Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 5) (~ By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 5)

Hi all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m really glad that you all are liking the story. I’m sorry again for uploading the segment this late. I know you all are fed up with my apologies but, I’m not doing it intentionally. Please forgive me.

Just to clear your doubts, Kunj DOESN’T love Twinkle but, as I said it’s happy ending so please hold on for some more time because soon there will be changes with the emotions of the characters.

Here is the link for the previous segment:

This is just to remind you all that the story is in Twinkle’s voice and not in the narrative voice. I might introduce Kunj’s voice later. I hope you all aren’t getting confused.

Excited to read this segment? Let’s start.

Kunj sat down on the floor and caught hold of my hair. “What were you doing in that room?”, he asked. I ignored him as the tears rolled down my cheeks. He tightened his grip and said, “I asked you something.” I looked away suffering in pain. He stood up and held my hand. He pulled me up while my other hand rested on his chest. We were lost in each other but, soon I looked away. He dragged me and stopped in front of a room. He opened the door and pushed me inside. “You’ve dust allergy right! You’ll enjoy here baby”, said Kunj. I looked around and found that it was a store room. I quickly stood up and walked towards the door but, before I could get out Kunj locked the door and walked away. I banged on the door and shouted, “Please open the door.” I shouted for a long time but, Kunj didn’t respond even for once. I sat by the door and cried for a long time. After about an hour I composed myself and found a chair to sit. I walked over to the chair and found it very dusty. I started searching for a piece of cloth. After about 15 minutes I found a piece of cloth on top of the cupboard. I went near the cupboard and tried to get the cloth. I jumped several times but, couldn’t get it. I moved the chair and placed it in front of the cupboard. I stood on it and caught hold of the cloth. As I was about to take the piece of cloth a diary full of dust fell from top of the cupboard. I coughed because of the dust but, soon I was alright and I got down from the chair. I picked up the diary from the floor and dusted it. I saw “Mahi Sarna” written on the cover. I wondered who she was may be, Kunj’s sister but, I didn’t know he had a sibling. Anyways, he didnt tell me anything, everything was just a lie. I opened the diary and started coughing. I moved the diary away while I continued to sneeze and cough. After a couple of minutes I dusted the diary pages and saw that girl’s (of that isolated room in the corridor) picture. I thought of dusting the chair first and then continue reading. I dusted the chair and kept it by the support of the wall. I settled down and opened the diary. I found a number of pages empty. I thought it was an empty diary and I was about to close it when I saw a page with something written. I opened it and started reading.

15 May, 2013
Finally the day has arrived. We are going for the trip. It’s going to be fun. I’m so bored of working everyday. Kabir, Yuvraj, Misha and me will be together for the next week away from work. I’m so excited.”

Yuvraj! I guess I’m correct. Bhai and Mahi Sarna. I flipped the page and found the next page empty. The next page had things written on it. I continued reading.

17 May, 2013
We reached Shimla today. It is too nice to be here. The weather is just amazing. Everyone wanted to relax so we stayed back at the hotel. Misha and Kabir went out for a walk around the resort. Yuvraj and me stayed back and talked for a long time. It was really nice and, ofcourse it’s better because of that specific reason.”

I flipped the pages and found things written on the third page with the same picture. I knew this page would clear my doubt.

20 May, 2013
Today was the best day of my life. It was really the best. I’ll never ever forget this day and date. Yuvraj Taneja proposed me, Mahi Sarna. I can’t believe it. I never knew he also had feelings for me. I accepted his proposal and after going I’ll surely tell ma and Kunj. I’m too happy today. I LOVE YOU YUVRAJ.”

I smiled. My assumption was correct. This picture is so cute. Bhai holding di by her waist and she has her arms wrapped around his neck. The sun in the background is a witness of their proposal and of their first kiss. But, everything is so messed up. If Bhai loved di then why didn’t he marry her. Why did Kunj say he’s not my brother to rape me! I flipped the page and found a few words written on it.

