My evil heart Chapter 10: The real villain

Chapter 10: The real villain😈

The villain’s pov
“Laksh will never find his Swara!” “Yes, I Shaurya Mehaswari akka the triplet of Laksh and Raj Maheswari, I raped my Neha bhabhi and I tried to rape Ragini Goenka as well!” “I hate my brothers very much, I will take away all their happiness, they’ll hate themselfs more than anything and it’ll kill them from inside!” “Hahahahhahah!” “Yes, I stalked Neha the whole time, she thought that Laksh or Raj raped her, but she didn’t know, that they have another brother!” “But I don’t care about them!” “I’ll make their life an living hell!” “Hahahhahahah!” Allways the evil laugh!
End of his pov

Swara’s pov
“I hope Laksh finds me soon, cause I’ve to tell him that his brother is behind my kidnapping!” “I’ve to run away from here to go to MM and meet my love Laksh!” “I can’t believe it that my father sold me to that beast Suraj!” “Swara baby, soon you’ll be my wife and then your Laksh can’t save you anymore!” “Hahhahahaha!” “I’ve my full faith on Laksh, he will save me from you and you are a piece of shit Mr. Shaurya Maheswari!” “You shouldn’t have said that, he dangerously came near me, he slapped me a few times, he took out his belt, started to hit me with it, and then the horror of the two whole years happend again, he raped me, I felt his touch all over my body, I wanted to push him away, but I couldn’t, cause I didn’t have the strength anymore, he kissed me everywhere, I could feel, how he went inside me, it was full of lust, hatred, and roughness, cause he went into me very hardly and my whole body was hurting!” After a few mins he put his dig into my mouth, cause he wanted me to drink his sperm, I took all my strenght, pushed him away and ran for my life!
End of her pov

Laksh’s pov
“I was going upstairs, when suddenly the doorbell rang!” I went to the door, I opened if and was shocked, cause I found my Swara standing infront of me and the door, then she said: “Laksh!” She fainted in my arms, I took her to my room and called a doctor. After few mins the doctor came and she said: “Swara was brutally raped, not only once, but at least 16 times allready!” “What?” “Yes, Mr. Laksh Maheswari, take care of she needs it!” “RagSan and RaHa can you please come to my room?” “Yes, we are coming!”
End of his pov

RagSan, RaHa and Laksh’s convo
“Guys, we have to take extra care of Swara, cause she got raped more than 15 times!” Laksh informed them all. “Oh god, that’s to much for someone, but thank god she didn’t die!” Raj said. “We will take care of her!” Neha said and Laksh replied back: “No, Neha you won’t, cause you have to take care of yourself and your baby and Raj take care of your wife, I’ll look after Swara!” “We’ll help you look after Swara and Neha!” RagSan said together. “Thanks!” Laksh happilly said. “Laksh!” Swara shouted and he went into the room!”
End of their convo

SwaLak’s convo
“Swara!” “Laksh, your brother Shaurya raped me!” “What, Shaurya is still alive?” An shocked Raj said, while he came into the room and Swara asked him: “who are you?” “I’m Raj Maheswari!” “Nice to meet you Raj!” “Knock, knock!” “Who is it?” Laksh asked and the person replied back: “it’s me Neha,can I come in!” “Raj can you open the door and tell your wife not to do any work, it’s not good for her and the baby!” “Yes, I will Lucky!” Then Raj opened the door, Neha came in with food for SwaLak. “Wow, Raj your wife is beautiful!” “Thanks Swara, but you are more than beautiful! A blushing Neha said. “Raj are you coming, cause dinner is ready and let the lovebirds eat together without disturbance!” After Neha said that, SwaLak were blushing like hell and Raj naughtilly replied back: “yes, Neha you are right, just look at them, they are waiting for us to go!” “Idiot!” Laksh said and threw a pillow at Raj. Then RaHa went. “Laksh do you love me?” An unsure Swara asked him. “Yes, Swara I love you!” “Laksh, I’m scared!” “Why?” “Your brother Shaurya didn’t only rape me, he raped Neha a few times as well and he tried to rape Ragini as well!” RagSan overheard SwaLak’s convo and they were shocked!
End of their convo

RagSan’s convo
“Shaurya Maheswari is out real target!” Ragini said. “So it means Sharya was allways with us, but where was Laksh at that time!” Sankar said and Ragini replied back: “we have to find the truth, but how?” “We will help you guysin finding our SwaLak and RaHa said.
End of their short convo


  1. Pari123


    |Registered Member

    Wow it’s wonderful choti really love it swara’s believe on laksh and their love really it made my day waiting for next part

      • Pari123


        |Registered Member

        Love you too choti i forget to wish you a very happy new year to you and your family dear have a wonderful life ahead and one more thing keep writing because you were really good in expressing emotions

  2. Astra


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    omg..! thanx for reveling the real villain. i’m happy it’s not Laksh. but at last it’s ragsan…
    come up with a raglak ff too next after this. this epi is quite interesting…

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome didi…finally villan revealed…..and laksh got his love swara….waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi….

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