Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 1)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 1)

Hi all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments. Looked like you all were pretty much eager to know who the author is so, here I am back with another fan fic though it’ll be a short one and the updates won’t be regular but, I hope you all would support in a similar manner. Also, this fan fic would be in Twinkle’s voice and not in a narrative voice so, please don’t get confused.
Anyways, here is the first segment of this fan fic. Excited? So, come let’s start with it.

Taneja Mansion
I woke up as the sun rays fell on my face. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my mom drawing the curtains. I immediately pulled the blanket and covered my face. My mom came and sat next to me and said, “Twinkle, get up. It’s late we need to start all the rituals now.” I quickly got up and sat up straight on my bed. “Go, get ready. Your clothes are there on the table”, said mom and walked out of the room. A broad smile covered my face as soon as I recalled my mom’s words. Finally, after so many days I was getting married to the love of my life. Suddenly, my phone rang and I picked up the call. “Hello”, I said. “Finally, the wait is over”, said a voice from the other side. “Yes Kunj. Finally!”, I replied. “Are you ready?”, asked Kunj. “I just woke up”, I replied giggling. “Today also Twinkle?”, he asked. “Yes, and now I’m late so, talk to you later. Bye”, I replied getting down from my bed. “Bye”, said Kunj and disconnected the call. I kept my phone and went to freshen up.

After about an hour I came down to the hall wearing a yellow coloured salwaar as it was my haldi function. I went and sat down among everyone while my mom applied turmeric on my cheeks and later, everyone else present there also joined in. After around two hours, we were done with the function and I was covered in layers of turmeric. I quickly went to take a bath and then went to the parlour for my make over.

The groom’s family arrived I mean my in laws family and they received a warm welcome from our house. We started with the marriage rituals. We took rounds around the fire, exchanged garlands and then Kunj filled my hairline with vermilion and later, made me wear the mangalsutra. Everyone smiled as the marriage came to an end. Soon, it was time for us to leave for the Sarna Mansion. I saw my mom crying and said, “Maa, don’t worry. I’ll always be there with you. Paa, make maa understand na.” My mom and dad hugged me while crying. I wiped their tears and nodded my head in a no. I hugged my elder brother and said, “I’ll miss you bhai.” He placed his hand on my cheeks and said, “I’ll miss you too Twinkle.” “Yuvraj, let them leave now”, my mom said controlling her tears. My brother nodded his head in a yes and soon we left for Sarna Mansion.

I stood at the doorstep as my mother in law did all the rituals of welcoming me in the house. I smiled at her and touched her feet. We entered the house while Kunj walked forward. “Kunj, you know the ritual of our house na”, said maa. “Maa, what’s the need to do all this?”, asked Kunj shocking me. I found something weird but, maa stared at him and soon he bent down and picked me up in his arms. I smiled at him while he ignored me. He climbed up the stairs and after walking for a while he made me stand. “The third room”, he said and left the place. I felt his behaviour wierd. Kunj is a very sweet and caring person and he never behaves like this with anyone. I ignored the fact and thought may be he’s tired. I walked up till the room he told and entered the room expecting it to be beautifully decorated but, it was totally messed and looked like a bachelor’s room.

I walked inside the room and found things littered everywhere on the floor and bed. I started picking up the things when Kunj came in and said, “Keep those things and go sleep.” I turned around with a blank expression on my face. He took out a blanket and a pillow from the cupboard and threw it on me. It hit my face and fell down on the floor. “Are you out of your senses?”, I asked him. “There’s a mattress on the floor. Lay it down and sleep”, he replied ignoring my question. “Why do I need to lay down the mattress? Your room has a double bed”, I replied. “Just do what I say. You don’t have any rights to question me”, he said arrogantly. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?”, I asked him placing my hand on his cheeks. He jerked my hand away and shouted, “If you want to sleep then lay down the mattress otherwise you can get out of the room.” “Where is the washroom?”, I asked being a bit confused with his behaviour. “The servant’s washroom is there on the ground floor”, he replied unbuttoning his sherwani. “I need to change my dress. Where is the washroom?”, I asked frustratedly. “I told it’s there on the ground floor and if you don’t feel like using that then, you can just change over here”, replied Kunj shocking me. I walked upto him and slapped him tightly. “What do you think are you talking?”, I asked. He held my hand and twisted it. He said, “Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna just get one thing straight into your head. You’ve no rights to question me, raise or your hand on me or do anything against my will in this house.” I tried to free my hand while he tightened his grip hurting me. I said, “Kunj, you’re hurting me.” “This is nothing Mrs. Sarna. Get ready for more.” I stood there shocked and said, “Why are you behaving like this? Don’t you love me?” He let out a faint laugh and said, “Love? I hate you and your entire family.” “Kunj, see I know you’re joking. Please I hate these kind of jokes”, I said. He left my hand and clutched my hair. “This isn’t a joke. It’s the reality of your life”, he said. I screamed in pain and he clutched my hair tighter. “Not a sound more”, he screamed. Tears rolled down my cheeks while he said, “Save your crocodile tears for someone else.” I pushed him away and walked towards my suitcase. I took my dress and was about to go out of the room when Kunj said, “It’s our first night and I don’t want anything happening between us to go out of this room so, you need to change in this room.” “Where is the washroom?”, I asked in a trembling voice. “Don’t you understand the meaning of room?”, he asked me arrogantly. “This room has a washroom too. If you can’t tell me then I’ll look up for it”, I replied. Kunj walked towards me and pulled me closer to himself. He said, “You cannot change in the washroom. You need to change here or if you can’t, just sleep like this.” “How will I sleep like this? I have to change”, I replied as tears rolled down my cheeks. “That’s none of my concern”, Kunj replied pushing me back. I fell down on the floor as my forehead hit the table. My forehead started bleeding as I cried even more. Kunj took out the first aid from the cupboard and applied Dettol on the cotton. I nodded my head in a no as it burns a lot but he ignored me and cleared my blood while I clenched my fist. He put a band aid and walked away leaving me crying. “If you don’t want to sleep then get out as I’m very tired”, said Kunj laying down on the bed. I laid down the mattress on the floor and slept down while crying. I felt asleep pretty fast as I was very much tired after all the rituals and functions.

