When everything takes a new turn (PROMO)

Hi ! This is Archisha and I am new to the site so ur support would be awesome.. Here I go..

Everything is same as in the serial except Anika has not lost her memory .

Om has been engaged to Swetlana and everyone is shattered. Moments later, Om gets a phone call –

Om – I have done as you said but don’t you think we should tell Shivaay , Anika , Rudra and Saumya about this ?

Person ( who is none other than Janhvi, she is still not well but can talk clearly ) – We will tell them at the right moment but be careful , Swetlana is very clever.

Om – Ok mom , take care. ( He ends the call )

Shivika are in their room upset for what om did,
Suddenly, the lamp in the room moved and was about to fall at Shivaay when Anika pushed him and came below the lamp.

She fell on the ground and the one of the handles of the lamp hits her on her head.
She then falls unconcious

Shivaay shouts ANIKAAA

The promo ends with a person on a phone call saying – What you said is done and Shivaay must have been dead till now and your sweet Anika will be yours soon..

This is my first ff.. Plz reply if you like it and even if you don’t.. Kindly give ur suggetions

Thank You

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  1. Ruksy

    Seems amazing post ASAP

  2. Pls post the episode it was a great promo I am really looking forward to read your FF .

    1. P.S specially the Shivika wala part xD

  3. Sairan

    Great..Post soon

  4. Shrutika

    It’s superb dear.

  5. Amazing….waiting 4 the nxt…

  6. Superb….

  7. Awesome

  8. Vincy


  9. Exciting promo dear…. Waiting for the next update….

  10. Archisha

    Thank you everyone for your support.. I will try to post the episode as soon as possible..

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