Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 19 ~ Part 1)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 19 ~ Part 1)

Hello, I’m back. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you all are liking the way the story is shaping up.

Here’s the link for the previous segment:

Today’s segment is in Kunj’s voice. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

Are you all excited to read what’s planned in this segment? Let’s continue.
“Days passed by and me and Twinkle had grown closer to each other. We couldn’t have thought about living without each other. In this last month, we both occupied a special place in each other’s lives”, I thought sitting in the balcony as someone placed their hand on my shoulder. “Yes Twinkle”, I replied turning around and pulled her on to my lap. “Kunj!”, she exclaimed turning crimson. “How come you’re here? Missing me?”, I asked. She tried to get up but, I locked my arms around her waist and said, “Not so easily.” I kissed her neck while she hit me with her elbow and said, “It’s time for di and bhai’s haldi. You need to get ready.” “I asked you something”, I said kissing her red cheek. “Kunj, what are you doing? Leave me”, she said protesting. “First answer me”, I said. She hit me with her elbow and stood up. “I’m going to get ready. I’ve arranged your clothes, get ready after I’m done”, she said and went away to change.

(Wedding palace: )

“Today was bhai and di’s wedding. We were in Jaipur for their wedding for the past one week. We had booked the palace for this entire week and the wedding arrangements had been done really well”, I thought. “Kunj!”, Twinkle shouted from behind. I turned around to face her again and was awestruck to see her image in the mirror. She was wearing a yellow netted saree with descriptive works nicely pinned up on her shoulder. “I’m done. Now, go get ready”, she said as I motioned towards her and hugged her from behind. She looked up at me through the mirror as I slid my hands under her saree on her bare waist. “Kunj”, she called out and hit my hand. “Go, get ready”, she said pushing me away. She applied her gloss and added, “Be quick. I’m going down.” She walked towards the door but, before she could get out I bolted the door and stood in front of her. “Move away Kunj”, she said rolling her eyes. I pulled her closer holding her by her waist. “You look gorgeous”, I said. “Thank you! Now, move”, she replied and removed my hands from her waist. I frowned as she softly kissed my lips and said, “Go now.” I stood there shocked and after sometime came back to my senses as Twinkle tapped my shoulder. “Let’s smudge your gloss”, I said moving closer to her. “Kunj, no. Stay away”, she said and ran over to the other side of bed. I followed and she quickly ran out of the room. I smiled and muttered, “God! This girl will surely kill me.”

I went down around 10 minutes later. The arrangements were done beautifully. Bhai and di were sitting opposite to each with a yellow transparent cloth in between them. “According to rituals, bhai and di couldn’t see each other but, I don’t know why is the cloth transparent then!”, I whispered. Everyone was applying haldi to bhai and di while Twinkle was busy talking and laughing with di. “She’s shining like a twinkling star amongst everyone”, I thought. Everyone was covered with haldi but, Twinkle was the only who had her make-up intact without any haldi. “Kunj”, bhai called me. “Coming bhai”, I replied and ran over to him.

After a while, the function got over and everyone went to their rooms to prepare for the main event, the wedding. Twinkle was clearing the place when I applied some haldi on her red cheeks. She turned around amazed and looked at me with widened eyes. “What?”, I asked pulling her closer. “Why did you do this? I need to freshen up again”, she complained. I picked her up in my arms and rubbed my cheeks against hers. “We’ll freshen up together now”, I said winking at her. She widened her eyes and hit my chest. “Kunj, put me down”, she protested. “No, I’ll help you in freshening up”, I replied. She hit me and suddenly shouted, “Maa?” I quickly put her down as she climbed upstairs and shouted, “Stay in the guest room till the night. I’ll send your clothes there.” “Twinkle, listen to me”, I shouted but, she went inside the room.

