Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 24

Episode 24
Next day as Swara was working on her PC, Ragini came and hugged her from behind.
Ragini: Were you crying dear?(concerned)
Swara: No…… Not at all; why must I cry?
Ragini: Well your eyes say a different story…..
Swara: Ragu….
Ragini: Don’t Ragu me…… I know you since first standard. And I don’t need a memo to know what my friend feels like….
Swara: Well…..
Ragini: Say it dammed you are scaring me…
Swara: Laksh is engaged.
Ragini: What???? To whom??? (Shocked and sitting in nearby chair)
Swara: Some model in Europe. Some business magnets daughter.
Ragini: Ho I am sorry dear. Well he is a bastard.
Swara: Ragu….
Ragini: Well after yesterday’s event I thought you both had some hope.
Swara: What about yesterday?
Ragini: The Vrom’s thing. Did you not read my messages?
Swara: NO.
Ragini: Well do read them some times. It has more than non veg jokes, and forwards it kind of stuff…..
And then Ragini went on to explain the complete Vrom’s incident to Swara along with full theatrical effect.
Swara: Wow I never thought so much.(But in a very sad tone)
Ragini: Well now what are the further plans?
Swara: Well he will tell badi maa and Adrash bhai, and then the families will get to decide a date…..
Ragini: (Cutting her in middle) shut up Shona I am asking about your plans not his. He can marry Hidamba for all I care and live on Mistake Island.
Swara: Ragu…..
Ragini: Shut up Shona…… Stop crying over a man who can never be yours. Now he is even going to be engaged to someone else for heaven sake. Get over him.
Swara: I am trying….
Ragini: To hell with you’re trying. That’s what you have done for last 4 years. Now it’s time to get something done. Solid. Not just trying…. See everybody has a heart break it’s not just you, even I had one but have you ever found me crying in a corner. No na….
Swara: Wait when did that happened and why doesn’t I know about it?
Ragini: Well that’s a story for another day…. Now our focus is on you.
Swara: So what do you want me to do? Jump down this building….
Ragini: Don’t give me ideas Shona….
Swara: You will never give up on me right…
Ragini: Never. Even after death I will haunt you…
Swara: Ok Ragu I promise I will try…..
Ragini: That’s like my old friend.

Swara was not in a good mood when she reached home, but when she saw Sujata there she pasted her best fake smile and tried to be happy.
Swara: What’s up old ladies?
Sujata: Hi Swara
Shomi: Swara have you heard…….. Laksh is engaged.
Swara: Ho really…… Congrates badi maa that idiot decided to marry finally. What’s his age now fifty right. He must settle down instead of chasing skirts now.
Sujata: Ya….
Shomi: Shut up Shona you always find some fault in him.
Swara: No maa. He has lots of fault. And who is this lucky girl by the was….
Sujata: Well she is some girl of Indian origin born and brought up in Europe, and she is a model.
Swara: Well why are you telling this news as if you are saying about some funeral arrangement bring some energy into your speech oldy….
Sujata: Well I don’t know how she will be. She is brought up in our culture very different than ours and…..
Swara: If Laksh selected her she would be the best, you must have this much belief in your son badi maa….
Sujata: Ya dear but….
Shomi: Didi has right to be worried Swara….
Swara: Ho come on maa don’t be a typical Indian saas. You both have daughters in law already who were basically your son’s choice, love marriages, and we all know how great they are.
Sujata: Ya I know but they were from our own place, but this girl Kavya……
Swara: See badi maa that’s the problem “this girl” you are already categorizing her before even meeting her. She was born and brought up in Europe was not her fault; each and every culture has its own pros and cons. Think even she must be tensed that how would she be able to adjust to you all….
Shomi: Ya but adjustment must be made by both parties; didi cannot do all the adjustment herself…
Swara: Come on maa don’t act like a typical khadoos saas
Sujata: Well when have you heard any such complaints from our daughters in laws tell me…
Swara: Come on hold your guns old lady I am just saying in general….
Sujata: Say that to your mother in law…..
Shomi: For that she has to get married first. But she does not seem to have any time for that…… (Worried)
Swara: Mom don’t start again..
Shomi: See didi here goes the girl again….
Sujata: Let her be Shomi… she will come around.
Shomi: But Didi…
Sujata: Will you not give me sweets for this news.
Shomi: Ho I just forgot that in all this excitement. I will just go and bring.
Saying this Shomi went to kitchen to get sweets when
Sujata: Swara beta
Swara: Ji badi maa..
Sujata: Are you ok with it beta….
Swara: Come on badi maa I am perfectly fine….
Sujata: I know beta between you and Lucky…..
Swara: Come on maa that’s a closed chapter and a long lost history….
Sujata: Beta I think I must clear what happened at that time; after all you did that for me…..
Swara: Come on badi maa let it be. Let’s not dig up the dead…. And I have moved on…..
Sujata: Then why dear you are rejecting all the boys that your mom brings, I heard some of them were quit good once…..
Swara: They weren’t good enough badi maa….
Sujata: Are you sure beta….
Swara: Yes badi maa, now let’s focus on your son’s wedding and your firangi bahu…. Can we…
Just than Shomi came out with sweets. They all had sweets and Sujata with a heavy heart only said
Sujata: I hope next time I eat this sweets for your wedding……

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