Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 20 – Last Update)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 20)

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This segment is in Twinkle’s voice. Hope you all weren’t confused all this time I’d been writing this fan fiction.

Well, excited for the last segment? Let’s start then.
I came downstairs clipping my hair and walked towards the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and found the breakfast ready when Kunj came and hugged me from back. I placed my hand on his as he said, “Happy anniversary darling!” I smiled and replied, “Happy Anniversary Kunj!” He kissed my left cheek and resting his chin on my shoulder said, “So, where’s my gift?” “Where’s mine?”, I questioned back. He turned me around and lifted me. “Kunj, what are you doing?”

He made me sit on the counter and moved closer to me. “I’ve prepared everything for you on our fifth anniversary also”, he whispered. I wrapped my arms around his neck and remarked, “Oh really?” He nodded his head in a yes as I added, “But, that’s not the gift. I know you very well so, don’t try to act smart.” He smiled and took out a beautiful bracelet from his pocket. It had two hearts attached beside each other with one of them made of a pearl in a heart shape and the other one outlined with embedded stones . He made me wear it as I squealed, “This is so beautiful!” He smiled and touched his forehead with mine. I hugged him tightly and said, “Thank you so much Kunj!”

(Here’s the link for the bracelet: )

“Mumma”, shouted a girl from behind. I pushed away Kunj and quickly got down from the counter. “Yes Naina”, I said as she came running to me. “Mumma”, she remarked. I kneeled down in front of her and replied, “Yes my baccha, tell.” “Mumma, two months to go for my fourth birthday”, she said. I smiled and settling her hair asked, “Really? Daddy, when is Naina’s birthday?” She lightly slapped her forehead and said, “Mumma, you forgot Naina’s birthday?” I smiled as Kunj lifted up Naina and said, “Princess!” “Yes daddy?”, she replied as Kunj pointed towards his cheek. She kissed his cheek and said, “Daddy, do you remember my birthday?” I giggled as Kunj said, “Ofcourse I remember my princess’ birthday.” Naina smiled as Kunj added, “Even Mumma remembers.” “But, mumma told umm..umm..Mumma, what did you tell?”, replied a forgetful Naina. I smiled and taking Naina from Kunj pulled her nose. “Mumma, don’t do that. It will becomes this long”, she said spreading out her arms. “Okay, mumma won’t do it now”, I replied kissing her right cheek. “That’s like my good girl”, she remarked as I laughed. “You forget everything then, how do you remember your birthday?”, I asked. She smiled and cutely replied, “How can I forget my birthday? After all it’s your birthday as well.” I smiled and said, “Mumma loves Naina!” “I love you more mumma”, she replied kissing my cheek. “What about daddy?”, Kunj asked standing behind. Naina hugged me and replied, “Mumma more.” I laughed as Kunj frowned.

“Okay, why is Naina not ready for school?”, I asked. “Mumma, I’m not going today”, she replied. “Why?”, I asked pulling back from the hug. “Mumma, it’s yours and papa’s anni.. anni..What was that?”, she replied. I giggled and said, “Anniversary.” “Ya, that only. So, Naina won’t go today”, she replied. wi, get ready quickly”, I said making her stand. “Mumma, please?”, she begged. “No baby”, I said. “Mumma, please, please, please?”, she begged again. “Okay, I was thinking of getting Naina her favourite ice-cream today but, if you’re staying at home then, no ice-cream”, I said. “No, mumma. I’m going na. Who said I’m not going?”, she replied. I smiled as she ran out of the kitchen quickly. I turned around as Naina came back. “Mumma!”, she called out. “Yes baby”, I replied turning back. “Happy anni mumma and daddy!”, she greeted us. We smiled and said together, “Thank you baby/princess!” She smiled and ran out of the kitchen.

I turned around and picking up three plates was about to go out when Kunj held my hand. “Kunj!”, I exclaimed. He took the plates and placed them on the counter beside. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I said, “Kunj, leave me.” He nodded in a no and kissing my forehead asked, “Where’s my gift?” “Kunj, Naina will be late. Leave me”, I replied blushing. “First, my gift”, he said. “Fine, leave me first”, I replied. “No”, he muttered. “I won’t go anywhere. Leave me”, I said. He loosened his grip as I placed his hand on my stomach and said, “You’re going to become a father again.” He picked me up and twirled me around in the air. “Kunj, Kunj!”, I remarked laughing. “Twinkle, I love you!”, he remarked. “I love you too!”, I replied as he put me down and kissing my cheeks said, “Thank you for this wonderful gift.” I smiled and replied, “Naina will get late. Let me go now.” He picked the plates and said, “You’re back to complete rest darling.” I smiled as he walked out of the kitchen.

I stood there by the counter as my mind pondered upon the same question as before, “Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?” I smiled and muttered, “Everything is more than perfect!”


Hello everyone! Thank you for all your comments and constant support throughout. It has been a wonderful journey and it wouldn’t have been possible without you all. Your comments have always encouraged me to write more and present before you all something which you all will like.

Well, I’m sorry for ending it without telling but, I feel most you must’ve guessed it when Twinkle and Kunj united.

By the way, the next article coming up from my side is – “I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Comeback). I’ve already uploaded the introduction and I hope you all would support me similarly.

Anyways, I would request everyone including my silent readers to comment today as this journey was for you all and you all have been an integral part of it.

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