When everything takes a new turn (Episode-4)

Hi friends this is Archisha back with the 4th episode of my ff. I am extremely sorry for late update. But you know na, exams are villians.

If you haven’t checked out the 3rd episode , the link is given below-
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Everyone except Anika is present in the hall.

Gauri- It is me, Gauri Sharma.

Tej- You were coming yesterday. How come you are late?

Gauri- It’s a long story.

Pinky- But what are you doing, with Rudra and Soumya.

Soumya- Yesterday……

Fb starts.

There was loud knock again on the door. This time soumya also woke up. Soumya goes to open the door.

Rudra screams- Somu don’t open the door if you want to be alive. Plzzz.

Soumya- Shut up Rudra.

She opens the door and finds a girl standing there who is none other than Gauri. Soumya and Gauri enter the house.
Gauri- I am Gauri Sharma. Can I stay in your house till tomorrow morning?

Rudra- This is not our house. We were lost in the jungle and came here.

Gauri- Oh! Me too. My car had a puncture. Than goons were behind me and I ended up coming here.

Raumya- We too.

Gauri- Can you guys drop me to the Oberoi Mansion tomorrow.

Rudra- Yea sure ! We live there only.

Gauri- Great !

Fb ends.

Shivaay- So.. Why did you wanted to come to Oberoi Mansion ?

Gauri- For a business deal and I have to stay here for 1 month as this is a rule. I have to inspect if you are doing good work.

Tej- Ok. But can you tell me about the MYSTERY QUEEN OF BUSINESS who is from you family !

Shivaay- Yes.

Gauri- I don’t feel it is important to tell you that ! Where is the guest room ?

Tej- Why guest room ? You can stay in Om’s room amd he will shift to guest room. Fine Om ?

Om- Ok.

Actually Om was amazed seeing Gauri’s attitude all the time. He just didn’t wanted to argue this time.

Gauri goes to Om’s room and loves all the painting and scluptures there. Om comes in the room and Gauri looks at him.
They both share an eyelock.

Om- Can I take my bags ?

Gauri- Yes sure ! This is your room.

Om- Ok.

2 hours later….

Om is in the guest room. Shivru and Anika comes there.

Om- What are you all doing here ?I don’t want to talk to anyone of you.

Anshivru together- Om. Badi maa told us everything.

Anika- Om. You are a CHUPARUSTOM. What an acting!

Rudra- *Rustom chup kab gaya ?*
When did Rustom hide ?

Anika- Never.. Why ?

Rudra- Bhabi. You only said na CHUPA”RUSTOM”.

Shivom- Shut up Rudra.

Gauri was on the window listening everything. She didn’t saw Anika that time. But when she saw she couldn’t control herself. She ran towards Anika amd hugged her.

Anika- Gauro, you here ! Gauro, I missed you alot..

Gauri- That is why na. You never told me you live here. And you (pointing towards Rudra), why are you calling her bhabi ?

Omru- Because she is his and my bhabi.

Gauri gets shocked.

Gauri- But how ?

They all tell her the story about Shivika’s marriage.

Gauri was now very angry and she slapped Shivaay.

Gauri- How dare you treat my sister like that ! I will not leave you. I will complain against you in police. She is the MYSTERY QUEEN OF BUSINESS. And she can destroy you whenever she wants Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Everyone was shocked exept Anika.

Shivaay- Is this true Anika. Are you the MYSTERY QUEEN OF BUSINESS ?

Anika- Yes.

Precap- Anika’s past is revealed. Shivaay tells his feeling about Anika to Omru.

Sorry for such a boring ff and that so too late and even not revealing Anika’s past in this ff as I wrote in my precap. Plz comment your reviews.


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