My evil heart chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ragini’s pov 2 years ago
“My sis is coming back to Mumbai from London, she was studying their for her weddingplanner degree and I’m getting engaged to Laksh Maheswari, my crush since collage.” “I’m so happy, my life will change after I get married and I want my sister to plan my wedding, cause she is an expert in it.” “I don’t know, how to share my happiness with Neha!”
End of her pov

Laksh’s pov 2 years ago
“I don’t want to get married to this bhenji(A girl wearing traditional clothes) Ragini, but if I get married to her, I will still have affairs with any girl, I want and she won’t even realise that her husband is cheating on her.” “Hahahahah, girls are toys for me.” “I heard that her sister Neha is coming to Mumbai, I hope she is hotter than Ragini.”
End of his pov

Neha’s pov
“I’m coming didi(sister) and I will never ever leave you again.” “I’m so happy, that you are getting married to your dream man, I hope you both wil stay happy together for a lifetime.” “Di, I love you very much and I will marry the guy you choose for me, cause I trust your choice.” “Mom and dad, why did you leave us and made us to orphans?” A crying Neha thought to herself.
End of Neha’s pov

Sanskar’s pov
“Why do you always take the woman, I love away from me Laksh.” “I really love Ragini and she wants me to get married to her sis Neha, cause she thinks Neha will be perfect for and I’m only doing it for your happiness Ragini!” “I don’t know, if I ever can love Neha.” “Laksh, I know you are playing with Ragini’s feelings, but I will never let you hurt her and if you do then I will kill you for ruining my Ragini’s life.”
End of Sanky’s pov

The next day RagSanLak went to pick up Neha at airport, Ragini was very excited, Sanskar and Laksh were shooting daggers at eachother and whenever Ragini would look at them, they behave like bff’s.

Laksh’s pov
“Are you guys looking for someone.” A very s*xy voice said, then my annoying fiancée shouted: “Neha!” “Yes didi it’s me!” The s*xy voice, which belongs to Neha said, at that moment I turned and was lost in her beauty. “So let me interdouce myself.” I said. “My name is Laksh Maheswari.” I said again, while I wanted to shake her hand,but she hugged me instead with her s*xy body and she said: “so you are the lucky guy, who is getting married to my di.” “And this must ve Sanskar.” Neha said and hugged Sanskar too, which made me jealous.
End of his pov

Neha’s pov
“I don’t like this Laksh, something is fishy with him, the way he was staring at me is making me unconfortable, his touch was very harsh on me and he was looking at me lustfully, so I have to be vry carefull with him.” “On the other hand Sanskar is very nice and I have a feeling he loves di, I jope di gets married to Sanskar instead of Laksh.”
End of her pov

Ragini’s pov
“I didn’t like the way Laksh was staring at Neha.” “I think I will ask Neha about Sanky, I hope SanHa get together, so that we both sisters get married on the same day!”
End of Ragini’s pov

Sanky’s pov
“I like Neha, but not the way like I love Rags.” “It seems like Laksh, that pig is lusting on Neha and I will try to protect both sisters from him, cause girls are like garbage for him.” “I don’t want to know how many girls he raped already.” I looked at Neha and saw, how Lucky grabbed her ass, while he was walking passed her and her face faded away.
End of Sanky’s pov


  1. Astra


    |Registered Member

    Omg..! Laksh is villan here..! It is soo interesting. Hope, neha and rag will be fine. And sanky is soo nice… update soon

  2. mark lotha

    in ery fiction story sanskaar is potrait as gud man bt laksh is alwys potrait as selfish flirty ego centric arrognt who never cares or concern others feelings espically ragini..dear atleast sumtym laksh also potrait as gud man lik sanskaar..plz tis tym mak laksh a weak man n ragini intense lover…

  3. mark lotha

    here also laksh my hero is goin to potrait as a bad man n sanskaar a nice n careing man….plz dear atleast symtym mak laksh a weak man n intense raginis lover…

    • Jazzy


      |Registered Member

      sry dear but she has already a story in mind why she will change it keep faith on the writer she will do something okk she must have planned something
      and i think u should write such a ff in which laksh is a intense lover i would love to read it dear 😘😘

  4. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Nice one crazy lol😘seems very interesting! Poor ragini she will be heart broken when she knows about laksh! I think its Ragsan😍…

  5. Moni


    |Registered Member

    Pls make it raglak..nowadays there are so less raglak ffs..😭😭..even i am a writer but can’t write due to my studies.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.