When everything takes a new turn (Episode-2)

Hey friends ! This is Archisha and I am here with the 2nd episode of my ff. Hope you all enjoy it and if you haven’t checked out my 1st episode yet. The link is given below-
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So here I go.. Whooo

Rumya were running from the goons and they entered the jungle. The goons were behind them so they kept running. Suddenly they saw an old cabin and entered there. When the goons saw this, they ran away from the place with fear.

Rudra- See sumo, they ran away because they thought that rudy will beat them. Hahaha. Everyone has my terror these days.

Soumya- Cry baby, they didn’t ran because of you. They ran away because of this. ( She signs towards a board )

Caution: This house is said to be haunted. Years ago 4 deaths took place here. So be aware , npt to stay here.

Rudra ( with a look of extreme fear on his face ) -Gh.. Gh.. Gh.. GHOST..!!!

Soumya- There is nothing like ghost cry baby.. Stop being scared like this.. If you will be too scared then I will tell everyone in college about this.

Rudra (still very scared)- It
cannot be possible as we are going to die. Plz god save me from here. I know that the witch (chudhail) will not be as scary as Somu but..

Soumya (very angrily)- What do you mean ! I am scary.. Now you see , the witch will eat you first..

Rudra makes a puppy face.

Shivika’s room-

Anika is in the effect of heavy painkillers.

Shivaay enters the room and is shocked not finding anika

He goes to the pool area and finds anika there

Suddenly the song “Naagin Naagin ” starts playing from behind and Anika starts dancing like crazy people.

Shivaay opens his mouth wide in shock.
Anika comes and hold his hands and starts dancing with him.

Shivaay tries to run away but Anika keeps dancing.

Anika- Billu ji.. Today I am very happy we both will dance.

Shivaay – Anika I think we should go to sleep. Ok ?

Anika- You are very boring Billu ji.. I doubt if you even know how to dance.

Shivaay- Oh really ! Now lets see who knows how much.

Shivaay changes the song to
” Abhi to party shuru hui hai ”

Shivaay does an awesome dance and anika keeps staring hin.

Anika – I won.
Shivaay – No I won.

Anika -Ok.. I agree you win because I don’t show ‘ Nakhre nohoor jahan ke ‘

Shivaay then says – If anyone else would be here na.. ‘ To Raita phail jaata ‘

Anika- What’s this language ?

Shivaay- Stop copying me..

Anika- Ok.. My stomach is aching.

Shivaay- Maybe because it is empty, you haven’t anything na.

Anika- Now I understood why you have frequent head aches.

Shivaay- Yeahh.. Wait ! What ? You think my head is empty.

Anika was about to say something then feels sleepy and then she falls asleep on the floor.

Shivaay – This KUMBKARAN , even kumbkaran would feel ashamed in front of her.

He then carries her to his bed.

* Oh Jaana * plays.

The scene is then again move back to the cabin where rudra and saumya both are sleeping on the floor. Saumya is sleeping very close to Rudy..

Suddenly there is a loud KNOCK on the door.
Loud enough to awake rudy while soumya was still asleep.

Rudy gets scared to hell.. He looks out of the window and finds no one there. Soumya also wake up.

Soumya- When we fell asleep ?

Rudra- How will I know !

Soumya- Ok. Give me your phone now!

Rudra- Vo.. Hmm.. Actually. I forgot my phone. ???

Soumya gets angry..

Precap- Shivaay teases Anika. Gauri enters the oberoi mansion.
Shivaay’s love realization.

Sorry friends, I know it is boring and not good but I hope you all like it. And plz comment what do you think about it.


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