Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 25

Episode  25

A week went out in blur and today there was pooja in Maheshwari Mansion for the well being of Parineeta’s child and family as a whole everyone was present there along with the Sharma’s except Swara. Even though sitting in pooja Laksh’s eyes went to the door again and again…..

Kavya: Are you expecting someone Laksh? (In an European accent)

Laksh: No…… I just thought I heard something….

Kavya: I know you miss your dad much even today…..

Laksh: Ya….

Laksh was looking at his soon to be fiancée, who has plastered herself at his side. But here never even with such perfect person by his side why is his eyes searching for certain brown eyes, which seem to be avoiding him at every possible circumstance.

Kavya had arrived 3 days ago. From the time she had arrived the media seems never to get enough of her, and her being the girlfriend of industrialist Laksh Maheshwari only seems to have added fuel to the fire. She was feeling much excited coming to the country and the media had changed to a demi god.

When she called her mom few hours before she just said

Kavya: Mom it’s great in here. I feel like I am Angelina Jolie here. All are so nice. Laksh manages the media here like a pro. All his family members are too good. His mother is really making an effort to know me, I am really happy.

But little did she know all the efforts made by Sujata Maheshwari were due to constant nagging a good heartbroken neighbor.

After pooja all went poolside where Parineeta was sitting to avoid the fumes.

Sujata: Really Shomi all this precautions now a days is beyond me……

Shomi: Come on didi the medicine today is much more advanced than in our times….

Sujata: I can understand it Shomi, but the doctor has yesterday suggested Pari a diet. Is she getting ready to give birth to child or to run a marathon I wonder? Shomi: Really didi, a diet plan. In our times pregnancy used to be a free license to have anything, and quantity no bar.

Sujata: Ya and instead of yoga we had freedom to sleep as much as we wished for….

Shomi: The time has really changed didi.

Parineeta: (Trying to get up) You are finally here chachi…….

Shomi: Wow dear you are glowing. And no need to stand up dear.

Parineeta: Ya chachi my legs are also paining a bit…..

Adresh: Really Pari you did not tell me…… Should I call a doctor…..(Panicked)

Parineeta: It’s ok Adresh don’t panic its common during pregnancy…. And if you call that doctor one more time today I will kill you……

Laksh: Control bhai, it seems you must take yoga classes instead of bhabhi…. You need to maintain your cool.

Adresh: Remember to you this advice when Kavya gets pregnant…..(Showing fake anger)

Sujata: Stop fighting you boys……

Parineeta: Leave it….. But chachi where is Swara…… She had not come to visit for last one week….( Pouting)

Shomi: Don’t say about that girl she is mad…..

Sujata: What happened Shomi?

Shomi: She is not the same girl she used to be didi. Her life is just limited to Gym, office and home. She would go with us anywhere only if we force her. From outside she seems to be fine. It seems she is missing something inside. I am her mother I know it but she never seems comfortable to talk about it.

Adresh: What happened aunty? (Concerned)

Shomi: It just seems she is roaming without any aim; still she could not stop wandering. There is something that is eating her from inside.

Shekar: It’s a phase Shomi and it will pass…. (trying to comfort her)

Shomi: The phase doesn’t last this long Shekar……

Adresh: It must be something related to work aunty…..

Shekar: Then in that case Laksh might help us.

Adresh: How can Laksh be of any help. (Surprised)

Shekar: Well he is her current boss. He brought the office she works in.

Adresh: Really I did not know. When did that happened? ( Nearly shocked)

Laksh felt like a deer caught in the head light. He began to fumble. He caught the intense accusing glares of Sujata, but tried to ignore it answer Adresh with maximum truth, so he started giving out fact nonstop……

Laksh: Well bhai we needed a base office when we were returning to Indore. This though a financial firm had good location and………..

Adresh: Ok I understand but why did you not tell us…..

Laksh: Well bhai, you were busy when we returned and I just forgot it.

Adresh: Well Lucky leave it. Aunty I think Swara needs to widen her horizon, she should try working in metros or even in foreign any change of place might help her, I can be of help here.

Shomi: No beta there was no lack of offer. She had calls from big4 too. She even cleared CAT or other exams for foreign studies with nearly 80% scholarship, but then she backed out. It seems she is just testing what is she capable of and then giving herself some punishment.

Adresh: Aunty you tell me for how long had it being going on?

Shomi: It has been almost four years Adresh beta.( with a sigh)

On this words Laksh’s fingers roaming on his smart phone just stilled and he looked up to his mother she gave him the most accusing stare and went inside house on context of getting something to eat ignoring the servants. This silent communication between the son and the mother was noticed by Kavya who was really curious to know who this wonder girl was, for whom everybody was so concerned, and her future mother in law was so concerned about. She had not seen her after coming here. Just than Sujata came back with some coffee and refreshments.

Sujata: All this time when I called you Shomi you never said a word about this why? She is my daughter too…

Shomi: Sorry but how could I have burdened you with my worries didi, you were coping up with a big loss yourself.

Kavya: (To lighten the mood) She seems to be a very interesting person would she be home now aunty…

Shomi: Ya she might have returned from Gym by now….

Kavya: Ok the lets go and surprise her….. and I would meet her too…. Are you coming Laksh….

Laksh: (Still looking at his shoes) No I have an important call to make. You guys go ahead.

Parineeta: I am coming too…. I need a walk.

Adresh: Well something had not changed at all. They are still the bull ants fighting..

Kavya: What do you mean bhaiya.

Adresh: These both could never stand each other. God knows how many fights I have judged or how many Disprins I had with their fight and shouting.(laughing)

After hearing Shomi’s words Laksh was shocked and he needed some medicines for himself or rather a stiff drink….



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