Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 38 LAST CHAPTER Part 1

Quick Author’s Note:
As you guys saw this is Part 1. I will most likely have 2 parts or 3 parts because this is a very long chapter and if I type everything here then it will be super long, each chapter will be a maximum of 4000 – 5000 words. I know this will sound stupid but pretend that they are talking in hindi or just translate in your mind because of TU policies and also because my hindi sucks. I will add some parts otherwise just pretend they are talking in hindi.


So Sanchi is on her 4th month and so far everything has gone smoothly, our sweet , caring Kabir has also been super careful.

Kapoor Mansion (both are in bed and just woke up)
Sanchi: Good Morning
Kabir: Good Morning, ready for our morning walk
Sanchi: Mmm, please not today Kabir
Kabir: Sanchi… come on get up
Sanchi: Nooo
Kabir: We will go for a shorter walk
Sanchi: But it’s so cold and it’s so warm in the bed
Kabir: Sanchi, stop being the baby and get up. Here a blanket

15 minutes later … (both are going for a walk around their neighborhood, it’s pretty early right now)
Sanchi: I told you it’s cold
Kabir: Just enjoy the peace Sanchi
Sanchi: You’re being rude
Kabir: And you are behaving like a baby
Sanchi: But I’m your baby
Kabir looked at her, grinning.
Sanchi: What??
Kabir: How about we walk for 5 more minutes and then go back home??
Sanchi: Okay…

So now they are at home and are getting ready for work …
Sanchi: UGH
Kabir: Kyaa hua???
Sanchi: I’m so fat
Kabir: But you look so gorgeous
Sanchi: Aww thank you
Kabir: When are you taking your leave
Sanchi: 2 more months
Kabir: 2 MORE
Sanchi: Well duh, maybe 3
Kabir: No 2 is fine
Sanchi: Aww so sweet
She walks up to him and pecks him on the cheek. Kabir was touched by her kiss and he kissed her back.
Kabir: Be careful okay … don’t want you two to get hurt
Sanchi: Don’t worry I’m perfectly fine
Kabir: Hmm

**** 3 months later ****
3:24 AM:
Sanchi: Kabir…. Kabir….. Kabir….
Kabir: Kyaa hua?!?!!
Sanchi: I want some pani puri
Kabir: It’s 3 in the morning
Sanchi: Baby request please, I really want pani puri
Kabir: uff, no aloo??
Sanchi: No aloo
Kabir: 10 minutes
Sanchi: And I’m gonna go pee

Outside their room –
Kabir: 3:30 AM and Madam aur Prince/Princess ko golgappe chahe, uff
He goes to the kitchen and starts mixing the powder with lemon and water and takes out the actual golgappa
Sanchi comes downstairs …
Sanchi: omg!!! Thank you so much!!!
Kabir then points to his apron that says kiss the chef. Sanchi walks up to him and kisses him but then immediately starts eating the pani puri. Kabir sat down next to her and just admired Sanchi’s innocence.
Sanchi: Ahh
And she shoves a golgappa into his mouth
Kabir: Mmm
Sanchi: You also eat, Papa kaise bhooke rahe ge
Kabir: Papa, baby aur mama ko jaan bhi
Sanchi covered his mouth
Sanchi: Don’t you dare ever say that
Kabir blinked
Kabir: Should we go back to our room
Sanchi: Hmm

Kabir quickly cleaned up and Sanchi opened the freezer
Kabir: No ice cream
Sanchi: I was getting chocolate
Kabir: No more food
Sanchi: One small piece
Kabir: No

Sanchi: Then you have to carry me to the room
Kabir: Deal
And so Kabir carried Sanchi to their and they both finally fell asleep… but poor Kabir he had to go to work. Sanchi took her leave halfway through her 6th month.

Next Morning
Sanchi: You look soooo handsome
Kabir went to Sanchi, who was in bed, and kissed her…
Sanchi: Sorry I didn’t get up
Kabir caressed her face and
Kabir: No problem

Sanchi: What did I do to have such an amazing husband
Kabir rubbed her stomach
Kabir: Don’t bother mom too much okay champ
Sanchi and Kabir then both looked up.

Both: A kick!!!
Kabir: Can’t wait to see you, don’t bother your mom now, papa will be back soon
Both: Another kick
Kabir: Okay bye now
Sanchi: Bye, we’ll miss you

Towards the afternoon.
Sanchi: Kabir breakfast kar kar gaye
Malti: Nahi
Sanchi: Unke liye lunch pack kardo
Malti: Okay

Kabir: Yes Sir I totally understand that
He said yawning
Anand: How’s Sanchi
Sanchi: I’m great!! Thank you for asking
Anand: Sanchi!!!