21 May, 2013
“I WAS ..”

Before I could finish reading Kunj unlocked the door. I quickly closed the diary and hid it behind me. He walked towards me and pulled me up from the chair. “Maa is coming back. If she gets to know anything that happened in these two days, it won’t be good for you”, he said. “As if I’m interested to tell maa”, I replied and looked away. He twisted my hand behind my back and said, “Don’t you dare to talk to me like that.” “Why? Who are you?”, I asked him. He tightened his grip and said, “Just do whatever I say. Don’t answer me back.” He left my hand and as he was about to go he said, “What’s in your hand?” I quickly threw the diary on the chair behind and moved my hands forward. “Nothing Mr. Sarna”, I replied. I walked past him and stood at the doorstep. He saw the diary on the chair and picked it up. He lit his lighter and burnt the diary. He held the diary in his hand and said, “Yuvraj Taneja, see I’ve destroyed your beloved sister’s life in the same way you destroyed my sister’s life.” He threw the diary on the ground and as he was about to turn I quickly walked away to his room.

I was sitting on the mattress on the floor. My mind was busy thinking about everything that had happened in the past few days. I tried recollecting everything and joining all the things so that it made some sense. The only thing that was crystal clear to me was that Bhai and di loved each other. But, why didn’t they get married? Did Bhai leave di and that is the reason why Mr. Sarna married me? But, why did he say he’s not my brother to rape me? That diary would have given me all my answers but, Mr. Sarna burnt it. “Ahh”, I screamed. Mr. Sarna had pressed my cheeks. He said, “Can’t you hear me?” I pushed him back making him fall on the ground. “I need a divorce immediately”, I said.
Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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  1. SidMin

    Ria lived it
    It was so emitional the diary the past hope twinkle comes to know the truth soon ?waiting for the next pls post it soon

    1. SidMin

      I told you I am first 🙂

  2. Amazing I love it plz cont asap

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    Awesome episode ria….loved it…..???u r awesome writer……..u r too gud

  4. Shatakshi

    Hey baby doll
    I was really missing ur this ff
    N the episode was too good
    Kunj taking revenge for her sisters happening….interesting
    N just wanted to inform that the msg on my ff was not for u it was for….
    Leave it I won’t disclose it….n dont even dare to take it on u as we have already discussed about it na…
    N sorry if u r miffed with me❤❤❤❤❤
    Love u

  5. No words! That’s it! I dnt need to say something else.

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    Amazing , awesome , mindblowing

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    Awesome epi ria..

  8. Loved the epi I had been waiting for it

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    awesome amazing epi…..loved it….bs jaldi se sabhi raaz khul jaaye….eagerly waiting for next part….

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    Ria…mystery is unfolding…. Awesome episode….

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    Yep ria it’s awesome

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    Heyy Ria missed you ?? and amazing episode yaar ur story is becoming more andmore interesting 🙂 !! Do post soon can’t wait to continue reading …,

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    omg ria soo mch suspense bt osm yr ll b w8ing fr nxt episode pls post asap dear ll b eagerly w8ing fr it

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    Amazing episode ….loved it …
    The way u portrayed fb scenes were superb ……
    plzz post next one soon

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    Wow…story is getting more and more interesting… fabulous…. post soon…

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    Hey Ria,
    I know I’m damn late….actually I was reading Khushi’s ff as I didn’t read earlier so in one go I was reading it… That’s why I’m late…I hope u don’t mind… Achcha leave all this now come to ur episode…. It was amazing…..and yah I loved it and eagerly waiting for ur next epi dear…..

  19. Kritika14

    okay i know i am late …. really very late but u know it why ? so please pardon me! so coming back to this segment … NO WORDS AT ALL. Your description for every single thing is so perfect! I can imagine every single thing in my head with details. serious hats off ! and idk about about twinkle’s life in this ff but surely this ff is just perfect ! continue soon … miss your daily writing ? but its ok … waiting waiting waiting for the next segment ? love you x

  20. Affaa

    Wah wah what an episode…sorry sorry for being late…as usual you nailed it wonderful….reyal yaar episode was like you marvelous….Thank you so much babe’s for updating love you lots…take care mmmmmmhhh

  21. Shonaa...

    Hey ria…. sorry for late comment… d episode was awesome as always…. d mysterious r unfolding…. it’s bcome more interesting…. cntnu soon….

  22. Saby

    Oh god so much torture….
    Chal ye toh fir bhi thin hai…
    But wat about the mystery of rape…
    Did UV actually raped mahi???
    And plz no divorce… Plz…
    Vese awesome torture…
    I could sense her pain….??

  23. mysteries r unfolding slowly…
    hope d reality comes out…
    curiousity ocerload…
    loved it…

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