In the evening the place was completely decorated. The set up was like of a palace in front of which the mandap was arranged. Flowers and cream coloured cloth were draped around everywhere. The neon lights gave an elegant beauty to the entire place. The food counter was placed on one side while the other side had a bar for the drinks and beverages.

(Wedding venue: )

I was observing all the decorations when maa said, “Bring Yuvraj. Mahi will be here any minute.” I smiled and went to bring bhai. I returned after a while with bhai and walked with him up till the mandap when Twinkle brought di. Di looked elegant in her red lehenga with the overall embroidery work. “Bhai, di looks so elegant”, I remarked. “I swear”, bhai replied looking at di. “Bhai, stare at her later. You’ve the entire night to spend together”, I said giggling. Bhai narrowed his gaze at me and then sat down for the wedding rituals. Twinkle made di sit next to bhai and then, stood beside me. “S*xy”, I muttered. She was wearing a light blue lehenga with dark blue shaded descriptive along with a white and blue dyed netted dupatta. She looked up at me and said, “Shut up!” “You really look hot and s*xy”, I replied. Her cheeks turned crimson as she replied, “Concentrate on the wedding.” The wedding rituals were completed within the next one hour and then, bhai made di wear the mangalsutra and later, filled her hair with the vermillion. Everyone smiled and around two hours later the wedding got over as all of us went back to our rooms after performing all the rituals.

“Come, let’s go”, Twinkle said and was about to go when I caught hold of her wrist and pulled her close. She arched her eyebrows asking what as I locked my hands around her bare waist. “Kunj!”, she exclaimed turning red. “There’s a surprise for you”, I said. “What?”, she excitedly asked. “Go, check it out”, I replied and loosened my grip. She ran away towards the entrance of the palace but, again returned and softly kissed my lips and ran away leaving me shocked. I smiled at her behaviour after coming back to my senses and sat next to the pool dipping my legs inside the water.
Happy Birthday Sidvee! Hope all your wishes are fulfilled and you achieve huge success in your life.
Loads of love.?
Okay, so how was this segment? Well, this segment is pretty long and that’s why I cut it short. I wish the links are uploaded. I hope you all aren’t bored by now.

I need a suggestion for the next part of this segment from everyone who’s 16 or 16+. Are you all okay if the next part has mature content? I don’t want anyone to come up later and tell me that I shouldn’t upload writings like these on sites that’s why I’m asking you all. I’ll write mature content only if all of you are okay with it. Please let me know.

Anyways, do drop down your views on this segment below. I’d be eagerly waiting to know them. Criticism is whole-heartedly welcome but, no ill comments. Also, please answer my question otherwise I can’t proceed further with the story.

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  1. Akanksha

    Of course its ok yaar…u dont even need to ask…(Btw I’m 16,hope u understand wht I’m trying to say….)

  2. Amazing

  3. SidMin

    Ria Loved it so cute the episode was cute but i guess the next one would be Hot 🙂 So please post it soon You know I can’t wait 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  4. Ria this episode is just out of box…loved it to square infinity…each and every episode of this ff is the best but this is one of the bestest episodes of all…loved twinj scenes to moon and back…wedding palace and venue is awesome…and I don’t mind if u write the mature content…post both your ffs soon…

    Bye ?
    Take care…
    Love you ???

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Nice and I really enjoyed the segment! Well I am not 16 yet so I can not suggest but whatever u will write will definitely be rocking! 😉 So damn sweet it was. Good going! Keep it up! Love ya!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  6. Anam_sidhant

    Ur ff is bliss..its a pleasure to read it? and ya even I m going to be 16 in November so I don’t have any problem?

  7. we r above 16++++

  8. Hey ria
    It was nice episode…..
    And i don’t mind if you write mature part and ya I am 16+…
    Take care

  9. Awesome epi…

  10. Shatakshi

    Hey baby doll
    The episode was Awesome
    N I won’t mind mature content….as I m besharam n u know that??
    Will be waiting for it
    Love u loads???

