When everything takes a new turn (Episode-5)

Hii guys ! This is Archisha back with the 5th episode of my ff. Hope you all like it.

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Episode 4

Here I go.. WOOOO..

Shivaay- Anika.. Is this true ? Are you the MYSTERY QUEEN OF BUSINESS ?

Anika- Yes.

Shivomru gets shocked.

Shivaay- How is this possible ?

Rudra- Why you didn’t told us bhabi?

Om- Bhabi.. Is there any serious reason behind this ?

Anika- I know you all have many questions.
I also had a very happy family like you. Everything was good. Chutki, I , mom and dad were so happy together. Fb shows a happy family playing together.

A lady (anika and gauri’s mom) – Dolls. We both are going out and will come back soon. Take care.

Fb ends..

Anika continues.. But they never came back. A call came and it just destroyed our lives.. They said that our mom and dad had an accident. I never believed that and I knew something was wrong.I went to mom and dad’s room and checked everything. I found dad’s mobile there and read the last messages which came. And then my believe came to truth.

The message was ” Today is the end of your life, now I will be the Business Man of the Year and you will enjoy in heavens. Good Bye Vivek and your wife, Sneha.. ”

Unfortunately, my mom and dad didn’t read that before leaving or…. She starts crying.. Gauri and Shivaay console her.

Rudra- But how this happened ?

Gauri- My dad was an amazing business man. He had skills which no one had. But those who are unique have many rivals. And dad had them, too.. We both went to the police to show the evidence. But on the way we had an accident which was planned by them too. We both survived but lost the phone.

That day Anika dii and I pledged to revenge them. But due to the custody, the family took me but abandoned Anika dii. Then she was sent to an orphanage. Then Sahil’s parents adopted her and they also died. But she was with her so called Bua. She never losed hope and always became my support.. I and she were always in contact. We decided to avenge them. Anika dii opened up her company and never revealed her identity. So she became to known as THE MYSTERY QUEEN OF BUSINESS.

Om- But who was the one who did this with your dad ?

Anika- His own friends. They planned his death.

Anika and Gauri started crying badly. Om consoled Gauri and Shivaay consoled Anika.. Rudra kept looking at them.

After 2 hours.

In Shivika’s room..

Anika was sleeping as it was night. Shivaay was looking at her. Omru enter the room and see Shivaay staring at Anika and smiling.

Omru- Uhu uhu.. Shivaay we want to talk to you.

Shivaay don’t listena to them and kept staring at Anika.

Rudra goes to Shivaay and drags him out of the room.

Shivaay- What happend ? What are you doing ?

Rudra- Bhai, we want to talk to you. Come to Om’s room. They all forgot that Om’s room was taken by Gauri. Om first enters the room without knocking, Gauri was sleeping. Om looks her lovingly, he feels something in his heart and then goes out of the room.

Om- We have to go to the guest room.

They all go to guest room. Rudra sings ‘ Idhar chala mai udhar chala , Jaane jaha mai kidhar chala ‘. Shivom – Shut up Rudra.

Shivaay- And tell me why you have called me here ?

Rudra- Bhai. We have to talk to you about Anika dii.

Shivaay- Anika ? Say.

Om- Shivaay, today we saw that you love her.

Rudra- And you are not accepting it.

Shivaay- I know I realized it yesterday only. I don’t know what to do !

Omru- Tell her Shivaay.

Shivaay- No. She will never accept me, I did so wrong with her. I love Anika alot but she will never know that.

Precap- Shivaay gets closer to Anika. Kabeer enters the Oberoi Mansion. Jealous Shivaay.

I am done with this episode. I hope you all like it and plz comment your reviews.


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