Everytime True Lovers Die (os)

You will have read many love stories. Some famous and some ordinary but today I am going to tell you a true love story. I m not mentioning their real names but it is a true story. This story is very near to my heart I hope that it will touch your heart too.

She was a teacher in a computer college. Her name was Mania. She often used to tell her students how to use Internet and how to make online friends. One day when she was telling her students about online friendship she found an online friend. In beginning she was taking this friendship a casual friendship but soon they became thick friends. They daily talk to each other. She shared her problems with him. His name was Ahmad.

One day she left the job for some personal reasons and their contact was ended. Both were very sad. She tried her level best to contact him but in vain.

God took pity on her and after a year her tries proved fruitful. She talked to Ahmad online. She was very happy and he was too.
Soon their friendship grew thicker and thicker. Now they had become the habit of each other.

Their friendship grew bigger and they became phone friends. They talked each other day and night. They even did not know that they had fallen in love with each other. They realized it when shocking news came to Mania’s ears. Ahmad was getting married to his cousin. Mania was greatly shocked. She cried and cried but her cries had no affect on his fate.

Ahmad’s parents did not want to make Mania their daughter-in-law. Ahmad’s mother always saw her niece as her daughter-in-law. Ahmad tried his best to agree his parents but they remained on their wish. Now both of them were helpless.

She thought an idea and told Ahmad. She wanted to take his opinion. She told him that they would get married in court without telling their families. But Ahmad was not agreed. She requested him and told him that she could not live without him. At last Ahmad was agreed. Now they were a little bit satisfied. But Ahmad’s parents wanted to marry him soon.

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Mania did not want to get married without her father’s permission. She talked to her father but her father did not allow her. This condition was very painful for her. She did not find any way. Suddenly she thought an idea. She wrote a letter to her father. But she did not tell Ahmad about all this. She wrote.

Dear Father,
I want to say something to you. I have told you before that I like a boy and I can’t live without him. But you did not allow me to marry him. I never told this to anybody before. I told you because I had as enough trust on you as nobody had. But you did not understand me. I can’t express my feelings in words so I am writing a letter to you. Perhaps this letter may show you my feelings.

I am telling you that I have taken a doze of poison. If you want my happiness and life then you will save my life and if not then you will leave me dieing. I have told you many times that I can’t live without him but I can not disgrace you too. If you don’t want that I marry to him. I shall not go against you but my life is useless now.
Now it is up to you that what you want.
Your daughter,

She gave this letter to her father and asked him to read after her sleep. But unfortunately her father forgot to read the letter. When in early morning Mania’s father’s eyes fell down to the letter he immediately read the letter. He was shocked to read this letter. He dropped the letter and ran to wake Mania up. But it was too late. Mania was no more. She had slept the eternal sleep. Her father was now remembering her dieing eyes.
He was repenting on his sin.

Ahmad was married to his mother’s choice. But he was not happy. When he heard the news of his beloved’s death he had a sudden heart attack and he was also gone away.

Their parents’ wish killed them both.

How far will you go to be with the one u love?

How was it guys hope u like it and please comment.

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  1. o…….its so painful……..but…….u wtote it very well!!!!

    1. thank u so much m. btw what’s ur name m

  2. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Really heart touching. Sometimes Love Stories not let the lovers meet, and they die but not their Love!!

    1. tysm for reading


    1. my heart too. it is more than amazing i think

  4. Hey,,,this true incident has touched ma heart….they say “love makes everyone blind” but never knew it would b to this extent…..tanks for sharing this …..

    1. same here varsha and no need of thanks

  5. Nice.But really sad story..

    1. thanks 4 commenting hima

  6. It is called true love..I feel sorry fr them.My heart is crying fr them.It’s really heart touching.I like it frm d core & i like this types of love stories..Why some parents r like this adament?

    1. glad tht u like it. s i also feel it is called true love. And abt parents they only want their child happiness bt they should not ignore the madness of their children. Right?

  7. wow….that was a deep one … thnx a lot for sharing it

    1. tysm glad tht u like it

    2. thanks 4 liking it

  8. This story is really heart touching. But Mania’s step was a drastic one. She should have been more practical. But its true lovers can go to Any extent in love. Well written one dear. Keep writing…♥

  9. Wow..heart touching…..

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