When everything takes a new turn (Episode-1)

Hi guys this is Archisha back with the first episode of this new ff. Thank you everyone for your support. If you haven’t read the promo, the link is given below.
The person on the other side of the call says – If anything goes wrong I hope you know that what I can do Tia.

The call ends
Tia gets worried..

Shivika’s room,
Doctor- She is fine now but she still needs some rest and be sure she don’t gets any stress

Shivaay- Thank you, Doctor

Anika wakes up and shivaay comes to her

Shivaay- Are you mad ? If something would have happenned to you ?

Anika- I am injured and instead of taking my care you are scolding me. ( She makes a puppy face )

The scene is than shifted to a car in which Raumya are sitting.

Saumya – Rudra, your car is just like you , USELESS.

Rudra – My car is awesome, you don’t dare to complain about it and I am not USELESS. ( HE becomes angry)

Saumya- But what we will do now ?

Rudra- Lets do Naagin dance , duffer we will go to find help na.

Saumya- I am not duffer , you cry baby.

They both get out of the car and are shocked seeing some goons.

Rudra- Now you see saumya what will I do !

Saumya – Yes , Now you will see what will Rudra do.

Goons (together) – Yes, show us what you can do ! (They all pose for a fight)

Rudra – 1.. 2… 3…. Saumya.. RUN !!! (Just imagine it guys ??)

Scene is again shifted to Shivika’s room

Anika had taken heavy pain killers and is now in their effect..

Here my ff ends..

Precap – Raumya are lost in a jungle. Anika do the naagin dance and acts very funny. Next morning, Shivaay teases Anika.

I hope you all liked it. Plz comment of you did like it or even if u don’t like it.

And kindly tell me if you want Either Ishana or Gauri to play Om’s love interest. Thank You.

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  1. Sairan

    Very interesting
    But plz longer epi next tym

  2. Nice epi

  3. Awesome

  4. Vincy

    Nice.. Pls lengthy one

  5. It’s superbbbbbb dear…….. Waiting for the Anika funny act….

  6. Fabulous episode.. Plz pair ishana opposite om… Ishkara… Waiting for the next episode…

  7. Awesome Plz continue

  8. awsome…waiting for precap

  9. Archisha

    Thank you guys.. I will surely try to write a longer ff next time.. ??

  10. Superbbbb….waiting 4 the nxt..

  11. Shrutika

    Lovely. Waiting for the next part. You can pair Gauri with Omkara.

  12. Pair ishaana opposite om plzz

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