They both hugged
Anand: What are you doing here??
Sanchi: This Mr. Punctual skipped breakfast so I brought him lunch
Anand: So sweet of you, anyway you guys enjoy I have to settle a dispute
Sanchi: Pragya and Veer
Anand: This time Priya and Sanket, honestly I think I should become a judge instead of the co-owner of this hospital
Both laughed

Anand: Anyway you two enjoy your time
Anand leaves the office
Sanchi: Hmm eat now

Kabir: And you
Sanchi: I will also eat with you
Kabir: You better, and why did you come?? Could’ve sent someone else
Sanchi: Well I came, is that a problem?? I stayed hungry and went out in this cold and brought you lunch and you haven’t even said thank you
Kabir: Thank you
Sanchi: You’re Welcome

Both eat lunch and Kabir drops Sanchi off to the car and she goes back home…

**** Sanchi’s 8 ½ months pregnant ****
Sanchi: You packed everything right
Kabir: Obviously I did
Sanchi: Uff I just want this thing out of me and

Kabir: Hey don’t call our child a thing
Sanchi: I just want him/her out and I want to lose all this gross fat
Kabir rolled his eyes
Sanchi: Listen I’m only 33 I need to look good
Kabir: You will always look good

Sanchi: I don’t what I would’ve done during this pregnancy
Kabir: Just a few more days and then we will finally see our child
Kusum: And I will see my first grandchild
Sanchi: Maa
Kusum: Ah uh sit sit
Sanchi: “ Thank god ”

Kusum: All set
Kabir: Yes Maa
Kusum: I can’t believe you have the room designs done. They look fabulous
Sanchi: Thank you, Avantika helped me
Kusum: She’s such a great girl
Kabir: Same one who did the intern room
Sanchi: Yup the same room, where we fought all the time
Kabir: Still do
Sanchi: You’re still not allowed
Kusum: Oh please not now

Kabir: Maa you tell me
Kusum: Don’t drag me into this okay anyway… just keep track of time and make sure you have everything in your bag
Sanchi: Jee Maa
Kusum kissed her forehead
Kusum: Oh I totally forgot to tell you
Kanchi: Kya??
Kusum: All of your dad’s side is coming in a few weeks
Sanchi: Yess, now someone will help me pull Kabir’s leg
Kusum: Haha, just saying Kabir you know what to do or should I
Kabir: I will handle it,

Kusum: You sure
Kabir: Yes Maa now you go sleep too
Kusum: Okay baba

**** 2 DAYS LATER ****
Monday Evening, Kabir is in the study and Sanchi is reading a book in the study as well.
Sanchi: Ugh why is it paining so much today and he/she is moving so much !!!
Kabir: Just a few more days jaan
Sanchi: Ugh I have to pee, again
She gets up but
Sanchi: Kabir….
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: Grab the bags now
Kabir: Huh??
Kabir: Kya!!!!!!!!!!
Kabir quickly held Sanchi and took her to the car and told Kusum to bring Sanchi’s bag

In the car…
Sanchi: Kabir!!!!! It hurts too much!!!! Kabir!! Please help me !!!!! It hurts
Kabir: Don’t worry baby we are almost there
Sanchi: Kabir……….
Kabir runs in and brings a wheelchair and helps Sanchi sit…
Kabir: NURSE !!!!!!!!! TAKE SANCHI IN STAT!!!!
Nurses come and take Sanchi to L&D. Kabir quickly texts everyone and they reach the hospital one by one….

In the room
Sanchi: KABIR!!!!!!!!!!! Uhhhhhhhh
She starts crying. Just then a doctor comes in and

Just then Isha walks in
Isha: Calm down Sanchi, everything will be alright. Nurse give Kabir a gown and call him in. Tonight’s going to be a long night
Nurse: Yes doctor
Then Kabir comes in

After 7 hours of pushing and crying and screaming finally, Kanchi’s …… son was born !!!!
Kabir: Sanchi look
Sanchi caressed her son’s face …
Kabir kissed her forehead…
Kabir: Thank you so much for him!!!!!
A tear dropped from Sanchi’s eyes and

Sanchi: Humara …. Armaan
Kabir looked at his son…
Kabir: Armaan Kapoor

Sanchi: Armaan K Kapoor
Kabir closed his eyes while looking at the Nurse and the Nurse understood
Sanchi closed her eyes
Kabir: Both mother and son are sleeping… so sweet…..

Kabir: Both are sleeping right now but you guys can go in just
Sushant: Abhe we know we are doctors too
They all went in and took a peek at both of them and left one by one.

