When everything takes a new turn (Episode-3)

Hi friends !! This is Archisha back with the 3rd episode of my ff.. Sorry for late update but due to my exams I am a bit busy..

And yes I had to tell you that in my ff , Anika hasn’t realized her love for SSO yet

If you haven’t read my previous episode. The link is given below


Here I go.. Woooo

It is morning and Anika wakes up.

She sees Shivaay sleeping next to her. She screams loudly. Shivaay gets scared and wakes up.

Shivaay- What happened..??!!!!

Anika- What am I doing here and what happend yesterday ?

Shivaay (smiling)-You don’t remember anything ? What you did yesterday.. Nothing ?

Anika (making her cute confused expression)- What ? What I did ! Please tell me na..

Shivaay (smiling very hard)- *Kya Kya kiya ? Ye pucho kya kya nahi kiya*
What you did ? Ask what you didn’t did ! ( Imagine this friends?)

Anika (gets very worried) – Billu ji.
You are now scaring me! Plz tell me.

Shivaay- Don’t worry Anika. You did it in front of me only, I am your husband.

Anika (Still worried)- I want to know what I did..

Shivaay- Let me show you.

He takes out his phone and shows Anika her dancing video.

Anika (now she makes a puppy face)- Plz delete this video Shivaay. I will do anything. Plzzz.

Shivaay- Anything ? ( He makes his naughty face )

Anika(looking at the other side)- I am very *shareef*. Don’t think of a 2rs thing.

Shivaay- Stop assuming things.

Anika throws a pillow on him. Shivaay also throws a pillow back on her. They both start a pillow fight and Anika falls on Shivaay and they share an eyelock.
*O jaana* plays

They were sharing an eyelock and just then Tia enters the room and gets shocked seeing them on one bed.

Tia- Shivaay baby. What is this ? Why you are both on one bed ? What is happening baby ?

Shivaay stands up and says – Tia.. Husband and wife sleep on 1 bed only. And you have no right to come into the room of a married couple without knocking !

Tia goes away from the room.

Anika was stunned seeing Shivaay like this.

Shivaay- What ?Why are you staring me like that ? You are my wife. Right ?

Anika starts blushing.

Shivaay- Someone is blushing.

She goes from the room.

Shivaay starts smiling seeing her like this.

Scene is shifted to hall. Rudra and Soumya enter the house.

Pinky sees them.

Pinky – Oh my maata. Where were you both the WHOLE night ?

Raumya together – We were lost… And car was.. And goons were behind us..

Pinky (smiles)- Don’t worries ! I will give you privaicies.. (Her english is known by us so.. )

Rudra and Soumya look at each other…

At shivika’s room..

Shivaay (thinking) – Why I always become super excited when I see her ? Why I talked to Tia like that today ? Why my heart beats too fast when she comes close to me ? There are so many questions but no answer.

Shivaay then thinks ‘ Is this love, am i falling for her ? ‘

YES..! I LOVE ANIKA ! *Phail gaya Rayta* What will I do now ?
She will never accept me as I did so wrong to her..

Just then Anika enters the room.
Shivaay hears bells ringing in his ears and runs away from the room.

In the hall..

Tej , Om , Swetlana , Tia , Prinku, Shivaay and Anika with Pinky were in the hall..

Rudra- We are not alone.. Someone else is also with us..

Soumya- Yes…

Everyone else- Who ????
A person enters and says- Me. Gauri Sharma.

Everyone gets shocked.

Precap-Anika’s past is revealed. Om tells his plan of engaging Swetlana to Shivru and Anika.

Sorry friends for late update. I know my this episode is based centrally on Shivika. I will try to get the three pairs along from next time.

Plz let me know if it is good or not.

Kindly comment


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