  11. Osom
    Ok with ur writing mature content
    No problem at all

  12. Sara28

    OMG Ria that was absolutely stupendous, amazing, magnificent, awesome, romantic, adorable, cute, majestic, magical, astonishing, beautiful, incredible, stunning, prodigious, wonderful….missing any words? Ria I can’t say it enough how talented u are. And I think u know my answer to ur question and i think u also know that I am older than 16 ? Lol but the episode was sooooooo cute. Love you ❤️

  13. Hey ria it was superb…..
    And yaa i m 16+ i dont mind u can add mature content …..

  14. dreamer..arundhati

    Superb one riu….cuteness ki hieght
    M 14

    1. dreamer..arundhati

      So I won’t suggest but whatever you write will b ekdum chava….luv u dear

  15. Ranabulbul

    Waise epi was amamzing….as always..
    Loved every bit of bit..
    And mature content I am 15 yr ..but thodi besharam hun main padha lungi..kunki meri Ridi ne likha hai

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi….& have no problem with mature content…..

  17. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????
    It was avery lovely episode really
    Nd as i told u earlier i dont mind reading mature content. I wont ???
    I am waiting for next episode
    Love u

  18. Hllo ria i m prashansha and i m a silent reader of tu and i want me to register myself in tu so if u can help me so plz let me know i m also a fan of ur writing so if u can hlp me plz tell me and……about the epi is was awesome and i m 16 so no problem with mature content

  19. Ramya

    I’m of 17
    Aap add karo lekhin plss pehle likh Dena by which I can skip
    I’m so sry if I have hurt u bt I cant read it Really a very big sorrryyyyytyt
    N today’s Awesome
    Loved it

  20. Riaaa……..I m soooooo sorryyyyyyyyy fr my commenting………… was a damn fabulous episode

  21. Lama

    Ria dii…what to say yr…har baar ki tarha is baar bhi kamaal ka episode..really superbbb…i m lil disappointed that u didn’t reply to my last comment after all i m back after long 3 months but never mind…love u to the other galaxy nd back ????

  22. riu….
    it was bliss 2 read…?
    i enjoyed heartily…?
    n u can add…my cutee pieee….?
    love u…???

  23. Awesome and cont soon i luvd it and i am late sorry

  24. No comments. U know what I mean?
    Love u?
    Go and study.

  25. Fan

    Awesome epi!

  26. V wont complaint nyc part

  27. Kruti

    Truly loved d epi…….very well written loved it

    continue soon
    Love u

  28. Kritika14

    Hey idiot,
    The segment was fab. Really loved it. Well coming to mature content, you know what kind of a person i am right? So i am sure you know what i am okay too. Anyway, post the next one soon! Love you idiot ?

  29. Aww thank you so much for the lovely wishes ??.. everyone’s wishes just made my day the best ??.. I’m so sorry for late comment.. I really loved today’s epi ??.. loved their cute romance.. it was awesome.. n Im fine with mature content??.. do cont soon ?

  30. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….ria lovely episode…..waiting for the surprise…. Awesome

  31. Thanmy

    Awesome dii mera age kya hai mujhe hi nahi pata im quite confused to say frankly abhi tak paida nahi huyi hoon mei im gonna take birth still there is time lol sorry for my bakwaas im sure u didnt understand even a word of it !! I will tell u about that n its okkk dii im tooo shameless and this part was fantastic kunj tho shaant hua hi nahi abhi tak vih desperate kunj hai yrrr
    Love u dii

  32. Meeta

    That was epic, darling.
    Waiting for next.
    Even though I’m not 16, but I turn 18 on these segments :P.
    Post the next soon.

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    Dii .. We all are a bunch of naughty people so go ahead and work your magic! ???

    Episode was damn fab! ?
    Like wow yaar! The wedding venues were hell blissful? loved each and every scene!

    This time nah, I’m late in commenting ? hope you’ll forgive me Di ?

    Post soon!
    Love you! ?

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