Meera: He’s soo cute
Sushant: What’s his name
Kabir: Armaan Kapoor
Veer: Wow !!

Pragya: Such a sweet name
Kabir: Why don’t you guys go on and rest and come back later??
Sushant: Let’s not come together next time
Meera: Ya, and since everyone else is coming too
Pragya: Group Chat!!!

Kabir: Wait who’s coming
Isha: Aman Naina, Nikhil Preity and their son, Anjali and Arnav. Avantika
Meera: Sunidhi, mami-ji. Aryan
Sushant: And then us
Veer: My mom and dad are coming as well
Pragya: And Priya and Sanket
Kunal: Just us two. But these people will come on different days
Kabir: Woah Woah Woah !!! Tell everyone to come next month to see Armaan and Sanchi. No one but you guys can see her
Isha: Mr. Protective she isn’t only yours

Kabir: Remember Sanchi is going to have a “moo-dikhai” later.
Meera: Oh yaa
Kabir: So tell everyone to come next month to see them
Pragya: Okay Mr. Protective

Everyone left and Kabir went back in the ward. He fell asleep on the couch that was in the ward. Kusum left the bag and went back home. So after a few days, after all the excessive testing for the baby and Sanchi, they finally got to go home.

Kapoor Mansion
Kabir is holding Armaan and Sanchi is holding her bags while Kusum does their aarti. They finally step in and Kanchi heads to their room.

Sanchi: Put him on the bed
Kabir: Set the bed then
Sanchi quickly puts pillows around and Armaan’s tiny pillow as well then Kabir slowly set him on the bed. Sanchi was heading to the bathroom when Kabir held her arm and brought her close to him. Both shared a deep eyelock.

Kabir: Thank you
Sanchi: Thank you for such an amazing life
Kabir then let go of Sanchi and she went to shower and change. Then after she came out Kabir went in.

Sanchi: “ I should sleep or else I won’t get any sleep when he wakes up.”

Kabir comes out and whispers
Kabir: Are you going to sleep
Sanchi nodded her head
Kabir: Then I’ll also sleep
So all three Kabir Sanchi and Armaan were fast asleep when a few hours later…
Armaan: Wwaaaahhhhhhhhh
Sanchi immediately got up and put on a glove. She put her finger in his mouth and he started sucking…
Sanchi: He’s hungry
Sanchi got up and grabbed a bottle of her milk and picked Armaan up and placed him in her lap and she started feeding him. While feeding him Sanchi caressed Armaan’s face. Soon Kabir also woke up.

Sanchi: Hey
Kabir: When did he wake up
Sanchi: 10 minutes ago
Kabir: Sorry
Sanchi: Don’t be mothers have better senses, you should know that
Kabir: … I thought you were going to feed your milk
Sanchi: I am
Kabir: ???
Sanchi: I pumped some out in the hospital instead of directly feeding him from myself
Kabir: Ohh, I’ll go grab something to eat for us
Sanchi: Thank you but
Kabir: Your chart is on the fridge I know
Sanchi smiled and Kabir went off to make some dinner for them. And Kabir brought back some delicious dinner and by the time he came back Armaan was on the bed looking around.

Kabir: Here you are Begum
Sanchi: Thank you and yours??
Kabir: I will eat later, hey Armaan
He laid down next to Armaan and held his finger out and Armaan tightly held it.
Kabir: Such a strong boy
Armaan started staring at Kabir and Kabir moved a little closer to Kabir and Armaan smiled
Kabir: Look Sanchi!! He smiled when he saw me clearly
Sanchi: Really ?? Lemme see
Kabir: See
Kabir took a picture and showed Sanchi…
Sanchi: Armaan’s first smile…
Kabir continued talking to Armaan and played with him while Sanchi ate her dinner, then both switched roles Sanchi played with Armaan and Kabir ate.

Sanchi: Kabir pass me the wipes and diapers
Kabir: Time to change??
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: I’ll change
Sanchi: No no you’re eating right now, just throw the wipes and diapers here
Kabir threw the wipes and diapers near Sanchi. And she quickly changed the diaper.
Sanchi: Uff Armaan I just want to sleep but I also want my bod back.
Kabir: Then why don’t you go workout, I will watch on Armaan
Sanchi: I shouldn’t workout yet. I need to start in 2 weeks, I need to understand Armaan’s schedule and then fit mine in
Kabir: Okay but I’m always here to help too
Sanchi: I don’t think Armaan would like to go to work with you
Kabir: Haha true

So both played with Armaan and he soon fell asleep again and they both set everything in their room and planned his nursery. The baby’s room and Kanchi’s room will be connected so it will be easier for Kanchi. I’m going to skip 1 month to the function…

Kabir: Armaan will put on a suit today.

