Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 3)


Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 3)

Hey all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you’re liking the track. I know it’s a bit sad but, I promise you all that it’ll be a happy ending. Also, reading your comments made me feel that you all are quite excited to know the reason behind Kunj’s behaviour and many of you guessed for the same. I’ll reveal it soon and let’s see whether your guesses are correct or not.

I finally decided the days for posting this fan fic. I’ll upload it on Wednesdays and Sundays. I’m sorry too to make you all wait for so long but, I really can’t make it up pretty often.

Here is the link for the second segment:

Segment 3

This is just to remind you all that the story is in Twinkle’s voice and not in the narrative voice.
Shall we continue with the third segment? If yes, then here it is.

I woke up as a beam of sunlight entered the room through the slightly open window. I walked towards the window and saw a couple hugging each other. I smiled and remembered how me and Kunj used to do the same but, now thinking about all this was of no use as I knew the truth now. The most bitter truth of my life that Kunj hates me. I turned around and saw Kunj sleeping. I walked up to him as the innocence of his face attracted me. I was about to lean down when everything that had happened with me in the past two days flashed through my mind. I quickly took my clothes and went out of the room to the servants’ quarter.

While going my gaze again fell on that isolated room. I don’t know but, something was wierd with that room and also, I felt an unknown connection with that girl. I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly my foot slipped and I fell down from the stairs screaming.

I woke up and found myself on the bed of some room. I don’t know where I was. I tried getting up when the doctor said, “Be careful.” Kunj placed some pillows behind my back and helped me in getting up. “Where am I?”, I asked. “Twinkle, this is my room”, replied maa. “But, what happened to me? Why am I here? I remember I was climbing down the stairs but, how did I come here!”, I said. “You fell down from the stairs”, said maa. I touched my forehead and saw it bandaged. “Did I hurt myself a lot?”, I asked. “Yes, and now you need to be in complete rest for the next two days. You’re staying in this room till then as I know you’ll start working as soon as you go to that room”, replied maa. “No maa, I can’t”, I spoke up but, maa interrupted and said, “I want my daughter back to normal. I don’t want to listen to anything.” I hesitantly agreed to maa’s decision of staying in that room. The doctor handed Kunj a prescription and said, “These are the medicines.” Kunj smiled at the doctor and went to get the medicines while the doctor left.

At around 8 maa said, “Twinkle, it’s time for your medicine. I’ll just get your dinner till then Kunj will be here. If you need anything you can tell him.” I smiled at maa while she went down to the kitchen. After around 2 minutes Kunj entered the room fidgeting with his phone. He smiled at me and said, “So, was it fun falling down from the stairs?” I ignored his question and waited for maa while he added, “I told you not to do anything that I don’t like. See, yesterday you didn’t eat the food and today you had to slip down the stairs.” I looked at him blankly trying to understand his words. “Don’t be so confused. When you went to sleep yesterday without eating the left out food, I spilled oil on the staircase”, said Kunj making me shocked. He came close to me and caught my hair. “Now, I’m happy. It’s too much fun to see you in pain”, he said. Tears rolled down my cheeks while the only word came to my mind was “IMPERFECT. Everything is just imperfect”. I tried removing his hand as it was hurting me more today because of the injury. Kunj tightened his grip and said, “Don’t even try.” “Who told you hurt me? Twinkle Taneja isn’t so weak”, I replied clenching my teeth. “Maybe but, now you’re Twinkle Kunj Sarna and she’s weak”, said Kunj. “I feel ridiculous to join your name with me. The way I’m your wife only in front of the world similarly, even you’re my husband only for the world”, I replied pushing Kunj back. He walked towards me and said, “Don’t talk so much. The doctor told you to take complete rest.” I gave him a confused look while maa entered and said, “Twinkle, will you be able to get up?” I was about to reply but Kunj said interrupting, “Ofcourse maa. Wait, I’ll help her.” Kunj came and stood in front of me blocking maa’s vision. He held my hand tightly and pulled me up with a jerk. He placed the pillows behind me and pushed me back. “Come maa”, he said moving away. Maa came and sat beside me. She picked up a spoonful of soup and said, “Have.” “No maa. I don’t feel like eating”, I replied. “Twinkle, if you consider me your mother, you’ll have it”, said maa. I hesitantly opened my mouth while maa forcefully made me eat the entire soup. I looked at Kunj in between who was looking at us with a frustrated face.

After around 15 minutes maa said, “That’s like my Twinkle. I’ll keep this and come. Kunj, come down for the dinner now. It’s pretty late.” I held maa’s hand and nodded my head in a no asking her not to go as I could figure out what was coming next. “I’ll just come in 5 minutes. Okay, Kunj you stay here till then”, said maa. “No, it’s okay. You both go have your dinner”, I said. Maa smiled at me and walked out of the room saying, “Kunj, come.” “Ya maa, you go. I’ll come”, replied Kunj. As soon as maa went out Kunj closed the door and walked towards me. I moved back while he leaned towards me and pressing my cheeks said, “What did you just do?” I ignored him and tried getting out of his grip but he pressed my cheeks tighter and said, “Get ready for something worse now.” Kunj left me and walked out of the room. “What could be even more worse now!”, I said and laid down on the bed thinking about Kunj’s words.
A note for the readers of “I Love You” – A Twinj journey
I’ll be uploading the next chapter pretty soon please stay tuned. I’m having a really busy schedule. I’ll upload it as soon as possible.
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