When everything takes a new turn (Episode-11, Part-A ) Love Confession special

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Everyone is shocked.

Kabeer- Hello. Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I know you very well.. But where is your wife, Mrs. Tia Singh Oberoi ?

Shivaay just stares at Anika.

Anika- She is not well.

Shivaay gets sad.

Rudra- Lets go and have fun guys.

Gauri- Ok !

They all go and try different rides and have alot of fun. Shivaay was kinda jealous seeing Anika and Kabeer and excited for his confession too.
It was evening and they returned to their hotel whereas Kabeer and Kabira returned to their hotel. (I don’t want to drag the Kabeer track. Sorry)

Shivika’s room

Shivaay- Anika
Anika- Yes ?

Shivaay- Why did you said to Kabeer that you are my friend ?

Anika (giving a fake smile)- Shivaay, infront of the world Tia is still your wife. Remember ?

Before Shivaay could say anything, Raumya and Gaurikara enter the room.

Rudra- Let’s go for dinner guys.

Gauri- Since, it is the trip of you guys, so you will go for dinner with your partners to different resturants. Ok ?

Om (thinking)- Hang god ! She made our plan so easy. No problem ! But.. What ? Where will we go then ?

Saumya- But what about you and bade baal wale bhaiya. I think you both can go to the mall.

Gauri nods happily while Om thinks- Thank you so much Somuya. You are the best sister in the world. They all go while Shivaay says that he will be coming in 5 minutes. Shivaay records something alone in the room and smirks.

They all go to different hotels. (I will show the confessions one by one)

Gaurikara go in the mall. Om suggests her that they should go to that compartment. Gauri nods. They both go.

Gauri enters the room first but she felt someone closing her eyes with his hands. She knew the touch. It was Om.

Gauri- What are you doing Om ?

Om- Ssshhhh..
Om takes her inside and removes his hands. Gauri is shocked to see the decorations. The room was surrounded with yellow lights, balloons and it was pretty dark.

Om- Gauri, I don’t know when it happened and how it happened, but yes it happened. I just cannot live without you a single day, I love your cuteness and the way you live. I don’t know whether you feel anything about me or not but the fact is that I love you. Yes Gauri, I love you.

Gauri was hell shocked by the confession but she was happy as she loved Om too.

Gauri- But Om, I don’t like you.

Om was sad, very sad. It was like all his dreams shattered away. But he didn’t said anything, he smiles at her. Pain was visible in his eyes. His heart was crying. But he decided to go away and he went.

When he was about to leave, he heard Gauri calling his name. He turned around to see her standing on the stage.

Gauri- Offo. I was just joking. What do you think ? I don’t like you. Well, it is the truth that I don’t like you because I love you na. Yes, from the day you were my friend I love you. I never confessed but I love you. And I wanted to ask, will you marry me ?

Om was shocked yet very happy. He was on the top of his world. His lady love loved him too. He ran towards her and hugged her.

Om- Of course, I will marry you. I don’t want you but I need you Miss. Gauri Sharma. Or let me say the to be Mrs. Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi.

She smiled and hugged him back. Everyone clapped.

Precap- Rudra and Shivaay’s confession. Rejection, Confusion, Confrontation, Time is needed. And a big Shock.

This for today. This episode is divided into two or three parts. Keep guessing further. Sorry for the typos and gramatical errors. Love y’all.

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