When everything takes a new turn (Episode-6)

Hii guys ! This is Archisha back with the 6th episode of my ff. I guess it is not so good as I am not getting much comments,so I think I will be finishing this soon.

Here I go.
The link of the previous episode is given below-
Episode 5

One more change in the story line. I am changing the precap with I gave in the previous episode.

Shivaay- Well, no more talks about this and go to sleep now.

Shivaay goes to his room and sleeps.

In the morning, Shivaay woke up and Anika wasn’t there. She then entered the room.

Shivaay- Kumkarann is changing.Haha

Anika- Shut up. I have a surprise for you all, come downstairs in 10minutes.

In the hall.. Everyone is in the hall except Tia and Swetlana.

Pinky- What happened ? Why you have called all of us in the hall and that also so early.

Janvi (she is fine now)- Yes Anika, what happened ?

Shivomru- What happened ?!

Anika- Wait and watch.

Anika switches off the lights and starts the projector on a white screen.

The video starts from Shivika’s wedding day. In which Tia is shown hugging Robin and their conversation is shown.

Pinky- What is this non senses ? I knows you are trying to fool us. But I am not goings to be fool likes others.

Shivaay- Wait mom.

2nd video starts when Swetlana, Tia and Romi were putting Anika in the fridge.

3rd video shows Swetlana and Tia mixing acid in the coffee.

4th video shows Tia mixing tiny pieces of glass in sugar.

Pinky- I don’t believe this.

Everyone together- But we do !

Shivaay- Mom I know this is difficult for you but don’t try to run from the truth.

Pinky- But Shivvaay this girls is frauds. Can you prove it now Anika ?

Anika switches on the laptop and shows them the live converstaion between Mrs. Kapoor and RoTiLana.

Romi- We have to do something of this Anika.

Tia- We cannot do anything to her otherwise he ( the man who appeard in the first episode, who oredered Tia to kill Shivaay. Remember ? ) will send that video to Shivaay.

Swetlana- But Tia, we have to do something of Anika.

Mrs. Kapoor- We will kidnap Anika tonight and send her to him.

RoTiLana- Right mom !

Anika closes the laptop.

Everyone is shocked. Even Pinky is believing Anika now.

Shivaay- I will not leave this Tia, how dare she !

Raumya – And this Romi !

Tej and Janvi – Swetlana will not be forgived now ?!

Gaukara- Should we call the police ?

Pinky- I will not leaves anyones of them. That Tia!!

Anika- We will not do anything to them now. We have to find out why they want revenge from you all and who was the person Tia was talking about.

Shivaay- But Anika. They planned to kidnap you tonight.

Anika- Don’t worry, I will pretend being asleep and then I will just go with them and find out the truth.

Shivaay- No way ?!
Omru- No bhabi..
Gauri- No di. I cannot lose you again !
Everyone else- Not this Anika.

Anika convinces them at last and they all finally agree.

2 hours later..

Tia comes back home and was going to her room..

Pinky sees her and thinks- (I just want to slap this cheap girl twice on the cheeks and that so very hard. She is a Kk.)

Mann to kar raha iss chepde ke kaan ke neeche lagau doo kheech ke. Kk kahinki..

Precap- Tia and Swetlana kidnap Anika. They take her out and everybody is still asleep. Anika is shocked to see the man who wanted her.

This for today and I am sorry for late update. Ignore the gramatical mistakes ??. Have a good day. And I will reveal the source of these videos later.


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    Amazing……loved it yr……and a big wala sry for not commenting on ur previous episodes…..as i was busy with my exams…..but i love ff a lotttt……….post soon

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