I woke up as someone splashed water on my face. I sat up straight and saw Kunj holding an empty glass. “If you’ve to stay here then, get used to waking up early”, he said. “Why are you doing this to me?”, I asked. He caught hold of my hair and said, “I told you yesterday that you’ve no rights to question me.” “Kunj, it’s hurting”, I said trying to remove his hand. “I don’t care. Now, get up and freshen up quickly as I don’t want a big massacre to happen in the house because of you taking a shower in the servant’s bathroom”, said Kunj. “I am not your servant that I’ll take a shower in the servant’s bathroom. I’m your wife”, I replied. “That’s only in front of the world. You don’t mean anything to me. Do you get that?”, he said arrogantly and walked out of the room. I walked towards my suitcase and while taking out my dress I saw our family photo. I cried hugging it and said, “I don’t know maa what have I done that Kunj is behaving so rudely with me. He says he hates me but, I can’t believe it. Please help me out maa. Please.” Suddenly, Kunj entered the room the room and shouted, “I told you to freshen up. Can’t you understand?” I quickly wiped my tears and walked out of the room.

While going down to the hall I saw an isolated room at the end of the corridor. I walked up to the room and was about to open the door when Kunj came and said, “What are you doing here?” I turned around and quickly replied, “Actually I don’t know where the servants’ quarter is.” “Ground floor”, said Kunj and walked back to our, sorry his room. I started climbing down the stairs as I questioned myself, “Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?” My heart answered, “No.” My mind pondered about Kunj’s words while I went to the servants’ quarter and quickly freshened up.
Did you all like the start? Do tell me as if you don’t like it I’ll surely discontinue this fan fic. Let me know your views through your comments below.

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    it’s amazing…..different story….liked it….eagerly waiting for next part….

  2. Fan

    Awesome epi ria…

  3. SidMin

    Ria it was a bit sad that Kunj was behaving badly with Twinkle hope the reason will be known soon and The episode was too good Post as per your convenience Posting 2 ff’s might be difficult

  4. Sameera

    Superbb ria mind blowing??? wow suspense ha it’s too good do cont asap

  5. Hmmm mysteries yaar do post ASAP 🙂

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Di its u!!…amazing.. And so sad for twinkle.. Why is Kunj behaving like this??…chalo vo pata cham hi jaayega…keep going

  7. Awesome… Different story but loved it

  8. twinjfan (tamanna)


  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ria its dhamaka epi
    Uhave hooked me to this
    Ctd soon dear

  10. Bhavika

    h ha that stupid guess got right you are ria but not exactly i said RIYA but u r RIA ??but no matters and your ff is awesome ??dont think about discontinuing it ??

  11. Anchali singhania

    Please continue it.this is awesome.a different and innovative one.loved it.if possible post the next one tomorrow,please.

  12. amazing ria wow yr pls continue dis is a bi painful bt i no u ll crct everything dear post soon

  13. Angita

    Loved it sorry for late comment but but but I can’t wait till the next so pls my lovely cute and everything ria post asap, pretty pls with some sugar on top

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Ria mind blowing dear….loved it….it was fab ……awesome….I really like when kunj gets to negative role….and ur writing style is also superb…..??????????????

  15. Sayeeda

    Kunj negative …..nice to imagine him like that ….but I think there’s a big reason behind his odd behavior…
    Let’s see what’s this …
    U r doing a great job… ur both ff is sooo amazing…. awesome… loved it

  16. of course…its a gud start wid new concept
    Full of suspenses to b revealed…
    plz contd asap…:-)

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