clean the house!” “But it’s Laksh fault!” “No, it’s the fault of that chudhail Swara!” “Guys get a room and arguee there like married couples do, but not infront of us or get married!” “RagSan, you have to wait for our marriage!” SwaLak said together. “But get married soon!” “Ok, we will after we finish of that Shaurya!”
End of the scene

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