So Kabir is changing Armaan in fact Kabir is the one who bathed him and is now putting his clothes on while Sanchi is checking the decor. Sanchi enters the room

Sanchi: Baby!!!
Kabir smiled but Sanchi took Armaan
Sanchi: You look so handsome, way better than you dad here
Kabir: Excuse me
Sanchi: I’m sorry but the truth is always bitter
Kabir: Accha
Sanchi was about to walk out but Kabir held her by the waist
Sanchi: First off I’m holding Armaan and second someone will come in
Kabir: So he’s better looking

Sanchi: Oh come on Kabir
Kabir: Just wait until my daughter comes then we will see
Sanchi: Abhi yeh toh ek mahne hua hai aur tum beti pe paunch gaye
Kabir: Hmm, just wait
Sanchi: Take it as a compliment, he looks like you ab chalo, sabhi wait kar rahe hai

All three go downstairs and Sanchi places Armaan in his swing. Soon everyone goes up couple by couple and gives them a gift and their blessings. Soon it was dinner time and everyone was eating. Our ENTIRE gang was eating together with Armaan who was drinking his milk.
Sanchi: SO you two Aman and Naina, what are your plans
Naina: We just got married
Sanchi: True so what are your honeymoon plans
Aman: Don’t know
Sanchi: Typical Aman

Kabir: So Preity how is Yug
Preity: He is good but I didn’t want to bring him in such a crowded place plus he prefers his grandma’s presences
Kabir: Haha so sweet, he’s 2 years old right
Nikhil: Terrible, tortuous two
Kabir: Is he that bad??
Nikhil: He’s a good kid but you know walking around touching everything tantrums and all. Learning about the world. You’ll find out in 2 years
Sanchi: yay….

Meera: So Pragya how’s your morning sickness
Sanchi: Ya Pragya,
Pragya: Okay okay you were right, it’s almost the worse thing in the world
Sanchi: Wait till labor pains
Isha: Those will kill you and Veer
Veer: Why me?? I’m not going in.
Pragya: Of course you are going in, who else will I murder in the L&D room
Veer: That’s why I am NOT going in
All laughed listening to them fight. After some time some would come and check Armaan and some were sitting and chatting. Soon the lights went out…

Sanchi: What happened
Sushant: Lights went out
Sanchi: Even I can see that

Then a projector started showing pictures of Kanchi …. and then Kabir walked near the slideshow…

Kabir: Thank you Sanchi… for giving me a new life. Many of you know what happened in our lives and many don’t, we both had our ups and downs but we dealt with them together. I can’t believe that in the beginning we would only fight we wouldn’t go through a day without fighting. Then slowly we became okay with each other and soon became friends but there were always those days where I would unintentionally hurt Sanchi. Then obviously the circumstances in which we got married. Sanchi hated me after that day but after our marriage we decided to start afresh but she never told me about the storm that was waiting for us. The day… the day when I almost lost Sanchi was when I realized that I’ve been in love with Sanchi and in those days I found out what she had to go through.

And after that day I promised to never let Sanchi go through any type of horror again. And now Armaan has entered our life. I’m sorry for anything I ever said and thank you for giving me and my family the greatest happiness of our life. You had gone through a lot during those 8 ½ months but never complained but today I promise to be the best husband to you and to be the best father to Armaan. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time.

Everyone started clapping for Kabir and Sanchi was teary-eyed, but she controlled herself. Soon everyone started leaving and the Kapoor mansion was getting cleaned. Malti and Kusum started handling the cleaning and sent Kanchi to their room along with Armaan. Kabir picked up Armaan and took him to the nursery which was finally complete. When Kabir went into his room through the connector door Sanchi hugged him as tight as she could.

Sanchi: You are the sweetest person in the world. And I’m so happy to call you my husband.
Kabir also reciprocated the hug.
Kabir: You are the one who brought back the real Kabir
Sanchi: I love you……
Kabir: I love you too

Both changed and went to bed…

Kanchi immediately got up
Kabir: I’ll go and see
Sanchi: I would kiss you but my breath stinks

Kabir: Allle kya hua mere Armaan ko… uff diaper change
Kabir got some wipes and diapers and quickly changed Armaan and then fed Armaan some milk.
Kabir took Armaan to their room.

Kabir: Sanchi i think he wants to play
Sanchi: What!!!! Put him next to me
Kabir did what Sanchi said and Kabir also laid down

Sanchi: Armaan please soo jao
Kabir: He wants to play
Sanchi: Then why don’t you play with him
Kabir: I have to go to work tomorrow. You’re going to be at home
Sanchi: I can’t sleep when he is sleeping during the day, I have other work
Kabir: Working out?? Really
Sanchi: Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean I will only be working out, I will still be updating patient files
Kabir: The interns are there naa. You know what I’m going to go to the guest room and you can do whatever you want with Armaan, sleep or play.
Sanchi: Fine !!!

Armaan: Wahhh Wwwaaahh Wahhh Waahh
Kanchi: Mera bacha
Kabir ran and got some baby toys for Armaan and Sanchi turned on the lights and started making faces at him and playing with his arms.
Armaan: “ What is she doing? Well at least I have the attention… “
Kabir: Mera champ kyun ro raha tha??
Sanchi: Smart boy
Kabir: How??

Sanchi: He stopped you from leaving
Kabir: Did you want me to go
Sanchi: No
Kabir: Then
Sanchi immediately smacked her lips on his and when they were in the mood Armaan kicked them both and both started laughing.
Kabir: No more PDA in front of Prince Armaan
Sanchi: Jai Ho Rajkumar Armaan
Both laughed
Armaan: “ What are they doing?? ”

6 Months Later …
Armaan can now hold his neck up and has started to sit by himself, sometimes with support, and is able to roll onto his stomach or back. But since he is Kanchi’s son he has also started to be super picky about food.

Kabir just came from work…
Sanchi: No no no, go shower first before touching Armaan
Kabir: Ugh fine
A few minutes later…
Kabir: Armaan Armaan Armaan …. Aaj tumne kya kiya
Sanchi: Woke up, bit his teether, took a warm bath, dadi ke saath cartoon dekhe and dadi fed him, he spent 15 minutes deciding what he wanted to eat today…
Kabir: Why??
Sanchi: He doesn’t like anything… he finally ate the apple sauce and then drank some milk and finally slept…

Kabir: Haww dadi aur mom ko itna thang kiya?? Naughty baby
Armaan laughed when Kabir touched his nose…
Sanchi: Go and eat your dinner then play with Prince Armaan
Kabir: Jo hokum Begum Sahiba
Sanchi: I’ll bring it up here
Kabir: Armaan you naughty boy,
Kabir cutely played with Armaan…

Sanchi came in with dinner but stopped at the door and looked at Kabir playing with Armaan…
A few minutes later Kabir noticed Sanchi
Kabir: Kyaa hua??
Sanchi: Nothing, felt good seeing you and Armaan like that
Kabir: Thank you for the dinner
Kabir kisses Sanchi on the cheek and Sanchi blushed a little but then went to play with Armaan.

Sanchi: Aww mera kuchipoo, what are you doing, what are doing??
Kabir: I took tomorrow off
Sanchi: What has happened to you, always coming early and now taking a day off. My my, Armaan konsa jaadu use kar rahe ho Papa par
Armaan just played with his toys. Sanchi lightly kissed Armaan’s kiss and then went to Kabir.

Sanchi: Thank you for taking tomorrow off
Kabir: Of course, you also need your rest plus I want to see how picky he is
Sanchi: Have fun… how is everyone else
Kabir: Good, Aryan came over today and started interrogating me again
Sanchi: Oh god!!! That must have been fun
Kabir: But he is a really sweet child
Sanchi: That is true. He will do great things in life
Kabir: Hmm

Soon Sanchi fed Armaan and then he fell asleep and soon Kanchi also fell asleep.

6 AM
Sanchi quickly wakes up and gets ready. She goes into the nursery and sees Armaan sleeping peacefully. She smiles and goes into her room, she wakes up Kabir.

Sanchi: Kabir… get up… Kabir
Kabir pulls Sanchi and hugs her…
Sanchi: I thought you wanted to take care of Armaan
Kabir: And you and Maa
Sanchi: Kabir get up please and let go of me… i have to prepare breakfast
Kabir: Wait 30 minutes and I will be ready

30 minutes later …
Kanchi are in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone…
Sanchi: Make sure the applesauce isn’t like soup…
Kabir: What do you mean
Sanchi: Should be like mashed apples… keep the gas at medium
Kabir: Sanchi flip
Sanchi flips the pancakes
Sanchi: Thanks
Kabir goes and makes some fruit juice for everyone else.

Soon Armaan wakes up and Kabir handles all of the Armaan duties while Sanchi is relaxing in the living room…

Author’s Note:
Okay that was a totally boring part sorry!!!!! Part 2 and 3 will be coming soon, sorry again in part 2 I will be speeding things up so this is my last detailed update… hopefully. Each part will be about 4000 words. Umm maybe part 2 will be submitted during the weekend and part 3 maybe this weekend or next weekend.


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